Dorpsbrouwerij de Pimpelmeesch

Client Brewer
Vogelenzang 6, Chaam, Netherlands 4861 AV
Used to brew at Hofbrouwerijke. From 2013 all beers are brewed at their own facility.
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Baken van Breda 6.08/19/2013Rate 3.014011
Beurs Blond 6.54/1/2011Rate 2.993
De Pimpelmeesch Blonde Snol (alias) 8.55/6/2012
De Pimpelmeesch Chaams Bockbier 6.810/16/2015Rate 2.983910
De Pimpelmeesch Chaams Tarwebier 5.510/15/2011Rate 2.964344
De Pimpelmeesch Chaams Winterbier 8.51/20/2013Rate 3.173632
De Pimpelmeesch Chaamse Dubbel 7.010/16/2011Rate 3.174546
De Pimpelmeesch Chaamse IPA -10/2/2016Rate 2.961
De Pimpelmeesch Chaamse Tripel 8.53/7/2011Rate 3.214352
De Pimpelmeesch Dubbel D (alias) 8.56/26/2014
De Pimpelmeesch Eigenwijsch Strong Ale 8.411/9/2015Rate 2.881911
De Pimpelmeesch Gold Digger (alias) 8.58/11/2013
De Pimpelmeesch Goudpel 7.57/17/2010Rate 3.051933
De Pimpelmeesch Heisse Weisse (alias) 5.55/6/2012
De Pimpelmeesch Socius Oak 8.51/15/2017Rate 3.452623
De Pimpelmeesch Socius Rye 6.59/27/2017Rate 2.921
De Pimpelmeesch Vurige Non (alias) 7.05/6/2012
De Pimpelmeesch Zilverpel Chaams Hoenderbier 6.57/17/2010Rate 2.983535
Festivalbier 2013 - Bergsch Bierbrouwersgilde 5.79/23/2013Rate 3.012
St. Jan's Roggebier 6.56/25/2014Rate 2.97
Hilldevils American Black Horse IPA
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
6.51/28/2015Rate 3.363844
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 01 Bruichladdich
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
101/27/2017Rate 3.646
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 02 Jim Beam
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
1012/1/2016Rate 3.47299
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 03 Makers Mark
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
9.012/24/2016Rate 3.397
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 04 Jim Beam
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
107/27/2017Rate 3.496
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 05 Heaven Hill
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
107/18/2017Rate 3.365
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 06 Calvados
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
9.09/25/2017Rate 3.042
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 07 Wild Turkey
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
108/1/2017Rate 3.344
Hilldevils Basement Barrel Aged - Nr. 08 Ardbeg
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
109/25/2017Rate 3.252
Hilldevils Big Black Boltini
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
106/8/2016Rate 3.675331
Hilldevils Exploded Barrel Double IPA
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
9.412/21/2014Rate 3.545133
Hilldevils Exploded Double IPA
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
9.45/26/2014Rate 3.494557
Hilldevils Hilldevil India Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
6.52/28/2014Rate 3.548448
Hilldevils Not Totally Black IPA
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
6.72/24/2014Rate 3.516574
Hilldevils Thirsty Mosquito Summer Ale
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
5.07/7/2017Rate 3.254
Hilldevils Woody Wall of Death - Western Red Cedar
Brewed by/for Hilldevils
9.010/22/2017Rate 2.921
Reuzenbieren ReuZ Session Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
3.511/1/2017Rate 0
Reuzenbieren ReuZ Blond/Heukelomse Mie
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
6.211/5/2011Rate 3.49144
Reuzenbieren ReuZ Dubbel (Oisterwijk 800)
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
7.03/23/2012Rate 3.297038
Reuzenbieren ReuZ Hot Summer
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
5.53/5/2015Rate 3.243327
Reuzenbieren ReuZ IPA/Ermelindis
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
8.58/27/2013Rate 3.15846
Reuzenbieren ReuZ Stout/Peer Paorel
Brewed by/for Reuzenbieren
9.55/26/2009Rate 3.432579

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