Double Barley Brewing

Brewer rating: 74/100 130 ratings
3174 US Hwy 70W, Smithfield, North Carolina, USA 27577
Wed-Thursday: 4pm-10 pm Friday: 3pm-11pm Saturday: 12-11pm Sundays: 12-6pm

Associated place: Double Barley Brewing

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Double Barley Abby’s Amber 6.011/17/2013Rate 2.895
Double Barley Black Chicken Brown Cow 1512/13/2015Rate 0
Double Barley Cinnister Mole Stout 1011/23/2016Rate 3.091
Double Barley Double Dubbel 8.811/17/2013Rate 3.042
Double Barley Fat Charley’s Raspberry Chocolate Stout 1011/17/2013Rate 2.735
Double Barley FFF Holiday Ale 10.611/17/2013Rate 3.167
Double Barley Field of Dreams Blueberry Lemon Wheat 6.07/26/2015Rate 31
Double Barley Field of Dreams Strawberry Wheat 5.66/12/2014Rate 32
Double Barley Give ’Em Hell 10.43/1/2015Rate 3.35
Double Barley Gourd Rocker Imperial Porter 113/2/2014Rate 3.445
Double Barley Mind Blower Porter 8.011/17/2013Rate 3.153
Double Barley Peaches n Cream 5.511/23/2016Rate 3.041
Double Barley Revelation Pale Ale 6.011/17/2013Rate 3.063
Double Barley Richards Double Black Eye 8.28/8/2014Rate 3.084
Double Barley Sexy Rexy Red Rye ale 7.011/17/2013Rate 2.823
Double Barley Sparkky’s Coffee Chocolate Milk Stout 12.111/17/2013Rate 3.126
Double Barley Steak Cake Stout 1011/17/2013Rate 3.432518
Double Barley Steak Cake Stout - Bourbon Barrel 103/12/2015Rate 2.731
Double Barley Sun Kissed IPA 6.312/7/2016Rate 2.891
Double Barley Supernatur-Ale 1112/13/2015Rate 3.092
Double Barley Thrilla in Vanilla - Bourbon Barrel 8.03/12/2015Rate 2.691
Double Barley Thrilla in Vanilla - Spicy Choco Cherry 8.010/31/2016Rate 3.061
Double Barley Thrilla in Vanilla Porter 8.011/17/2013Rate 3.082130
Double Barley Touché IPA 6.83/2/2014Rate 3.051512
Double Barley Wilma’s Wandering EyePA 1211/17/2013Rate 3.261711

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