Delafield 8-Malt Stout 5.51/13/2003Rate 3.378
Delafield Amber 4.59/15/2002Rate 2.873037
Delafield American Rye 4.88/4/2015Rate 2.891
Delafield Apricot Lager 3.53/13/2011Rate 2.862
Delafield Bacon Porter -5/16/2014Rate 3.023
Delafield Batch 200 5.512/29/2002Rate 2.961
Delafield Batch 500 5.55/14/2009Rate 3.137
Delafield Belgian Quadrupel 10.55/17/2015Rate 2.941
Delafield Bengal Bay IPA 6.59/15/2002Rate 3.538332
Delafield Blackberry Amber -11/11/2006Rate 2.883
Delafield Blackberry Weiss 4.56/3/2009Rate 3.064
Delafield Blueberry Lager 5.010/8/2005Rate 3.067
Delafield Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 111/19/2014Rate 2.951
Delafield Brandy Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 9.52/28/2008Rate 2.981
Delafield Brewhaus Sleigh Wreck Ale -3/5/2017Rate 3.262
Delafield Bricklayer Pale Ale 5.03/22/2004Rate 2.841
Delafield Cask Conditioned Whiskey Barrel Aged Oktoberfest 6.512/30/2003Rate 3.221
Delafield County Cork Irish Style Stout 3.53/16/2004Rate 3.042514
Delafield Czars Choice Russian Imperial Stout 11.58/9/2004Rate 3.848720
Delafield Delooz-N-Ale 6.511/17/2012Rate 2.731
Delafield Delooz-N-It Grand Cru 7.55/7/2013Rate 2.913
Delafield Dock Light 3.512/29/2002Rate 2.478925
Delafield Dockside Ale 4.011/26/2016Rate 2.871
Delafield Doctors Hop Tonic 5.01/4/2005Rate 3.238
Delafield Dragonfly Lager -6/29/2007Rate 3.16
Delafield Einhorn Bock 6.52/22/2004Rate 3.228613
Delafield ESB -4/22/2006Rate 3.016
Delafield Export Lager 6.011/26/2004Rate 2.824
Delafield Forgotten Fermenter Imperial IPA 125/8/2014Rate 3.314
Delafield Freistadter Pils 4.56/10/2005Rate 3.046
Delafield Frühlingzeit Maibock 6.54/10/2003Rate 3.157436
Delafield Gaucho Argentinian Pale Ale 5.06/25/2008Rate 3.096
Delafield Golden Promise Ale 5.09/13/2010Rate 2.912
Delafield Green Apple Ale 4.55/7/2013Rate 2.791
Delafield Halcyon Extra Special Bitter 5.09/30/2007Rate 3.242
Delafield Harrisons Old Ale 9.5212/30/2003Rate 3.151
Delafield Holiday Ale 5.01/8/2006Rate 3.124
Delafield Hometown Honey Blonde Light Ale 4.06/4/2006Rate 0
Delafield Hop Harvest 5.012/29/2002Rate 3.318912
Delafield Hop Harvest IPA 7.012/7/2008Rate 3.226
Delafield Hopfenstange Pils 5.06/27/2003Rate 3.239814
Delafield Hopfenteufel Altbier 5.53/12/2003Rate 2.997
Delafield Hopplander -3/24/2013Rate 0
Delafield Hoppy Holiday Ale 5.012/27/2009Rate 33
Delafield Hops and Glory American Ale 5.010/17/2003Rate 3.144913
Delafield Imperial IPA 11.57/2/2004Rate 3.373913
Delafield Imperial Rauchbier 108/4/2015Rate 2.831
Delafield Irish Amber 4.53/22/2004Rate 2.841
Delafield Jan Primus Belgian Style Grand Cru -5/16/2003Rate 3.174
Delafield Katzenjammer Weizenbock 8.08/15/2005Rate 0
Delafield Knucklehead Ale 4.54/17/2014Rate 2.862
Delafield Köbesse Kölsch 4.58/15/2005Rate 2.855
Delafield La Chouffer 4.54/19/2008Rate 2.93
