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Everards Brewery, Castle Acres, Everard Way,, Enderby, Leicestershire, England LE19 1BY
Places associated: Globe (Everards), Tram Depot (Everards), Crown Inn (Everards), Marquis Wellington (Everards), Rutland & Derby (Everards), Five Lamps (Everards), White Horse (Everards), Dead Poets Inn, Seven Stars (Everards), Architect, Anne of Cleves (Everards), George & Dragon (Everards), Crown and Anchor (Everards), Church (Everardís), Three Nuns (Everards), White Hart (Everards), Wheatsheaf (Everards), Sir Robert Peel (Everards), Greyhound Inn (Everards), Old Horse (Everards), Final Whistle (Everards), Crown Inn (Everards)
Brewing started under the Everards name in 1849. In 1983 they moved to a new modern brewery at the current location. Brought the Brunswick Brewpub in Derby in August 2002.
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Xingu Gold (Worldwide) 4.75/6/2013Rate 2.988251
Everards / Afro-Caribbean Hopsession 4.310/13/2016Rate 3.082018
Everards / Arcadia Session Pale Ale 4.55/5/2017Rate 3.198712
Everards / Bagby Back Garden 4.02/18/2017Rate 2.954327
Everards / Bend Eclipse Cascadian Dark Ale 4.89/30/2011Rate 3.343430
Everards / Birra del Borgo Castagnale (Cask) 4.410/23/2010Rate 3.124625
Everards / Birra del Borgo Tutto Fa Brodo 4.29/25/2012Rate 3.135433
Everards / Brimmer Kawasaki Red Ale 5.012/22/2016Rate 3.15516
Everards / Brouwerij ít Ij Indian Red Ale 4.47/1/2015Rate 3.16023
Everards / Cambridge Brewing Sgt Pepper 4.29/9/2013Rate 3.081732
Everards / Chelsea Brewing Company Checker Cab 5.08/18/2014Rate 2.918
Everards / Corfu Beer Koroibos 4.57/16/2012Rate 2.863917
Everards / Corfu Ionian Coffee Porter 4.52/27/2013Rate 2.941344
Everards / Devils Backbone India Pale Ale 5.912/7/2013Rate 3.355816
Everards / Epic Brewing Pale Ale (Cask) 5.04/15/2009Rate 3.468818
Everards / Fork & Brewer Low Blow 4.711/13/2014Rate 3.375826
Everards / John Martinís Pale Ale (Cask) 5.03/15/2012Rate 2.952925
Everards / Mad Fox Defender 4.86/1/2016Rate 3.052817
Everards / New Belgium Pale Ale 5.210/6/2013Rate 3.229322
Everards / OíHaraís JDW Irish Red 4.52/25/2016Rate 3.076027
Everards / Ramsay Village Elder 3.810/7/2014Rate 3.056933
Everards / Schlafly Pale Ale 4.48/12/2015Rate 3.046026
Everards / Sudwerk Inbetween 4.811/16/2015Rate 3.14526
Everards / Terrapin Rye 5.59/4/2014Rate 3.155726
Everards / Titanic (UK) / Chelsea Brewing Co. Ship of Dreams 4.54/11/2012Rate 3.076513
Everards / Townshends JCIPA 5.03/5/2015Rate 3.134625
Everards / Two Birds Sunset Ale 4.69/10/2015Rate 3.419531
Everards / Urthel Hildegardís Solange 6.02/27/2014Rate 3.11537
Everards / Val-Dieu Abbaye Blonde 5.54/8/2010Rate 2.772421
Everards / Wicked Weed Sir Ryan the Pounder 4.73/17/2014Rate 3.187332
Everards / Zeunerts Ale (Cask) 4.53/22/2011Rate 2.913825
Everards All Black Stout (alias) 4.32/19/2006
Everards Amber Mild 3.45/4/2013Rate 2.914
Everards Ambition 5.010/1/2013Rate 2.871
Everards Ambrella 4.110/24/2013Rate 2.731
Everards Artigianale 4.57/13/2013Rate 2.787
Everards Ascalon 4.04/20/2014Rate 3.015731
Everards Beacon Hill (Bottle) 3.85/11/2011Rate 2.832737
Everards Beacon Hill (Cask) 3.84/19/2002Rate 2.842669
Everards Beery McBeerface 4.96/25/2016Rate 2.912
Everards Big Bang Bitter 4.54/18/2004Rate 2.881
Everards Black Annis 5.010/13/2016Rate 2.996
Everards Blue Boar 4.03/16/2015Rate 3.016
Everards Brief Encounter 4.011/1/2014Rate 2.692
