Dorking Brewery

Aldhurst Farm, Temple Lane, Capel, Surrey, England RH5 5HJ
0800 - 1600 Mon - Fri

Commenced Brewing in 2008 in Dorking. Moved to current location in 2017. Award winning brewery with products across cask, keg, 330ml can and bottle
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Dorking Black Noise 4.510/28/2016Rate 3.325017
Dorking Buffalo Buffalo 5.17/10/2015Rate 3.214514
Dorking Buffalo Buffalo Extra 5.72/4/2018Rate 0
Dorking Ceres 4.67/13/2014Rate 2.94
Dorking DB Black Mild 3.26/12/2010Rate 3.165721
Dorking DB Number One (Bottle) 5.08/21/2011Rate 2.823
Dorking DB One [aka Number One] (Cask) 4.29/21/2009Rate 3.067018
Dorking DB Winter Ruby 5.21/4/2010Rate 2.976
Dorking Defaulters Lager 4.06/2/2019Rate 0
Dorking Defaulters Pale (alias) 4.010/24/2017
Dorking Gold 3.85/28/2010Rate 3.056119
Dorking IPA 5.11/25/2015Rate 2.811
Dorking Lunar White 4.65/17/2017Rate 3.156610
Dorking Northdowns Bel 5.510/20/2012Rate 3.034
Dorking Oatmeal Stout 4.59/13/2013Rate 3.36
Dorking Pacific Gold 3.85/17/2017Rate 3.096
Dorking Pilcrow Pale 4.010/13/2016Rate 2.842918
Dorking Red India Ale 5.010/1/2009Rate 3.268532
Dorking Ryesing Sun 3.87/14/2019Rate 2.912
Dorking Smokestack Lightnin' 4.03/23/2013Rate 3.112613
Dorking Washington Gold 3.84/29/2018Rate 3.14
Dorking Winter's Coming 4.511/24/2018Rate 0

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