Fair State Brewing Cooperative

2506A Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55418
Mon - Thu 4:00 - 11:00 PM
Fri 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sat 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sun 12:00 - 9:00 PM

Associated place: Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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Fair State / Bang Dent 4.79/1/2017Rate 3.084
Fair State / Dangerous Man Nigori Natsu-Biru 5.26/29/2018Rate 3.022
Fair State / Fonta Flora Bowsaw 3.59/21/2018Rate 3.162
Fair State / Forager Obscure Reference 5.11/26/2018Rate 3.477
Fair State / Fulton Frontenac 5.66/25/2016Rate 3.687815
Fair State / Fulton Horatio! 4.08/2/2015Rate 3.267
Fair State / HammerHeart Mimir’s Hode 7.72/25/2018Rate 3.375
Fair State / Live Oak Fully Krausened 3.78/24/2018Rate 3.092
Fair State / Modern Times Spirit Foul 5.79/8/2017Rate 3.718417
Fair State / Modern Times The Shoulder of Orion 5.07/28/2016Rate 3.469810
Fair State / Pollyanna Morgendunst 5.54/28/2018Rate 3.45
Fair State / Surly Clarity Of Purpose 7.24/13/2018Rate 3.246
Fair State / Threes Brewing Dr Spaceman 5.711/6/2017Rate 3.111
Fair State / Wild Mind Chateau Estate Reserve 2018 2.912/1/2018Rate 3.131
Fair State 1959 Lager 3.94/22/2018Rate 2.856
Fair State 42 Black IPA 4.29/23/2014Rate 3.095
Fair State 4HOP Sour 5.19/15/2017Rate 3.44
Fair State 7 Principles 5.112/21/2017Rate 3.192
Fair State Artsy Fartsy 5.15/17/2015Rate 3.347
Fair State Aw, Jeff It 8.29/21/2018Rate 3.444
Fair State Barrel 10 6.910/11/2015Rate 3.534914
Fair State Barrel 5 7.210/11/2015Rate 3.647211
Fair State Barrel Fermented Du Pounde 5.27/15/2017Rate 3.657815
Fair State Barrel Fermented Du Pounde - Blueberry 5.27/15/2017Rate 3.474
Fair State Barrel Fermented Du Pounde - Passionfruit 5.27/15/2017Rate 3.423
Fair State Barrel Fermented Funkelweizen -7/15/2017Rate 3.041
Fair State Barrel-Fermented Stupid Sexy Flanders 5.910/23/2017Rate 3.151
Fair State Bauhaus Collab Helles 4.85/15/2016Rate 3.283
Fair State BBRR 5.77/27/2018Rate 3.151
Fair State BFDP (alias) 5.26/9/2018
Fair State Black Strap Rum & Oak Aged Stout 5.511/2/2014Rate 2.861
Fair State Blueberry Lemon -6/25/2016Rate 3.333
Fair State Brett IPA -10/10/2015Rate 2.871
Fair State Bricoleur #1 5.31/28/2016Rate 3.667720
Fair State Bricoleur #2 4.96/25/2016Rate 3.265
Fair State Bricoleur #3 5.011/10/2016Rate 3.486
Fair State Bricoleur #4 4.93/3/2017Rate 3.373
Fair State Brown Ale 5.14/9/2015Rate 3.164
Fair State Cake Drinker 6.810/1/2018Rate 0
Fair State Challenger 4.912/5/2014Rate 2.883
Fair State Citra Jr. 4.510/27/2016Rate 3.283
Fair State Citra Sour 5.76/25/2016Rate 3.698010
Fair State Cletus Weizenbock 7.29/23/2014Rate 2.944
Fair State Cromulence 4.07/29/2015Rate 3.568434
Fair State Cromulence - Brett 4.010/10/2015Rate 3.273
Fair State Cromulence - Pineapple 4.010/10/2015Rate 3.515
Fair State Curation -7/15/2017Rate 3.483
Fair State Dakota Skipper - Russian Sage 5.79/15/2016Rate 3.142
Fair State Dakota Skipper 2015 - 2016 5.77/29/2015Rate 3.145
Fair State Dakota Skipper 2017 - 5.77/15/2017Rate 3.214
Fair State Dorado Gold 6.34/28/2016Rate 3.538310
Fair State Double BBRR 8.112/1/2018Rate 3.041
Fair State Double Pomp 9.23/11/2016Rate 3.366
Fair State Double Raspberry Roselle 8.112/7/2017Rate 3.363
Fair State Du Pounde 5.58/14/2016Rate 3.669320
Fair State Duluth Coffee Vienna Lager 5.37/21/2018Rate 3.283
Fair State Duplex Nation 4.86/15/2017Rate 3.375
Fair State Dworkinator 6.611/11/2017Rate 3.215
Fair State Extreme Leisure 4.05/18/2018Rate 3.454
Fair State Feeling Good, Louis 6.010/5/2018Rate 2.982
