Eel River 20th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Triple Exultation 1111/6/2015Rate 3.779614
Eel River Açai Berry Wheat 4.03/23/2009Rate 2.6527201
Eel River Anniversary Ale Twenty-One Triple Exultation 2016 114/5/2017Rate 3.677
Eel River Anniversary Ale Twenty-Two Triple Exultation 2017 12.42/3/2018Rate 3.253
Eel River Apricot Wheat -7/9/2001Rate 31
Eel River Barrel Aged Raven's Eye 9.510/2/2006Rate 3.424
Eel River Barrel Aged Triple Exultation 1110/14/2007Rate 3.487514
Eel River Black Cherry Porter -6/2/2004Rate 2.722
Eel River Blueberry Wheat -10/15/2002Rate 2.772
Eel River Cali Pale Ale 4.84/4/2012Rate 3.218
Eel River California Blonde Ale 5.87/1/2000Rate 2.8936132
Eel River Cell Block Amber -8/23/2015Rate 2.981
Eel River Certified Organic Amber Ale 4.87/9/2001Rate 2.9437184
Eel River Certified Organic Extra Pale Ale 4.510/16/2002Rate 2.74796
Eel River Certified Organic India Pale Ale 7.26/10/2003Rate 3.1826444
Eel River Certified Organic Porter 5.81/2/2002Rate 3.4681382
Eel River Climax Amber Ale 5.77/1/2000Rate 2.786
Eel River Climax California Classic 6.77/1/2000Rate 2.944
Eel River Climax Noel 9.011/26/2008Rate 3.4146104
Eel River Columbus IPA 7.112/4/2016Rate 3.091
Eel River Don't Haze The Player Haze The Game 5.78/7/2018Rate 3.091
Eel River Drying Shed Saison 7.57/14/2014Rate 2.81
Eel River Earth Thirst Double IPA 8.23/17/2011Rate 3.3830114
Eel River Emerald Triangle Double IPA 8.29/1/2016Rate 3.342611
Eel River Emerald Triangle IPA 6.74/22/2013Rate 3.538490
Eel River Emerald Triangle Pale Ale 5.08/24/2016Rate 3.254923
Eel River Emerald Triangle Session IPA 4.812/20/2014Rate 3.366028
Eel River French Aramis 6.87/14/2014Rate 2.941
Eel River Gargantua I - 2013 11.512/7/2013Rate 3.393
Eel River Gargantua II - 2014 11.512/8/2015Rate 3.111
Eel River Gargantua III - 2015 12.312/8/2015Rate 3.372
Eel River Hazelnut Porter 5.87/9/2001Rate 3.32
Eel River Hefeweizen 5.07/9/2001Rate 2.733
Eel River Hoppy Holiday -4/10/2009Rate 2.91
Eel River Humboldt Green 8.92/7/2016Rate 0
Eel River Imperial Doppelbock 10.82/20/2008Rate 3.181
Eel River IPA (alias) 7.28/24/2016
Eel River Kumamoto Stout 6.810/27/2016Rate 31
Eel River Monukka Abbey 5.75/30/2013Rate 2.842
Eel River Oktoberfest -10/12/2009Rate 2.811
Eel River Onyx 6.22/25/2012Rate 3.238
Eel River Organic Tropical Blonde Ale 5.87/27/2017Rate 3.273
Eel River Raven's Eye Imperial Stout 9.59/16/2002Rate 3.6447486
Eel River Ravensbrau IPA 6.57/1/2000Rate 3.29478
Eel River Ravensbrau Porter 6.47/1/2000Rate 3.29629
Eel River Ruby Rhod 8.05/17/2017Rate 3.061
Eel River Salient de Scotia Brune 6.011/10/2009Rate 3.15
Eel River Spiced Baltic Porter 8.08/24/2010Rate 3.022
Eel River Triple Exultation 9.73/17/2006Rate 3.6387429
Eel River Twenty-Three Anniversary Ale 12.611/6/2018Rate 3.423
Eel River Twenty-Two Anniversary Ale 12.41/17/2018Rate 3.283

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