Fernie Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 89/100 767 ratings
26 Manitou Road, Fernie, British Columbia, Canada V0B 1M5
Associated place: Fernie Brewing Company
Brewmaster: Jeff Demaniuk
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Fernie Base Camp West Coast Pale 5.87/11/2017Rate 3.015
Fernie Big Caboose Red Ale 5.010/28/2011Rate 2.923630
Fernie Black Mammoth Winter Ale 8.01/10/2013Rate 3.394434
Fernie Buck Wild Ale 5.07/2/2011Rate 2.45716
Fernie First Trax Brown Ale 5.03/11/2005Rate 2.922659
Fernie Fresh Hopped Pale Ale 6.010/19/2016Rate 2.921
Fernie Hit the Deck New England IPA 6.76/4/2017Rate 3.243510
Fernie Hot Saw India Brown Ale 7.01/18/2015Rate 3.368915
Fernie Irish Red - Barrel Aged 6.22/20/2017Rate 2.681
Fernie Java the Hut 5.01/10/2016Rate 3.273818
Fernie Kickstand Honey Kolsch 4.87/1/2014Rate 2.873819
Fernie Last Cast Summer IPA 6.77/24/2014Rate 3.477431
Fernie Legendary Lager 5.01/1/2004Rate 2.524
Fernie Lone Wolf India Pale Ale 6.54/15/2012Rate 3.263864
Fernie Ol’ Willy Wit White 5.09/11/2009Rate 2.731736
Fernie Old Barn Saison 6.04/10/2016Rate 2.89413
Fernie Project 9 Pils 5.04/26/2014Rate 3.18425
Fernie Pumpkin Head 5.011/27/2010Rate 3.27032
Fernie Quiet Rye’t Rye IPA 6.74/27/2014Rate 3.274134
Fernie Rockpile Red IPA 7.211/15/2013Rate 3.263927
Fernie Rocky Mountain Genuine Lager 5.06/27/2007Rate 2.271514
Fernie Rusty Tractor Weizenbock 7.54/11/2013Rate 3.164219
Fernie Sap Sucker Maple Porter 5.51/3/2011Rate 3.183452
Fernie Sap Sucker Maple Porter - Barrel Aged 6.42/20/2017Rate 2.93
Fernie Slingshot Session IPA 4.53/25/2015Rate 3.041719
Fernie Slow Drift Witbier 5.06/25/2016Rate 3.077
Fernie Snowblind Belgian IPA 7.91/21/2014Rate 3.332622
Fernie Spring Shred Red Session Ale 4.73/24/2016Rate 2.883213
Fernie Star Studded Stout 5.02/20/2017Rate 2.831
Fernie The Eldorado Single Hop IPA 6.83/24/2016Rate 3.324513
Fernie The Griz Pale Ale 5.03/11/2005Rate 2.762752
Fernie The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA 6.48/5/2016Rate 3.253719
Fernie What the Huck 5.07/2/2008Rate 2.673059

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