Exe Valley

Brewer rating: 71/100 281 ratings
Land Farm, Silverton, Exeter, Devon, England EX5 4HF

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Exe Valley Aleien 3.99/8/2014Rate 0
Exe Valley Autumn Glory 4.58/13/2004Rate 2.985128
Exe Valley Barron’s Hopsit 4.18/8/2003Rate 36410
Exe Valley Barrons Dark 4.18/13/2004Rate 2.516
Exe Valley Beer Wolf 4.512/5/2010Rate 2.765
Exe Valley Bitter 3.77/24/2003Rate 2.691212
Exe Valley Carnaval Kids 4.47/15/2009Rate 2.841
Exe Valley Charter 750 4.110/29/2008Rate 2.731
Exe Valley Darkest Devon 3.95/4/2011Rate 2.861813
Exe Valley Devon Dawn 4.53/1/2002Rate 2.846
Exe Valley Devon Glory 4.79/23/2003Rate 2.932630
Exe Valley Devon Heaven 3.95/22/2009Rate 2.81
Exe Valley Devon Summer 3.98/18/2002Rate 2.966016
Exe Valley Dobs Best Bitter 4.12/2/2004Rate 2.82320
Exe Valley Exe Calibre 4.58/13/2004Rate 2.74
Exe Valley Exeter Old Bitter 4.88/13/2004Rate 2.922234
Exe Valley Festival Ale 4.510/2/2004Rate 34
Exe Valley Hop, Skip & Pump 3.98/19/2012Rate 2.824
Exe Valley Hope 4.32/10/2003Rate 2.642
Exe Valley It’s Phil’s Ale 4.83/23/2013Rate 3.137810
Exe Valley Mr Sheppards Crook 4.77/16/2003Rate 2.73420
Exe Valley Rameses Revenge 4.88/24/2006Rate 3.31
Exe Valley Rex Mild 3.97/5/2004Rate 31
Exe Valley Rodgers and Hammersteined 4.38/20/2010Rate 2.91
Exe Valley Silver’s Myth 4.37/22/2013Rate 2.811
Exe Valley Silverton Pride 3.97/13/2011Rate 2.843213
Exe Valley Spring Beer 4.36/1/2002Rate 2.857
Exe Valley Stirling Silver 4.57/8/2011Rate 2.843
Exe Valley Top of the Hops 4.37/18/2017Rate 2.981
Exe Valley Walk the Plank 4.37/15/2007Rate 2.834
Exe Valley Winter Glow 6.03/1/2002Rate 3.12310
Exe Valley XXI Anniversary 4.38/17/2005Rate 3.052
Exe Valley XXV 4.38/10/2009Rate 2.844110

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