Brewer rating: 68/100 282 ratings
Cox Green, Hollies Lane, Enville, Staffordshire, England DY7 5LG
This brewery, which also keeps bees and uses honey in many of its beers, started brewing in 1993. Despite the postal address, the brewery is located in Staffordshire. In 2017 the Brewery introduced the Stourton Brewing Co range to differentiate from their more traditional beers.
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Enville Ale 4.55/1/2002Rate 2.873129
Enville American Pale Ale 4.37/28/2017Rate 3.153
Enville Blizzard 6.512/3/2014Rate 2.81
Enville Chainmaker Mild 3.68/15/2004Rate 2.851522
Enville Cherry Blonde 4.27/28/2011Rate 2.652825
Enville Czechmate Saaz 4.211/16/2003Rate 2.863314
Enville Dorika 4.08/15/2004Rate 2.661
Enville Dragons Den 4.52/3/2011Rate 2.783
Enville Gaucho 4.43/14/2006Rate 3.022
Enville Ginger Beer 4.610/31/2003Rate 2.973937
Enville Ginger Gothic 5.210/29/2014Rate 2.771
Enville Gothic Ale 5.26/1/2002Rate 2.993114
Enville Kasitra 3.58/26/2013Rate 2.922
Enville LPA (Light Pale Ale) 4.08/26/2008Rate 2.813110
Enville Maidens Ruin 5.68/15/2004Rate 3.283
Enville May Bee 4.27/4/2006Rate 31
Enville Nailmaker Mild 4.03/20/2004Rate 3.023431
Enville Old Gaffer 4.210/29/2004Rate 3.221
Enville Old Porter 4.512/6/2003Rate 3.23729
Enville Phoenix Indian Pale Ale 4.86/19/2004Rate 2.82
Enville Simpkiss Bitter (prev Simply Simpkiss) 4.03/8/2007Rate 3.09799
Enville Slayed 4.51/5/2008Rate 2.832
Enville Somers Percys Bitter 4.24/22/2004Rate 3.031
Enville Total Insanity 8.52/7/2004Rate 2.152
Enville White 4.28/5/2002Rate 2.853232
Stourton Brewing Co. American Pale Ale 4.33/16/2017Rate 3.034

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