Eagle Bay / Firestation Red Ale 5.211/20/2014Rate 2.861
Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor / Whipper Snapper Black Vanilla 107/17/2017Rate 3.212
Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor / Whipper Snapper Forest For The Tree's 8.09/30/2016Rate 0
Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor Black & Tannin 7.26/2/2015Rate 3.386
Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor Donut Attack 9.07/21/2018Rate 0
Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor Saisonay 4.911/8/2013Rate 3.315
Eagle Bay / The Monk Cacao Cabana 5.55/27/2013Rate 2.982
Eagle Bay Agave Ale 4.911/20/2014Rate 2.861
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series 707 IPA 7.04/12/2016Rate 3.042
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series Black IPA 5.54/12/2016Rate 3.162
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series Citrus IPA 5.11/23/2016Rate 3.092
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series Nut Brown Ale 5.45/26/2018Rate 0
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series Steam Ale 4.911/26/2014Rate 2.963
Eagle Bay Brewer's Series Summer Ale 4.712/25/2014Rate 2.874
Eagle Bay English Mild 3.51/20/2011Rate 3.188
Eagle Bay Extra Special Bitter 5.41/20/2011Rate 3.349412
Eagle Bay Kolsch 4.71/20/2011Rate 3.056019
Eagle Bay Nigella's Mulberry Ale 4.95/28/2014Rate 2.842
Eagle Bay Pale Ale 5.11/20/2011Rate 3.448619
Eagle Bay Seven Zero Seven IPA 7.02/22/2016Rate 30
Eagle Bay Single Batch Black IPA 5.77/19/2013Rate 3.537913
Eagle Bay Single Batch Cacao Stout 5.69/11/2012Rate 3.579213
Eagle Bay Single Batch Golden Ale 4.93/19/2012Rate 2.841
Eagle Bay Single Batch IPA 5.45/24/2012Rate 2.912
Eagle Bay Single Batch Margie's Mint Slice 7.06/2/2016Rate 3.151
Eagle Bay Single Batch Orchard IPA 5.38/11/2017Rate 3.091
Eagle Bay Single Batch Pilsner 5.14/22/2013Rate 0
Eagle Bay Single Batch Summer Ale 4.42/8/2013Rate 3.054
Eagle Bay Single Series Huxtabeer 5.512/3/2015Rate 2.981
Eagle Bay The Council Worker 5.63/17/2014Rate 2.881
Eagle Bay The Margies Mix Tap 6.06/4/2016Rate 3.061
Eagle Bay Two Kooks IPA 6.55/5/2016Rate 3.021
Eagle Bay Vienna 4.91/20/2011Rate 3.068710

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