Ego Brygghus

Brewer rating: 86/100 886 ratings
Sulfatveien 10, Torp, Fredrikstad, Norway 1658

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Ego #100 - Barrel Aged Barley Wine 9.53/18/2016Rate 2.964
Ego / Eik & Tid Ny Hornindal Pale Ale 4.53/1/2017Rate 3.213
Ego / Gulating Raumariki Himbeer 4.78/20/2016Rate 3.183
Ego A Damn Fine Coffee IPA (w/Konga) 7.42/16/2015Rate 3.457519
Ego A Damn Fine Coffee IPA (w/Nano Challa) 7.47/18/2014Rate 3.345127
Ego A Dark Mind Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.33/2/2015Rate 3.455
Ego A Dark Mind Single Malt Whisky Barrel Aged 9.33/2/2015Rate 3.185
Ego Alna Equinox APA 4.71/17/2016Rate 3.214
Ego Alna Pale Ale 4.78/31/2015Rate 3.296011
Ego Antikristian 7.811/13/2015Rate 3.285
Ego Barley Wine 9.64/3/2015Rate 3.388
Ego Basing (alias) 7.45/10/2016
Ego Båthusteatret Pale Ale 4.79/29/2015Rate 0
Ego Black Chocolate IPA 7.28/13/2014Rate 3.444918
Ego Blåweiss 3.61/22/2017Rate 3.06159
Ego Café Sara Je t’aime... 6.511/23/2015Rate 3.284210
Ego Cafe Sara Passion Lichi IPA 6.71/7/2017Rate 3.294
Ego Café Sara’s India Peach Ale 5.18/26/2015Rate 3.267
Ego Café Sara’s Lost In the Mango 5.96/4/2015Rate 3.213
Ego Don’t Belive The Hype 6.01/8/2017Rate 3.196
Ego Double Ego 8.410/20/2014Rate 3.292410
Ego Draugr 6.71/23/2017Rate 2.925
Ego Egoisten 4.710/11/2014Rate 2.711
Ego Egose 3.35/8/2016Rate 3.164
Ego Egose - Passionfruit 3.67/29/2016Rate 3.274216
Ego Egose - Raspberry 3.35/12/2016Rate 3.071620
Ego Forhekset Prinsesse 6.21/29/2015Rate 3.182
Ego Fredrikstad Anno 1700 4.71/16/2016Rate 3.223113
Ego Funkytown (alias) 5.910/19/2015
Ego Fyrvokter 4.712/14/2016Rate 3.377
Ego Gamlebyen Pilsner 4.74/20/2016Rate 2.965511
Ego Giret Pale Ale 6.37/18/2014Rate 3.044
Ego Good Morning IPA 7.23/2/2017Rate 3.162
Ego Havnelageret Pale Ale 4.76/24/2015Rate 2.793
Ego HazyDayz 6.53/26/2017Rate 3.041
Ego Hitchhiker Chili Saison 6.812/18/2014Rate 3.164
Ego Hoppy Saison 6.15/8/2016Rate 3.224
Ego Imperial Mocha Brown Ale 7.012/20/2016Rate 3.242611
Ego Imperial Session Pale Ale 4.712/23/2016Rate 3.214
Ego India Pale Ale 6.68/13/2014Rate 3.09189
Ego IPA 6.95/8/2016Rate 3.162
Ego Jul 4.712/2/2014Rate 2.699
Ego Juleøl (4.7% 2016 -) 4.79/24/2016Rate 2.96129
Ego Juleøl (7% 2016-) 7.09/24/2016Rate 3.246712
Ego Kolsåstoppen Juleøl 4.712/15/2016Rate 33
Ego Kolsåstoppen Redningspils 4.712/15/2016Rate 2.952
Ego Kolsåstoppen Solnedgang 4.76/3/2016Rate 3.128
Ego Kolsåstoppen Soloppgang 4.75/4/2016Rate 3.033
Ego Kolsåstoppen Tur Ale 4.76/24/2015Rate 3.138
Ego Kolsåstoppen Utsikts Ale 4.711/2/2015Rate 3.094
Ego Lactic Rain 5.06/24/2015Rate 3.192828
Ego Limited Release Ført Bak Lyset 3.71/25/2017Rate 2.914
