EagleMonk Pub and Brewery

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 58/100 61 ratings
4906 W. Mt. Hope Hwy., Lansing, Michigan, USA 48917
T-Th 3pm-10pm
F-S noon-12-midnite
Sun noon- 7pm

Associated place: EagleMonk Pub and Brewery

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EagleMonk All Night IPA 4.26/29/2013Rate 2.883
EagleMonk Annies IPA 6.811/29/2014Rate 2.861
EagleMonk Belgian Wit -9/14/2013Rate 0
EagleMonk Blueberry Wit 4.06/12/2016Rate 31
EagleMonk British Dark Mild 3.77/5/2015Rate 3.092
EagleMonk Bruder Kolsch -9/14/2013Rate 2.72
EagleMonk Cider -10/16/2015Rate 2.891
EagleMonk Czech Pilsener -9/14/2013Rate 2.831
EagleMonk Delta Porter 5.66/29/2013Rate 3.116
EagleMonk Easy Blonde Ale -9/14/2013Rate 2.812
EagleMonk ESB 5.811/11/2013Rate 2.963
EagleMonk Hefeweizen -8/21/2012Rate 0
EagleMonk Instigator Doppelbock -9/14/2013Rate 3.021
EagleMonk IPA -8/21/2012Rate 2.844
EagleMonk Irish Red -8/21/2012Rate 2.754
EagleMonk Megan's Mango Wit 5.710/16/2015Rate 2.921
EagleMonk Michigan White 4.09/14/2013Rate 2.993
EagleMonk Pale Ale -8/21/2012Rate 2.811
EagleMonk Perry -10/16/2015Rate 3.021
EagleMonk Raspberry Wit 4.57/5/2015Rate 2.93
EagleMonk Red Eye Rye -8/21/2012Rate 3.18528
EagleMonk Scottish Ale -8/21/2012Rate 2.811
EagleMonk Session IPA -8/21/2012Rate 0
EagleMonk Stout -8/21/2012Rate 3.156
EagleMonk Summer Ale -8/21/2012Rate 0
EagleMonk Tart Cherry Michigan White 4.011/30/2014Rate 3.112
EagleMonk Vienna Lager 4.54/2/2016Rate 31
EagleMonk Winter Warmer 8.04/2/2016Rate 3.041

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