Annex Amber 4.07/1/2015Rate 3.093
Annex Belgian Pale Ale 4.02/28/2015Rate 3.186
Annex Brown 4.03/9/2015Rate 2.852
Annex Crimson Saison 4.08/2/2014Rate 2.952
Annex Dry Hop Saison 4.01/6/2014Rate 2.841
Annex Ella IPL 4.01/11/2015Rate 3.335
Annex Hop Bombshells ESB 4.08/24/2014Rate 2.962
Annex Irish Red with Rooibos and Vanilla 4.05/13/2014Rate 2.861
Annex Kettle Sour IPA 4.01/11/2015Rate 3.456
Annex Lauter Day Brett Pale Ale 4.08/26/2014Rate 3.042
Annex Milk Stout 4.012/3/2014Rate 3.093
Annex Pumpkin Head 4.02/4/2015Rate 2.861
Annex Rye 4.01/11/2015Rate 2.913
Annex Rye with Dried Apple Rings and Cinnamon 4.05/29/2015Rate 2.941
Annex Schwarzbier 4.01/11/2015Rate 3.053
Annex Session Razz 4.010/30/2015Rate 3.182
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Amarillo) 4.02/4/2015Rate 2.831
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Cascade) 4.01/11/2015Rate 2.922
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Centennial) (alias) 4.08/20/2015
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Galaxy) 4.09/6/2014Rate 3.154
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Lemon Drop) 4.01/6/2014Rate 2.852
Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Mosaic) 4.04/19/2014Rate 2.953
Annex Wheat 4.04/19/2014Rate 3.054
Epic / Beachwood Beach Bash 4.64/25/2018Rate 3.372
Epic / Bruery Peche De Nuit 7.36/19/2014Rate 3.428514
Epic / Crooked Stave Elder Brett Saison-Brett Golden Ale 8.81/24/2012Rate 3.7396290
Epic / Cru Cru Gose Con Chapulines 4.39/20/2017Rate 3.227
Epic / DC Brau Brainless: Corruption 6.25/1/2012Rate 3.619941
Epic / DC Brau Fermentation Without Representation 8.011/4/2011Rate 3.6399365
Epic / Devils Backbone Midnight Mischief 5.53/30/2015Rate 3.569823
Epic / Elevation Epication Blackberry Saison 7.04/4/2014Rate 3.172810
Epic / New Belgium Eternal Consequences 10.78/14/2014Rate 3.366
Epic / Odell D&D 9.54/19/2018Rate 3.252
Epic / Ommegang Deux Fleurettes 6.75/26/2017Rate 3.365
Epic / Ska Skeptic 6.33/31/2016Rate 3.257
Epic / Strange Epically Strange 6.611/27/2013Rate 3.579824
Epic / Telluride Blizzard Conditions 7.33/29/2017Rate 3.436515
Epic / The Commons Common Interests 7.410/3/2017Rate 3.484527
Epic 825 State Stout 5.65/3/2010Rate 3.4772187
Epic 825 State Stout (Amano Artisan Cacao Nibs) 5.611/12/2012Rate 3.012
Epic Baby Razz 4.712/24/2014Rate 2.881
Epic Barley Wine 11.21/26/2011Rate 3.6175145
Epic Barley Wine - Stranahan Barrels 11.410/6/2014Rate 2.91
Epic Barley Wine - Whiskey Barrel Aged 11.210/1/2017Rate 3.47
Epic Big Bad Baptist 12.79/14/2011Rate 4.0297770
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Blue Copper 12.412/6/2016Rate 3.656
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Blue Copper Mexican Blend 1211/15/2016Rate 3.67519
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Cultivar Coffee 12.710/25/2015Rate 3.8809