Delafield Leisure Beer (alias) 4.011/12/2011
Delafield Maddys Mild 3.55/7/2003Rate 31
Delafield Malzinator Doppelbock 8.05/7/2003Rate 3.221
Delafield Mango Berry Weiss -2/7/2014Rate 2.631
Delafield Mango Sunset Lager 3.58/5/2011Rate 3.097411
Delafield Millennium Tripel 9.512/29/2002Rate 3.519115
Delafield Monastic Bombastic 8.55/14/2007Rate 3.111
Delafield Munich Dunkel 5.53/20/2014Rate 3.062
Delafield Naga-Wicked Pale Ale 5.08/15/2005Rate 3.239113
Delafield Noch Einmal Dunkel 5.08/8/2004Rate 3.157
Delafield Oats and Barley Stout 4.56/4/2006Rate 3.243613
Delafield Okauchee Scotchie 8.512/29/2002Rate 3.528516
Delafield Oktoberfest 8.09/15/2002Rate 3.299214
Delafield Old Castle Nut Brown Ale 4.04/17/2005Rate 3.234
Delafield Old Number 27 Barley Wine - Bourbon Whiskey Barrel 12.52/28/2003Rate 3.688627
Delafield Old Number 27 Barley Wine - Rye Whiskey Barrel 12.58/4/2015Rate 0
Delafield Orange Blossom Wit Bier 4.59/26/2003Rate 2.825
Delafield Orville 8.08/7/2017Rate 0
Delafield Peach Lager -4/22/2006Rate 31
Delafield Pearl Ale 5.56/4/2012Rate 2.81
Delafield Pewaukee Porter 5.512/29/2002Rate 3.193643
Delafield Pier 347 Dockside Ale -5/4/2015Rate 3.194
Delafield Pomegranate Lager 3.59/3/2012Rate 2.792
Delafield Pomengranate Ale 3.55/15/2011Rate 2.953
Delafield Prima Melior Belgian-Style Dubbel 7.012/30/2003Rate 3.031
Delafield Raspberry Weiss 4.510/8/2005Rate 3.058410
Delafield Red Raspberry Lager 3.59/13/2010Rate 3.145
Delafield Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Barley Wine 12.55/11/2012Rate 2.872
Delafield Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Okauchee Scotchie 10.51/2/2016Rate 3.091
Delafield Saphir Pils 4.58/7/2013Rate 3.061
Delafield Scotch Export 5.512/30/2003Rate 2.972
Delafield Shankadelic Shankbier 3.56/4/2006Rate 0
Delafield Shipwreck of Flavor 8.55/8/2014Rate 2.951
Delafield Sommerzeit Hefe Weizen 4.512/29/2002Rate 3.188538
Delafield St Nicks Cherry Stout -6/4/2006Rate 0
Delafield Strawberry Ale 4.08/1/2017Rate 31
Delafield Strawberry Blonde Lager 3.59/30/2007Rate 3.037
Delafield Strawberry Blonde Weiss 4.55/14/2007Rate 31
Delafield Train Wreck of Flavor 127/5/2004Rate 3.243
Delafield Wee Heavy Scotch Ale -8/24/2005Rate 3.031
Delafield Whiskey Barrel Aged Bock -7/10/2005Rate 3.214
Delafield Whiskey Barrel Aged Okauchee Scotchie (alias) 9.01/8/2006
Delafield Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter 6.08/22/2005Rate 31
Delafield Xtreme Series #1: Ekuanot Hop Hash XPA 5.08/7/2017Rate 3.091
Delafield Zagreb Pilsner 5.07/5/2004Rate 3.177
Dr. Leisure Pale Ale 5.010/22/2013Rate 2.912
Leisure Amber 4.56/18/2015Rate 2.851
Leisure Beer 4.011/12/2011Rate 2.787
Leisure Kölsch 4.06/18/2015Rate 0
Leisure Winter Ale 4.53/24/2013Rate 0
Leisureologist Dark Ale 5.06/18/2015Rate 2.941

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