Empire Abbey Ale -6/3/2003Rate 2.771
Empire Amber Ale 5.57/22/2000Rate 2.964042
Empire American Strong Ale 9.01/24/2010Rate 3.085
Empire Aphrodisiac Ale 6.88/11/2008Rate 3.216
Empire Après 7.22/7/2016Rate 2.961
Empire Apricot Ale -7/10/2002Rate 2.72
Empire Backyard Buzz 6.812/30/2016Rate 3.041
Empire Barley Wine 12.511/12/2001Rate 3.191614
Empire Barrel Aged Barleywine 12.57/22/2010Rate 3.123
Empire Beet the Blues 6.58/30/2009Rate 2.711
Empire Belgian Blonde 6.08/10/2013Rate 2.841
Empire Belgian Dubbel 7.012/10/2000Rate 2.764
Empire Belgian Tripel 9.56/3/2003Rate 2.872
Empire Berliner Weisse -10/7/2002Rate 2.135
Empire Black Magic Stout 4.87/22/2000Rate 3.398558
Empire Black Raspberry -7/10/2002Rate 2.241
Empire Blueberry Wheat 5.012/15/2007Rate 2.731
Empire By George Pale Ale 5.51/24/2010Rate 0
Empire C.C.s Bootleg Apple Ale -7/22/2000Rate 2.581
Empire Cherry Ale -12/10/2000Rate 2.52
Empire Cherry Stout 7.012/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Chocolate Mint Stout 7.012/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Cranbaby Wheat 6.512/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Cream Ale 5.88/30/2009Rate 2.964839
Empire Critz Red Barn Raspberry Cider 5.58/14/2014Rate 3.243
Empire Critzs Apple Ale 4.512/7/2008Rate 2.742
Empire Critzs Pumpkin Ale 6.810/20/2007Rate 3.124
Empire Deep Purple 6.53/12/2010Rate 3.147219
Empire Dortmunder Export -6/3/2003Rate 3.031
Empire Downtown Brown 6.08/14/2002Rate 3.064815
Empire Dunkelweizen -10/11/2002Rate 2.824
Empire East Coast Amber 5.67/16/2016Rate 2.98
Empire El Niño 7.52/1/2016Rate 0
Empire Extra Special Bitter 6.512/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Falconer's Flight IPA -5/18/2011Rate 2.871
Empire Golden Ale 5.010/20/2007Rate 2.921
Empire Golden Dragon 7.79/24/2011Rate 2.92
Empire Grapefruit DIPA 9.05/29/2015Rate 3.021
Empire Hefe-Weizen 5.87/22/2000Rate 3.329715
Empire Honey Ginger Beer -8/14/2002Rate 2.653
Empire Hop Harvest 6.010/9/2010Rate 2.962
Empire Hop Trail Ale 5.512/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Imperial Stout 1112/10/2000Rate 2.765
Empire Instigator Doppelbock 8.06/5/2003Rate 3.213
Empire IPA 6.812/10/2000Rate 3.294145
Empire Kuding-ta IPA 6.22/1/2016Rate 0
Empire Liv and Let Rye 5.65/24/2012Rate 3.368514
Empire Local Grind 7.54/1/2013Rate 3.37909
Empire Lost Dog 5.82/1/2016Rate 0
Empire Mai Bock -7/10/2002Rate 3.132
Empire Maple Brown Ale -6/30/2010Rate 2.831
Empire Maple Porter 5.59/29/2008Rate 3.034
Empire Maple Smoked Porter 7.211/6/2009Rate 2.92
Empire Mophro Schwarzbier 5.612/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Municher Helles -6/3/2003Rate 32
Empire NY State of Rind 9.512/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Oak Aged Sub Terranian Ale 9.58/2/2009Rate 2.747
Empire Octoberfest -10/13/2002Rate 3.143
Empire Ol Wooden Tooth Ale 8.59/20/2011Rate 3.013
Empire Orange Ale 5.59/29/2008Rate 2.691
Empire Original IPA 7.27/16/2016Rate 3.041
Empire Pale Ale 5.612/15/2007Rate 2.788
Empire Particle City IPA 8.06/12/2018Rate 3.021
Empire Platt Street Pilsner -10/7/2002Rate 2.925
Empire Porter 7.52/13/2002Rate 2.86
Empire Pumpkin Ale -7/10/2002Rate 3.124
Empire Purgatory Pale 6.41/14/2002Rate 3.374813
Empire Purple Dragon 6.57/31/2011Rate 3.053
Empire Rattle N Empire Stout 4.87/18/2011Rate 2.92
Empire Red Mulligan -10/11/2002Rate 2.55
Empire Roasted Pumpkin Ale 6.511/6/2014Rate 0
Empire Runway Rose 6.011/6/2014Rate 0
Empire Rye -12/10/2000Rate 2.351
Empire Saison 5.612/7/2008Rate 2.863
Empire Schwarzbier 5.32/12/2002Rate 3.166
Empire Scotch Ale 7.512/15/2007Rate 2.972
Empire Scott's English Pale Ale -3/1/2011Rate 2.811
Empire Ship Watcher Pale Ale 5.65/25/2017Rate 0
Empire Skinny Atlas Light 5.37/22/2000Rate 2.64939
Empire Slo Mo' 6.56/30/2016Rate 3.162338
Empire Smoked Porter 6.56/5/2003Rate 2.792
Empire Special Bitter -7/10/2003Rate 2.792
Empire State Pale Ale 5.85/11/2010Rate 3.26
Empire Steam Beer -7/10/2002Rate 2.642
Empire Strikes Bock 6.88/14/2014Rate 2.88
Empire Sub Terranian Ale 9.55/11/2008Rate 3.031
Empire Summer Ale 5.08/30/2009Rate 3.148
Empire Summer Sour 4.01/14/2016Rate 3.111
Empire Sweet Fire 8.53/8/2014Rate 3.237412
Empire Thai Dragon 7.712/30/2016Rate 0
Empire Tog Grog Ale 7.312/30/2016Rate 3.061
Empire Two Dragons 6.07/16/2016Rate 2.943915
Empire Waldorf Buzz 6.511/6/2014Rate 0
Empire Weizenbock -12/10/2000Rate 2.691
Empire Wheat Wine 8.55/16/2011Rate 2.826
Empire White Aphro 6.08/5/2009Rate 2.994362
Empire Winter Warmer 7.512/29/2010Rate 3.026
Empire Worst Day IPA 6.512/30/2016Rate 0

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