Donetskiy Pivovarennyj Zavod

Commercial Brewery
Ilyicha Av. 106, Donetsk, Ukraine 83059
Formerly Sarmat. Taken over by SABMiller in 2008, under Miller Brands Ukraine. MBU passed to Efes in Nov 2012, as Efes Ukraine. Production shut down due to war & shortages in 2015. "Nationalized" in 2017 and recommenced production under the new name.
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Dnipro Bile 4.88/22/2005Rate 2.883
Dnipro Klasichne 4.09/17/2006Rate 2.691
Dnipro Mitsne 7.08/25/2005Rate 2.642
Dnipro Svitle 4.09/14/2004Rate 2.783
DPZ Dobryj Shubin 5.25/8/2019Rate 0
DPZ Legenda Donbassa 4.05/8/2019Rate 0
DPZ Medved Bezalkogolnoe -5/8/2019Rate 0
DPZ Medved Krepkoe 6.95/8/2019Rate 0
DPZ Medved Svetloe 4.65/8/2019Rate 0
DPZ Zhigulyovskoye Svezhaya Varka 4.45/8/2019Rate 0
Drive Max Energy Beer 4.19/6/2008Rate 2.262
Nasha Marka 6.93/3/2003Rate 0
Pivo Oleksiy 4.53/3/2003Rate 0
Sarmat Bavarske 4.53/2/2003Rate 2.546
Sarmat Bezalkogolnoe 1.29/18/2005Rate 2.764
Sarmat Dobriy Shubin 4.53/2/2003Rate 2.915
Sarmat El (Ale) 4.86/14/2006Rate 2.763
Sarmat Kruzhka Svizhogo 4.810/1/2013Rate 2.636
Sarmat Lehke 4.08/4/2003Rate 2.255
Sarmat Lux 4.33/3/2003Rate 0
Sarmat Mitsne (Krepkoe) 7.28/4/2004Rate 2.37
Sarmat Originalnoe 3.38/2/2003Rate 2.672
Sarmat Plzenske 4.37/18/2003Rate 2.475
Sarmat Porter 5.93/1/2003Rate 3.085
Sarmat Premium 5.08/6/2004Rate 2.523
Sarmat Pshenichne 5.011/14/2002Rate 3.263
Sarmat Ra 4.56/14/2006Rate 2.782
Sarmat Svitle 4.43/2/2003Rate 2.47899
Sarmat Temne 4.78/2/2003Rate 2.312
Sarmat Ukrainskoe 4.18/18/2003Rate 2.832
Sarmat Zemlyak 3.43/3/2003Rate 2.281
Sarmat Zhigulevskoe Razlivnoe 4.810/1/2013Rate 2.213
Sarmat Zhigulivske 4.43/2/2003Rate 2.32829

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