Far West Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
7289 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, Washington, USA 98052
Out of business

Associated place: Celtic Bayou
Operated 2001 to 2006
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Bottleworks VI (6th) Anniversary 11.52/19/2005Rate 3.8897140
Far West Alewives Hefeweizen 5.58/16/2003Rate 3.192
Far West Amarillo Pale Ale -3/10/2005Rate 2.961
Far West Black Pool Extra Stout 5.58/16/2003Rate 2.881
Far West Connaught Ranger IPA 6.712/23/2002Rate 3.579256
Far West Eastside Pale Ale 5.58/16/2003Rate 2.541
Far West ESB -9/1/2005Rate 2.912
Far West Fat Dubbel 7.45/2/2006Rate 2.961
Far West Fianna Red Lager -4/3/2003Rate 2.282
Far West Fimbulvinter Ale -2/18/2006Rate 3.186
Far West Flanders Brown Ale 5.59/20/2003Rate 2.921
Far West Hedgerow Red Ale 5.58/1/2003Rate 3.369718
Far West Helles Maibock 5.58/16/2003Rate 2.921
Far West Irish Immigrant Pale Ale 5.58/16/2003Rate 2.541
Far West Mango Tango 5.07/29/2004Rate 2.524
Far West ORourkes Imperial Stout -10/7/2002Rate 3.133
Far West Petit Dejeuner 7.23/10/2005Rate 3.173
Far West Rye Wine -3/5/2006Rate 3.57518
Far West Shegal -10/7/2002Rate 2.771
Far West Smoketoberfest Marzen Lager 6.01/27/2005Rate 2.921
Far West St. Brigids Blonde Ale -9/1/2005Rate 2.771
Far West Three Threads Porter -12/23/2002Rate 3.559545
Far West Trouble Imperial Stout 8.21/13/2006Rate 3.213
Far West U-19 German Pilsner 5.06/16/2003Rate 2.524
Far West Wild Banshee 9.84/13/2005Rate 3.276

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