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Dark Horse 12.42/5/2017Rate 3.372
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Double Barrel 12.811/11/2016Rate 4.0497100
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Quad Barrel 12.79/22/2018Rate 3.211
Epic Big Bad Baptist - Triple Barrel 11.411/14/2017Rate 4.1599109
Epic Big Bad Baptist Reserve 11.74/10/2018Rate 3.989522
Epic Big Bad Baptista 11.711/11/2016Rate 4.1799184
Epic Blackberry Berliner Weiss 5.111/28/2016Rate 3.182
Epic Blood Orange Belgian Style IPA 6.72/14/2017Rate 3.372
Epic Blue Law Porter 6.312/3/2012Rate 3.173479
Epic Blueski Lager 5.37/28/2013Rate 3.099032
Epic Brainless Belgian-Style Golden Ale 8.35/3/2010Rate 3.4473205
Epic Brainless IPA 6.51/14/2013Rate 3.6996169
Epic Brainless Junior 6.61/17/2014Rate 2.794
Epic Brainless on Blackberries on Oak -10/15/2014Rate 2.841
Epic Brainless on Blueberries 9.37/19/2018Rate 3.061
Epic Brainless on Cherries (Batch 1 - 4, White Wine Barrel) 10.311/20/2010Rate 3.3352102
Epic Brainless on Cherries (Batch 5 and higher, Red Wine Barrel) 10.39/14/2011Rate 3.3149240
Epic Brainless on Cherries Brett -11/18/2013Rate 3.497
Epic Brainless on Passionfruit 8.82/28/2018Rate 3.659411
Epic Brainless on Peaches 11.59/16/2010Rate 3.596395
Epic Brainless on Raspberries 9.82/16/2013Rate 3.4495222
Epic Brainless on Raspberries - Cacao Nibs 9.82/14/2017Rate 3.111
Epic Brainless on Raspberries - French Wine Cask Aged 9.95/24/2015Rate 3.111
Epic Brass Tap IPA 8.710/17/2013Rate 3.364
Epic Brett Pale Ale 6.08/12/2016Rate 3.022
Epic Brown Rice Ale 5.75/27/2010Rate 3.054537
Epic Capt'n Crompton's Pale Ale 5.85/3/2010Rate 3.4484119
Epic Centennial New England IPA 6.89/16/2017Rate 3.28399
Epic Club Lounge 12.33/18/2018Rate 3.254
Epic Coffee Cream Ale 5.17/22/2017Rate 2.981
Epic Copper Cone Pale Ale 6.85/3/2010Rate 3.6497253
Epic Cream Ale 4.29/6/2016Rate 2.921
Epic Cross Fever Amber Ale 4.85/3/2010Rate 3.258263
Epic Crushin it Cream Ale 6.54/27/2017Rate 3.036
Epic Double Skull Doppelbock 8.512/22/2011Rate 3.4888133
Epic Element 29 Pale Ale 5.26/22/2014Rate 3.143844
Epic Epically Strange (alias) 6.62/21/2014
Epic Escape To Colorado IPA 6.27/1/2013Rate 3.4874298
Epic Experimental Juicy American Pale Ale 5.811/17/2017Rate 3.131
Epic Falling Monk Quad 116/20/2017Rate 3.485
Epic Fest Devious Märzen 6.59/24/2010Rate 3.3396112
Epic Fest Devious Scotch Ale (Batch #5) 7.89/25/2011Rate 3.234211
Epic Fest Devious Wet Hop Harvest Ale (Batch #10) 6.09/28/2012Rate 3.034
Epic Fest Devious Wet Hop Harvest Ale (Batch #2) 6.010/1/2010Rate 3.016
Epic Galloway Porter 5.45/3/2010Rate 3.365987
Epic Glutenator 5.33/11/2012Rate 2.731634
Epic Golden Sour with Pink Guava 7.911/19/2017Rate 3.252
Epic Golden Sour with Tangerine 7.911/25/2017Rate 3.111
Epic Hop Syndrome Lager 4.56/4/2011Rate 3.2841242
Epic Hop Syndrome Pils Lager (alias) 4.52/15/2015
Epic Hopulent (Amarillo, release #102) 8.68/2/2014Rate 3.245