Ego Limited Release Humla Lagerøl 4.71/11/2017Rate 3.094
Ego Limited Release Katana Saison 4.71/27/2017Rate 3.243
Ego Limited Release Wit Saison 4.73/2/2017Rate 2.61
Ego Mango Weisse 3.611/17/2016Rate 2.946
Ego Mangolomania 8.411/15/2016Rate 3.363010
Ego Monsun 5.73/13/2016Rate 3.252
Ego Mørkeblot (alias) 6.510/29/2015
Ego Mostly Harmless 8.61/23/2015Rate 3.383317
Ego No Control Pale Ale 6.27/18/2014Rate 3.124210
Ego Norsk-Amerikaner 4.78/3/2015Rate 3.299439
Ego Pale Ale 4.79/28/2016Rate 2.986
Ego Pale Malt Ale 6.28/13/2014Rate 2.892
Ego Plankebærer 4.71/23/2015Rate 3.173442
Ego Portall 6.212/31/2015Rate 2.964
Ego Portall Tequila Barrel Aged 6.23/30/2016Rate 3.274
Ego Project X: A Passion for Peach 6.09/19/2016Rate 3.041
Ego Project X: Norwegian Forest 6.09/19/2016Rate 3.091
Ego Project X: Single Barrel Mango 6.09/19/2016Rate 2.851
Ego Purple Rain 5.010/8/2015Rate 3.091911
Ego Redness 5.19/5/2014Rate 3.268527
Ego Reign in Citra 5.49/16/2014Rate 3.519348
Ego Ripa 7.18/13/2014Rate 3.174
Ego Roasted Milk 5.112/8/2015Rate 3.066
Ego Røde Toner 4.72/27/2015Rate 3.024638
Ego Rypa 7.17/18/2014Rate 2.975
Ego Sara’s Red Fruit Summer Party 6.07/7/2016Rate 3.073
Ego Sesong 4.711/20/2014Rate 3.061153
Ego Shipwreck 6.59/7/2016Rate 3.112512
Ego Smelteverket’s Jamaican Blue 5.23/1/2015Rate 3.085
Ego Sort Sommer 5.47/18/2014Rate 3.156
Ego Sour Hoppyness 6.41/6/2017Rate 3.214
Ego Sour Mosaic 5.65/12/2016Rate 3.072
Ego Stokkur 5.46/18/2016Rate 3.182
Ego Stolt Haldenser 4.77/31/2016Rate 31
Ego Subtle Darkness Coffee Edt 5.53/9/2017Rate 3.093
Ego Tapp & Kork Førstemann 5.51/13/2016Rate 3.093
Ego Tart Temptation 6.06/18/2016Rate 3.182611
Ego The Executioner 1010/16/2016Rate 3.485
Ego The Origin of Species 6.012/8/2015Rate 3.428210
Ego Three Threads 7.03/10/2015Rate 3.358
Ego Tørste Gutter Pale Ale 4.77/27/2016Rate 2.981
Ego Tropic Breeze 5.56/19/2016Rate 3.285715
Ego Tropic Reign 5.910/2/2015Rate 3.294
Ego Untiteled IPA 6.09/2/2016Rate 3.13
Ego Værfast 4.76/19/2016Rate 2.941
Ego West Coast Egoism 7.53/18/2016Rate 2.875
Ego Wheatade 5.28/13/2014Rate 3.055940
Ego Wheatnook 5.89/27/2014Rate 3.023
Ego Wheatra 5.97/18/2014Rate 2.958
Ego Winter Goose 4.710/25/2016Rate 2.843
Ego Saison 6.58/9/2015Rate 2.9879
Ego Gulating IPA (Bæsing) 7.45/10/2016Rate 3.45689
Gulating Frigg Hvete 6.010/4/2016Rate 3.135
Gulating Julating 5.612/29/2016Rate 3.042
Gulating Raumariki Altbier 4.79/25/2016Rate 2.781411
Gulating Sommer Wit 6.06/18/2016Rate 31
Ølgaarden Mjød
Brewed by/for Ølgaarden
4.09/16/2016Rate 2.543
To Tørste Mænd Achtung Berry!
Brewed by/for To Tørste Mænd
4.77/24/2016Rate 3.232

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