Epic Brewing Company (NZ)

Client Brewer
Brewer rating: 100/100 2616 ratings
P.O.Box 39-234, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

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Epic Champagne d’Geddon 9.12/21/2017Rate 3.352
Epic Rocket 6.665/7/2017Rate 3.393
Epic Roxanne 6.54/7/2017Rate 3.527
House of Nicholas Hop B 6.82/25/2017Rate 2.961
Epic / Beer Nation Message in a Bottle 7.57/25/2012Rate 3.436729
Epic / Steam 10 Years 1000 Celebration Ale 10.14/16/2016Rate 3.718919
Epic / Thornbridge Stout 6.85/4/2010Rate 3.427566
Epic / Thornbridge Stout (Oak Barrel Aged) 6.810/19/2010Rate 3.367732
Epic 1991 IPA 6.03/15/2015Rate 3.084
Epic Apocalypse IPA 6.85/27/2014Rate 3.719531
Epic Armageddon IPA 6.668/4/2008Rate 3.7598553
Epic Awakening Lager 5.25/31/2015Rate 3.549916
Epic Barrel Aged IPA 7.256/24/2010Rate 3.569061
Epic Brooklyn IPA 6.42/21/2016Rate 3.396
Epic Carolina 7.22/5/2014Rate 3.710028
Epic Comet IPA 6.28/13/2013Rate 3.619447
Epic Danger Zone XPA 5.511/5/2016Rate 3.58
Epic Dankomatic 7.611/24/2016Rate 3.68
Epic Double Stout 7.778/21/2012Rate 3.614658
Epic Epicurean Coffee & Fig Oatmeal Stout 8.012/8/2011Rate 3.7265139
Epic Equinox IPA 6.33/11/2015Rate 3.274610
Epic Eric the Red 6.55/16/2016Rate 3.58
Epic First Batch NZIPA 6.87/23/2012Rate 3.477343
Epic Flying Nun 30 Year Ale 5.511/4/2011Rate 3.398822
Epic Gods of War IPA 6.79/20/2016Rate 3.699610
Epic Hop Zombie 8.55/9/2011Rate 3.8897336
Epic Hopdozer India Amber Ale 6.87/10/2016Rate 3.549911
Epic Hopshine Pale Ale 5.51/12/2017Rate 3.48899
Epic IMP 4.511/26/2014Rate 3.69620
Epic Imperium 9.07/26/2014Rate 3.726564
Epic Lager 5.43/25/2008Rate 3.39383
Epic Larger 8.512/8/2011Rate 3.238830
Epic Loral Lager 5.511/27/2016Rate 2.793
Epic Loves Bacon 6.39/10/2014Rate 3.294814
Epic Lupulingus 9.08/11/2014Rate 3.929873
Epic Magic Dust 6.95/8/2017Rate 3.72979
Epic Mash Up NZ Collaboration Ale 6.05/9/2011Rate 3.439992
Epic Mayhem 6.211/30/2006Rate 3.691184
Epic Mosaic IPA 6.14/4/2013Rate 3.699639
Epic No Agenda 7.57/25/2015Rate 3.495614
Epic Orcon Pale Ale 5.68/8/2012Rate 2.966
Epic Pale Ale 5.41/19/2006Rate 3.6898217
Epic Portamarillo 7.011/16/2010Rate 3.589686
Epic Porter 5.010/21/2007Rate 3.054
Epic Snow White Alpine Pale Ale 6.58/31/2016Rate 3.37
Epic Son of Thor IPA 6.812/10/2016Rate 3.466
Epic St. Luke Milestone IPA 7.01/26/2017Rate 3.678
Epic Stone Hammer IPA 7.04/8/2016Rate 3.69016
Epic The Observer Timeless Ale 9.712/5/2015Rate 3.719412
Epic Thor Imperial IPA 8.88/14/2016Rate 3.617
Epic Thunder APA 5.83/11/2016Rate 3.649716
Epic Zythos IPA 6.04/12/2012Rate 3.335532
House of Nicholas Heritage ESB 5.910/29/2016Rate 3.151
House of Nicholas Sarah IPA 5.78/25/2015Rate 3.246

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