Epic Hopulent (Centennial, release #100) 8.38/2/2014Rate 3.25
Epic Hopulent (Citra, release #93) 8.74/18/2014Rate 3.386
Epic Hopulent (Lemondrop) 8.511/12/2013Rate 3.29279
Epic Hopulent (Mosaic) 8.34/4/2013Rate 3.647620
Epic Hopulent (Simcoe and Mosaic) 8.89/6/2016Rate 3.444
Epic Hopulent (Simcoe, release #168) 8.72/3/2018Rate 2.961
Epic Hopulent IPA 8.85/3/2010Rate 3.6985548
Epic Imperial IPA 9.412/31/2010Rate 3.7490265
Epic Imperial IPA BAHB 9.210/7/2017Rate 3.372
Epic Imperial IPA Big Ass Hop Back 9.29/16/2017Rate 3.162
Epic Imperial Mosaic IPA 9.03/25/2016Rate 3.51499
Epic Imperial Pumpkin Porter (alias) 8.010/5/2013
Epic Imperial Pumpkin Porter - Whiskey Barrel Aged 10.39/20/2017Rate 3.54015
Epic Imperial Pumpkin Porter with Cacao Nibs 8.011/3/2013Rate 3.213
Epic Imperial Red Ale 7.75/29/2010Rate 3.6788210
Epic Imperial Stout 10.311/23/2010Rate 3.7469176
Epic Imperial Stout (Dry Hopped with Tea) 10.31/4/2014Rate 3.092
Epic Intermountain Wheat Beer 5.05/3/2010Rate 3.146877
Epic Jack Mormon Coffee Stout 8.12/28/2011Rate 3.468817
Epic Jammy Dark Berry Sour 7.67/19/2018Rate 3.091
Epic Kaffeina 5.611/24/2016Rate 3.147
Epic Lil Brainless Raspberries 5.21/26/2015Rate 3.1471135
Epic Los Locos Lager 5.512/1/2015Rate 3.065997
Epic Mid Mountain Mild Ale 5.012/31/2010Rate 3.1962116
Epic New England Style IPA (Citralush) 7.04/27/2017Rate 3.578767
Epic New England Style IPA (Lupulin Burst) 7.06/21/2018Rate 3.268
Epic New England Style IPA (Praise the Haze / Pulp Addiction) 7.010/15/2017Rate 3.544634
Epic Northeast Style 7.34/25/2018Rate 2.891
Epic Oak and Orchard: Blueberry, Boysenberry & Black Currant 8.59/19/2017Rate 3.54710
Epic Oak and Orchard: Cabernet Sauvignon 6.58/22/2018Rate 3.282
Epic Oak and Orchard: Dark Sour with Plum 7.72/14/2017Rate 3.678132
Epic Oak and Orchard: Dark Sour with Plum and Apricot 7.72/14/2017Rate 3.42
Epic Oak and Orchard: Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels with Fruit 8.67/22/2017Rate 3.457
Epic Oak And Orchard: Strawberry Rhubarb 6.96/29/2018Rate 3.678
Epic Oak and Orchard: The Pinot 8.211/4/2016Rate 3.728726
Epic Oak and Orchard: The Syrah 8.512/24/2016Rate 3.626115
Epic OH YEAH! Mango Sour 4.611/12/2017Rate 3.072
Epic Old Sage Brett 7.61/1/2014Rate 3.7410033
Epic Parry's Cream Ale 5.37/19/2018Rate 2.981
Epic Parry’s New England IPA 7.44/25/2018Rate 3.262
Epic Pfeifferhorn Lager 5.35/4/2010Rate 3.219583
Epic Pint House IPA 6.79/15/2013Rate 2.861
Epic Pomme Baril 8.79/8/2014Rate 3.48959
Epic Pro-Am 2012: Hopulent 6.09/7/2012Rate 3.488315
Epic RiNo Juicy APA 5.84/7/2018Rate 3.418029
Epic RiNo Pale Ale (alias) 5.87/28/2013
Epic Rio's Rompin' Rye Beer 5.53/11/2011Rate 3.3281114
Epic Santa Cruz Brown Ale - Ethiopian Coffee, Blueberries and Cream 6.77/18/2014Rate 2.811
Epic Santa Cruz Brown IPA 7.21/21/2012Rate 3.69893
Epic Session Series Passion Fruit 4.08/14/2018Rate 3.112
