D9 Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 94/100 202 ratings
11138-C Treynorth Drive, Cornelius, North Carolina, USA 28031
Wed: 4:30 to 10:30pm
Fri & Sat: 7 to 10:30 pm

Associated place: D9 Brewing Company

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D9 (Rye)It Ale 7.812/31/2013Rate 0
D9 / Fortnight Imperialistic Red IPA -4/25/2016Rate 31
D9 Bailando 5.810/17/2014Rate 3.128
D9 Barely Legal IPA 1112/31/2013Rate 0
D9 Battle Hymn Black IPA 7.012/31/2013Rate 3.165
D9 Big Hakuna 8.41/13/2017Rate 3.053
D9 Bitter Times Ale 6.712/31/2013Rate 0
D9 Black Ice Winter Double 10.512/31/2013Rate 3.076
D9 Bourbon Battle Hymn Black IPA 7.012/31/2013Rate 2.91
D9 Brown Sugar Brown Cow 6.911/5/2016Rate 3.58
D9 Cape Canaveral 144/11/2017Rate 3.245
D9 Dogs Meow 8.812/19/2016Rate 2.891
D9 Elderberry Stout 4.510/17/2014Rate 2.761
D9 Experiment #12 6.312/31/2013Rate 3.28111
D9 Ezekiel 25:17 5.012/9/2015Rate 3.37
D9 Farmers Tan 7.08/1/2015Rate 3.041
D9 Froggy Night IPA 6.57/6/2015Rate 3.061
D9 Hakuna Matata 6.55/4/2014Rate 3.23019
D9 Head Of The Horseman Pumpkin Ale 9.612/31/2013Rate 3.428
D9 Iocaine 7.03/13/2015Rate 2.841
D9 Joe Domm’s Golden Eagle 8.011/14/2014Rate 2.881
D9 Melon Degenerates 5.08/7/2014Rate 2.91
D9 Not So Red Irish Ale 5.55/4/2014Rate 0
D9 Ob "Session" IPA 5.112/31/2013Rate 2.941
D9 Our Town Brown 6.02/27/2016Rate 3.182
D9 Outpost Black Tea Ale 5.112/31/2013Rate 0
D9 Partisan Double IPA 8.812/31/2013Rate 2.542
D9 Peruvian Chocolate Ale (alias) 6.512/31/2013
D9 Peyo 101/29/2017Rate 3.112
D9 Red Rum Bailando 7.711/1/2014Rate 2.971
D9 Riddler 5.97/9/2016Rate 2.921
D9 Scottish Heather Ale 5.02/5/2014Rate 2.742
D9 Singularity IPA 6.312/31/2013Rate 2.573
D9 Southern Tea 5.05/2/2015Rate 2.921
D9 St. Martin’s Cross 102/1/2015Rate 2.881
D9 Swell Rider 5.14/16/2016Rate 3.092110
D9 Systema Natvræ - Devilwood & Apricot 6.33/12/2016Rate 3.626714
D9 Systema Natvræ - Lingonberry & Edelweiss 6.012/19/2016Rate 3.357
D9 Systema Natvræ - Scuppernong & Lilly 7.08/20/2016Rate 3.427
D9 The 5th Column 6.55/4/2014Rate 0
D9 Uptown Funk 6.012/9/2015Rate 3.131
D9 Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour 5.05/4/2014Rate 3.423832
D9 Whiskers on Kittens 5.7512/9/2015Rate 3.494516
D9 Wild Things - Pearadox 5.55/9/2017Rate 2.964
D9 Witless 142/1/2015Rate 3.174

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