Fair State Festbier 5.410/17/2014Rate 3.479918
Fair State Flyover Country 5.24/16/2017Rate 3.585911
Fair State Fresh Hop du Pounde 5.210/1/2016Rate 3.183
Fair State From The Rearview 5.411/2/2018Rate 3.041
Fair State Froo-It! 6.256/23/2017Rate 3.344
Fair State FS Lyte 4.47/10/2017Rate 3.396
Fair State FSB (Makers Mark) 9.612/17/2015Rate 3.151
Fair State FSB Imperial Stout 2014 9.61/1/2015Rate 3.568
Fair State FSB Imperial Stout 2015 112/4/2016Rate 3.543813
Fair State FSB Imperial Stout 2016 9.812/22/2016Rate 3.476
Fair State FSB Imperial Stout 2017 9.012/16/2017Rate 3.337
Fair State FSB Imperial Stout 2017: Maple & Sea Salt 9.012/29/2017Rate 3.131
Fair State FSB with Brett 9.610/10/2015Rate 3.283
Fair State FSB with Raspberries 9.61/1/2015Rate 2.931
Fair State Funkelweizen 3.610/17/2014Rate 3.366
Fair State Giantsbane 8.62/12/2017Rate 3.587817
Fair State Ginger Brickhouse 2.73/17/2016Rate 32
Fair State Grapefruit Berliner Weiss 4.07/9/2015Rate 3.282
Fair State Grey Matter 4.06/9/2018Rate 3.091
Fair State Grodziskie 3.82/17/2017Rate 3.549010
Fair State Hallertau Keller Pils 4.912/10/2015Rate 3.333
Fair State Hefeweizen 4.88/30/2014Rate 3.429826
Fair State Helles Rauchbier 4.83/12/2015Rate 3.467
Fair State Hibiscus Saison Kombeercha 4.12/1/2015Rate 2.91
Fair State Hoplager 4.78/30/2014Rate 3.357
Fair State India Pale Ale 6.48/30/2014Rate 3.699746
Fair State IPA 6.29/14/2017Rate 3.385211
Fair State IPA Classique 6.44/14/2018Rate 3.191
Fair State IPA: Chinook/El Dorado 6.010/13/2016Rate 3.041
Fair State IPA: Citra/Mosaic 6.410/13/2016Rate 3.192
Fair State IPA: X331 Experimental 6.012/2/2016Rate 3.423
Fair State It's Gold, Jerry! 5.510/4/2014Rate 3.379711
Fair State Kazbek Kellerbier 4.910/10/2015Rate 3.710020
Fair State Keep The North Cold 5.01/28/2018Rate 3.234
Fair State Keller Blanc 5.510/13/2016Rate 3.33
Fair State Killin' Snakes! 6.58/24/2018Rate 3.212
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC Amber 6.15/16/2018Rate 3.332
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC Summer 5.65/31/2018Rate 3.182
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Eight 4.810/7/2015Rate 3.264010
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Eleven 5.72/11/2016Rate 3.267
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Eleven - Sour Cherry 5.72/18/2016Rate 3.073
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Five 4.06/6/2015Rate 3.35469
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Four 5.05/11/2015Rate 3.576012
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Nine 5.010/29/2015Rate 3.468
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: One 5.92/12/2015Rate 3.51499
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Seven 4.38/27/2015Rate 3.397
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Six 4.06/19/2015Rate 3.538914
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Thirteen 4.58/3/2016Rate 3.245
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Thirteen (Roselle) 4.510/7/2016Rate 3.262
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Three 5.33/26/2015Rate 3.35319
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Three (Special Edition) 5.39/3/2015Rate 3.394
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Twelve 4.04/14/2016Rate 3.51489
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Twelve - 2017 Edition 5.65/18/2017Rate 3.343
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Two (alias) 5.62/26/2015
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Two - Brett -10/10/2015Rate 3.243
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: Winter 6.111/24/2017Rate 3.273