Epic Smoked & Oaked Belgian-Style Ale 9.56/10/2010Rate 3.6795299
Epic Smoked Porter 6.111/24/2010Rate 3.3455106
Epic Son of a Baptist 8.09/26/2015Rate 3.7978137
Epic Son of a Baptist - Blue Copper Coffee 8.03/14/2017Rate 3.43
Epic Son of a Baptist - Coava Coffee Roasters 8.02/24/2017Rate 3.131
Epic Son of a Baptist - Corvus Coffee 8.04/3/2018Rate 3.57409
Epic Son of a Baptist - Cultivar Coffee 8.04/12/2017Rate 3.313
Epic Son of a Baptist - Dark Horse Coffee Roasters 8.03/24/2017Rate 3.485
Epic Son of a Baptist - Doma Coffee 8.03/28/2017Rate 3.262
Epic Son of a Baptist - Great Lakes Coffee 8.03/24/2017Rate 3.33
Epic Son of a Baptist - Lamill Coffee 8.03/24/2017Rate 3.192
Epic Son of a Baptist - Novo Coffee 8.03/12/2017Rate 3.695613
Epic Son of a Baptist - Rising Star Coffee 8.03/24/2017Rate 3.435
Epic Son of a Baptist - Rowster Coffee 8.010/13/2017Rate 3.091
Epic Son of a Baptist - The Roasterie 8.02/14/2018Rate 3.131
Epic Son of a Baptist - Valentine Coffee 8.010/15/2017Rate 3.424
Epic Sour Apple Saison 8.55/28/2010Rate 3.457356
Epic Sour Apple Saison with Cranberries 8.52/24/2014Rate 2.881
Epic Sour Brainless on Peaches 7.37/23/2015Rate 3.728647
Epic Sour Brainless on Pineapple 8.712/18/2016Rate 3.545220
Epic Sour IPA (alias) 4.79/26/2015
Epic Sour Saison 6.711/28/2016Rate 3.061
Epic Sour with Lime and Mint 9.63/18/2018Rate 3.191
Epic Spiral Jetty IPA 6.65/3/2010Rate 3.4462290
Epic Straight Up Saison 7.01/19/2011Rate 3.4671109
Epic Tart N' Juicy Sour IPA 4.612/6/2015Rate 3.4238213
Epic Tea it Up 4.92/14/2017Rate 3.014
Epic The Gourdian Pumpkin Ale -8/29/2015Rate 3.186618
Epic Tropical Imperial IPA 10.39/12/2016Rate 3.335
Epic Utah Sage Saison 7.512/22/2011Rate 3.6198144
Epic Utah Session Series Berliner Weisse 4.04/19/2014Rate 3.367
Epic Utah Session Series English Summer Ale 4.06/24/2015Rate 3.084
Epic Utah Session Series Golden Ale 4.02/16/2016Rate 3.174
Epic Utah Session Series IPA 4.02/16/2016Rate 3.2359
Epic Utah Session Series Irish Red 4.05/23/2017Rate 2.981
Epic Utah Session Series Milk Stout 4.02/4/2017Rate 3.021
Epic Utah Session Series Mountain Ale 4.02/16/2016Rate 3.218
Epic Utah Session Series Orchard - Raspberry 4.02/19/2016Rate 3.016
Epic Utah Session Series Pils Lager 4.04/19/2014Rate 2.975
Epic Utah Session Series Salt Lake (SLC) Lager 4.04/10/2017Rate 3.053
Epic Utah Session Series Sour IPA 4.02/19/2016Rate 3.36
Epic Utah Session Series Wit Beer 4.08/14/2016Rate 31
Epic Wanna Walk Wheat with Blood Orange 5.02/14/2017Rate 3.091
Epic Wild Brainless on Peaches 11.49/9/2014Rate 3.43419
Epic Wit Beer 5.46/24/2010Rate 3.469794
Unsacred Brewing Priesthood Pale Ale 4.03/27/2013Rate 2.977
Unsacred Brewing Rimando's Wit 4.02/18/2013Rate 2.984612
Unsacred Brewing The Vision Lager 4.03/17/2013Rate 3.067
Unsacred Brewing Unfaithful IPA 4.02/18/2013Rate 3.122211

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