Dunston (Heineken UK)

(Not In Production)
Commercial Brewery
Dunston Brewery, Lancaster Road, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England NE11 9JR
Originally the Norhern Clubs Federation Brewery (later shortened to Federation), founded in 1918 and owned by The Working Men’s Club and Institute Union. Moved to a newly built brewery on the Dunston site in 1980. Sold in 2004 to Scottish & Newcastle who closed their Tyne brewery and moved production of their own beers to Dunston. in 2004. Following takeovers Scottish & Newcastle became Heineken Uk in 2009 and the Dunston brewery was closed in May 2010. Some beers formerly brewed at Dunston may still e brewed elsewhere at locations unknown.
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Asda Best Bitter
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
3.012/22/2003Rate 2.474
Federation Ace Lager 3.012/17/2002Rate 2.123
Federation Angel Ale (Bottle) 4.77/5/2002Rate 2.871650
Federation Best Bitter 3.02/28/2005Rate 2.691
Federation Christmas Ale 4.512/29/2003Rate 2.92429
Federation Christmas Lager 4.512/28/2003Rate 2.337
Federation Export 4.42/28/2005Rate 2.52
Federation High Level (Northumbrian) Brown Ale 4.54/2/2002Rate 3.064741
Federation Kelleys Lager 4.112/14/2002Rate 2.042
Federation Northumbrian Smooth 3.79/21/2002Rate 2.684
Federation Special Ale 4.09/21/2002Rate 2.723
LCL Pils Super Strength 8.512/13/2002Rate 1.663
Stryke 5 5.010/3/2009Rate 2.413
Stryke Bitter 3.010/5/2008Rate 2.582
Stryke Extra 4.410/3/2009Rate 2.711
Stryke Lager 3.010/5/2008Rate 2.52
Stryke Pils 5.05/29/2007Rate 2.432
Stryke Super Strength 8.510/3/2009Rate 2.691
Federation Angel Ale (Cask)
Brewed at Big Lamp
4.73/29/2004Rate 2.661
Federation Northumbrian Ale (Cask)
Brewed at Big Lamp
3.711/12/2004Rate 2.961
Federation Buchanans Best Bitter / Original
Brewed at Robinsons
4.41/15/2003Rate 2.644
Federation Buchanans Best Scotch
Brewed at Robinsons
3.64/1/2003Rate 2.351
Marks & Spencer Tyne Bridge Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.72/11/2004Rate 3.226

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