Fire on the Mountain Easy Breezy 4.95/7/2017Rate 2.831
FOTM / Logboat Black Lager 4.65/17/2015Rate 3.162
FOTM Big in Japan 7.52/19/2018Rate 3.122
FOTM Big Vern IPA 7.55/17/2015Rate 3.213
FOTM Cherry Bruin 5.89/19/2014Rate 2.856
FOTM Count Vorlauf's Baltic Porter -5/19/2013Rate 3.343
FOTM Count Vorlauf's Mexican Dark Lager 5.07/26/2017Rate 2.92
FOTM Dark Secret 5.49/19/2014Rate 2.81
FOTM Dry Canyon Pale 6.05/17/2015Rate 3.072
FOTM Dub Shocks 9.210/29/2014Rate 2.911
FOTM Electric Mud Oatmeal Stout 6.65/18/2012Rate 3.417211
FOTM Galena Goodnight Black IPA 7.07/26/2017Rate 2.972
FOTM Guilded Splinters 6.76/27/2016Rate 2.811
FOTM Head for the Porter 4.59/11/2015Rate 2.981
FOTM Hoosier Amber 5.35/18/2012Rate 2.954
FOTM Hoosier Double 8.74/2/2015Rate 2.741
FOTM Lefty Lager 5.55/18/2012Rate 2.873
FOTM Magnum P.A. 6.210/20/2014Rate 2.861
FOTM Mollusk Oyster Stout 6.812/31/2015Rate 3.131
FOTM Pancho Pale Ale 5.75/18/2012Rate 2.92
FOTM Pleasure Time Pale Ale 5.47/26/2017Rate 2.882
FOTM Prime Bitter -5/17/2015Rate 3.042
FOTM Red Hornet 6.710/20/2014Rate 2.791
FOTM Rum-Soaked Mud 6.65/19/2013Rate 2.911
FOTM Sacrilicious 6.32/24/2019Rate 2.961
FOTM Saucy Goat 7.510/20/2014Rate 2.811
FOTM Shocks of Sheba IPA 6.35/18/2012Rate 3.11712
FOTM Smoke & Honey Milk Stout 4.95/19/2013Rate 3.096
FOTM The Freshie 6.29/11/2015Rate 31
FOTM The Red Headed Stranger 6.55/17/2015Rate 3.13
FOTM Un bière pour Adelaide Belgian IPA 7.16/27/2016Rate 2.973
FOTM Winter IPA -5/18/2012Rate 0
FOTM Wonderin' Rye 5.05/18/2012Rate 3359
FOTM X-Tinguisher Wheat 5.5410/26/2012Rate 2.871

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