Fair State LÄCTOBÄC: X(mas) 5.212/17/2015Rate 3.287
Fair State Lapsang Souchong Vienna 5.21/15/2015Rate 3.042
Fair State Lichtenhainer 5.16/25/2016Rate 3.719828
Fair State Limoo -6/25/2016Rate 3.524812
Fair State Magic Missile 9.012/2/2014Rate 2.974
Fair State Medieval England Reference 5.610/5/2018Rate 3.122
Fair State Member Designed #1 8.17/18/2015Rate 3.146
Fair State Member Designed #2 7.13/18/2016Rate 3.415
Fair State Member Designed #2 - Fernet -4/2/2016Rate 3.041
Fair State Member Designed #3 4.77/21/2018Rate 3.021
Fair State Mirror Universe 7.01/16/2018Rate 3.518222
Fair State Mirror Universe: Emotion Chip 5.25/11/2018Rate 3.254
Fair State Mirror Universe: Interphasic Rift 8.31/28/2018Rate 3.264
Fair State Mirror Universe: Transporter Malfunction 5.03/23/2018Rate 3.091
Fair State Mosaic Sour 5.32/24/2017Rate 3.455
Fair State North/South IPA 5.99/3/2016Rate 3.193
Fair State Old Richmond Rye 7.010/8/2015Rate 3.467113
Fair State One Variable at a Time 5.06/29/2018Rate 3.171
Fair State Pahlay'Ahlay 5.07/9/2015Rate 3.789949
Fair State Paradisiac -6/25/2016Rate 3.444011
Fair State Patrick's Hazy IPA 6.07/27/2018Rate 3.384
Fair State People Powered Pils 5.010/27/2018Rate 3.324
Fair State Pils 5.112/19/2014Rate 3.499946
Fair State Ping Pong Tiddley 4.87/10/2017Rate 3.313
Fair State Points North 5.06/17/2017Rate 3.194
Fair State Pomp Fake 4.86/15/2016Rate 3.142
Fair State Pomp le Moose 5.81/23/2015Rate 3.388
Fair State Rauchbock 6.011/30/2014Rate 3.38
Fair State Robertine 5.43/19/2015Rate 3.376
Fair State Roselle 5.712/20/2015Rate 3.494668
Fair State Roselle - Raspberry 5.71/14/2016Rate 3.747813
Fair State Rye Falutin 6.82/26/2016Rate 3.718412
Fair State S.M.A.S.H Pale Ale - Simcoe Hops/Vienna Malts 5.04/2/2016Rate 3.142
Fair State S.M.A.S.H Pale Ale - Eureka! 5.11/30/2017Rate 3.123
Fair State S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale - Chinook Hops/Vienna Malt 5.03/3/2016Rate 3.315
Fair State Saison Drei 5.712/17/2015Rate 3.548224
Fair State Saison Faileaux 6.02/19/2015Rate 2.973
Fair State Schwarzbier 5.08/30/2014Rate 3.287911
Fair State Session IPA 4.84/28/2016Rate 3.435
Fair State Session IPA - Mango 4.85/5/2016Rate 3.212
Fair State Simcoe Sour 5.52/24/2017Rate 3.437
Fair State Smoked Apricot Sour 5.27/27/2018Rate 3.163
Fair State Smorgasbord 8.312/8/2016Rate 3.266
Fair State St Mojo 4.96/1/2017Rate 3.273
Fair State Stout 5.58/30/2014Rate 3.387013
Fair State Stout - Bourbon Barrel 5.73/17/2016Rate 3.052
Fair State Stupid Sexy Flanders 5.92/24/2017Rate 3.225
Fair State Stupid Sexy Flanders - Oak -7/15/2017Rate 3.061
Fair State Sun & Rain 5.36/21/2018Rate 3.212
Fair State The Brut Squad 6.19/11/2018Rate 3.448
Fair State The Red Army 7.74/2/2015Rate 3.123
Fair State The Winkelman 8.42/20/2015Rate 3.448
Fair State The Witchhunt 6.6610/27/2017Rate 3.184
Fair State Tiki Drinks 5.75/24/2018Rate 3.282
Fair State Time Debt 7.37/15/2017Rate 3.57
Fair State Tom Danks 6.16/21/2018Rate 3.171
Fair State Tri-Ferm 4.010/2/2015Rate 3.698013
Fair State Tri-Ferm (Hallertau) -10/10/2015 U  3.111
Fair State Tropical Fruit and Rum Oak IPA 6.411/2/2014Rate 2.871
Fair State Tuque 7.012/1/2015Rate 3.18269
Fair State U-Pick 5.31/12/2017Rate 3.928
Fair State U-Pick 2017 5.312/16/2017Rate 3.526
Fair State Urban Sombrero 4.87/27/2017Rate 3.56
Fair State Vienna 5.22/13/2015Rate 3.399921
Fair State Wet Hull Coffee Stout 5.41/16/2018Rate 3.565
Fair State Wild Rover 6.83/19/2016Rate 3.626810
Fair State Yacht Bock 9.67/27/2018Rate 3.023
Fair State Zitronen-Weiss 5.39/2/2014Rate 3.236

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