Everards Buddings 4.53/8/2006Rate 3.28
Everards Bulldog Ale 5.07/19/2016Rate 3.131
Everards Carnival 4.38/13/2016Rate 34912
Everards Cathedral 3.52/4/2017Rate 32
Everards Clock Tower 3.52/18/2015Rate 2.71
Everards Coppernob 4.510/19/2010Rate 2.82518
Everards Crown 4.86/8/2015Rate 3.041
Everards Daredevil 7.15/9/2002Rate 2.942
Everards Dark Angel 4.511/10/2010Rate 2.761
Everards Diamond Jubilee Ale 4.86/1/2012Rate 2.872
Everards Early Doors 4.510/19/2007Rate 2.955120
Everards Elixir 3.93/21/2012Rate 2.727
Everards Equinox 4.210/23/2003Rate 2.812344
Everards Fifty Bob 3.52/7/2013Rate 2.812
Everards Fifty Shades of Ale 5.010/20/2012Rate 2.711
Everards Florins 3.55/16/2009Rate 2.81
Everards Flourish 3.53/27/2010Rate 2.94220
Everards Forty Bob 3.52/7/2010Rate 2.841
Everards Gallantry 4.83/15/2012Rate 2.943115
Everards Golden Zest 4.08/4/2009Rate 3.035416
Everards Hazy Daze 4.33/15/2008Rate 3.116012
Everards Lazy Daze 4.66/30/2002Rate 2.945
Everards Mad Hatterís Tea Party 4.23/20/2016Rate 2.94
Everards Malty Tasker 5.02/27/2013Rate 2.954924
Everards Midland Red 4.59/4/2016Rate 3.085021
Everards Mild 3.33/28/2002Rate 2.942911
Everards Nutcracker 5.03/7/2004Rate 3.12012
Everards Old Flame 3.51/30/2011Rate 2.785
Everards Old Original (alias) 5.24/8/2017
Everards Original (Bottle/Can) 4.74/12/2002Rate 2.8716137
Everards Original (Cask) 5.22/25/2002Rate 3.115389
Everards Orignal Premium Ale (alias) 5.23/9/2014
Everards Perfick! 4.54/14/2004Rate 2.939
Everards Pitch Black 4.33/30/2006Rate 3.122951
Everards Pumpkin Ale 3.510/28/2012Rate 2.93638
Everards Regimental IPA 5.011/3/2012Rate 2.8615127
Everards Sheehans Music Draft Punk 4.111/22/2015Rate 2.921
Everards Single Hop IPA 4.711/5/2016Rate 3.134
Everards Sleighbell (Bottle) 4.512/14/2009Rate 2.955
Everards Sleighbell (Cask) 4.512/21/2002Rate 3.036645
Everards Sly Fox 4.04/1/2007Rate 2.954427
Everards Southgate 2.71/7/2012Rate 2.771
Everards Spring Ale 4.33/27/2006Rate 2.811
Everards Stateside Rye 4.58/29/2015Rate 3.144830
Everards Sunchaser 4.06/8/2004Rate 2.792587
Everards Svengal Tiger 4.56/6/2006Rate 2.89419
Everards Terra Firma 4.54/7/2002Rate 2.965032
Everards The Habit Ale 4.012/28/2013Rate 2.711
Everards Three Tigers 4.06/13/2016Rate 2.932
Everards Tiger (Bottle) 4.58/5/2000Rate 2.9545106
Everards Tiger (Cask) 4.25/28/2002Rate 2.9747146
Everards Tiger Triple Gold 5.012/21/2002Rate 2.922730
Everards Tighthead 3.91/22/2014Rate 3.026311
Everards Tram Light (alias) 4.09/7/2015
Everards Two Tribes 4.51/1/2016Rate 3.025
Everards Umpire Strikes Back 4.03/4/2007Rate 2.912
Everards Wacko Jack-O 3.612/7/2008Rate 2.772
Everards Whakatu 3.76/9/2011Rate 3.037533
Everards Wonderland 4.212/5/2013Rate 2.985
Everards Xingu Gold (Cask) 4.06/12/2014Rate 2.95489
Everards Yakima 4.03/21/2013Rate 2.974831
Everards Yule Fuel 4.012/6/2007Rate 2.797
Martinís Real Ale
Brewed by/for John Martin
4.512/15/2011Rate 2.87
Marks & Spencer Leicestershire Bitter
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
3.81/19/2010Rate 2.59615
Hancocks HB 3.65/2/2001Rate 2.6641
Stones Cask Bitter 4.16/29/2003Rate 2.636
Stones Pure Gold 4.16/11/2007Rate 2.826
Everards Dark Ale
Brewed by/for Morrisons
5.09/13/2013Rate 33741
Trumanís Basking Shark
Brewed by/for Trumanís
3.87/16/2012Rate 2.72
Trumanís Belt & Braces
Brewed by/for Trumanís
4.211/26/2012Rate 2.922
Trumanís Seek & Save
Brewed by/for Trumanís
3.55/1/2012Rate 2.963

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