Fallen Angel

(Not In Production)
14 Carriers Way, East Hoathly, Lewes , East Sussex, England BN8 6AG
Founded in 2004, operating from premises in Battle and mainly producing bottled beers. Moved to East Hoathly in 2009. Ceased trading in 2012 but was subsequently acquired by Broxbourne Brewery which now makes some beers under the Fallen Angel label at its own premises. Those beers are listed under Broxbourne (q.v.). The remaining Fallen Angel beers listed here are believed to have been discontinued. Please submit feedback if any of the beers marked as retired are sighted.
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Fallen Angel A Christmas Wail 6.311/24/2007Rate 2.357
Fallen Angel Angry Ox Bitter 5.39/29/2005Rate 2.851512
Fallen Angel Anniversary Ale 4.35/12/2009Rate 2.26110
Fallen Angel Black Cat Ale 5.39/29/2005Rate 3.13616
Fallen Angel Black Death 5.28/10/2015Rate 0
Fallen Angel Caribbean Lime Lager 4.512/20/2005Rate 2.623
Fallen Angel Chilli Beer 4.91/26/2016Rate 2.71
Fallen Angel College Cluster Ale 4.46/2/2008Rate 2.55612
Fallen Angel Cowgirl Gold 4.21/23/2011Rate 2.4510
Fallen Angel Cowgirl Lite 3.612/5/2005Rate 3.017
Fallen Angel Dark Mead 14.55/31/2008Rate 3.433
Fallen Angel Englishmans Nut Brown Ale 3.75/8/2007Rate 2.54619
Fallen Angel Fire In The Hole Chili Beer (3.9%) 3.912/19/2005Rate 2.621721
Fallen Angel Gamekeepers Bitter / New Zealand Bitter 4.111/13/2005Rate 2.93723
Fallen Angel Gardeners Delight 4.23/18/2011Rate 2.627
Fallen Angel Hickory Switch Porter 4.39/29/2005Rate 2.851014
Fallen Angel Hopped Up Cyder 4.910/3/2007Rate 2.884714
Fallen Angel Howlin Red Ale 5.012/5/2005Rate 2.797
Fallen Angel Imperialist Old Ale 5.68/28/2007Rate 2.921
Fallen Angel Kama Sumatra 3.74/1/2006Rate 2.33128
Fallen Angel Lemon Weissbier 3.79/29/2005Rate 3.035911
Fallen Angel Naughty & Nice Chocolate Porter 3.84/6/2009Rate 2.71
Fallen Angel Naughty Nun Witbier 5.012/3/2005Rate 2.873815
Fallen Angel Robin Hood Golden Arrow Ale 6.39/25/2007Rate 2.714
Fallen Angel Shepherdess Draught 3.98/27/2007Rate 2.894
Fallen Angel St. Patricks Irish Stout 3.412/5/2005Rate 2.5320
Fallen Angel Tawny Rose 4.19/29/2005Rate 2.661312
Fallen Angel The Pardoners Ale 6.212/24/2007Rate 2.771
Fallen Angel Two Season Treat 3.81/23/2010Rate 2.938

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