Five Points / BrewDog Shoreditch Smoke & Mirrors 7.810/24/2014Rate 3.346813
Five Points / Bull and Last So Solid Brew 4.63/28/2015Rate 3.092
Five Points / Burning Sky Belgian Wit 5.012/5/2018Rate 3.164
Five Points / Gipsy Hill Blueberry Sour 4.312/5/2018Rate 3.073
Five Points / Lost And Grounded Best Bitter 4.85/1/2018Rate 3.14
Five Points / Magic Rock IPL 6.512/5/2018Rate 3.123
Five Points / Northern Monk Birthday IPA 6.75/1/2018Rate 3.456615
Five Points / Pressure Drop / One Mile End Agadoo 6.58/11/2017Rate 3.125
Five Points / Thornbridge Maibock 7.55/1/2018Rate 3.248711
Five Points / Wild Beer Hybrid DIPA 8.75/1/2018Rate 3.43414
Five Points / Wiper & True Table Beer 2.212/5/2018Rate 3.144
Five Points / YellowBelly Baltic Porter 8.45/1/2018Rate 3.739122
Five Points Brick Field Brown 5.56/14/2016Rate 3.559732
Five Points Cat Paw 5.010/7/2018Rate 3.092
Five Points Derailed Porter 5.22/19/2014Rate 3.478315
Five Points Field Day Citrus Pale 4.24/27/2017Rate 3.316136
Five Points First Brews No2 Pale Ale (alias) 4.44/2/2013
Five Points First Brews No2 Porter 4.24/18/2013Rate 3.196
Five Points First Brews No2 Red Rye 5.04/2/2013Rate 3.125311
Five Points Green Hop - Bullion 3.710/12/2018Rate 3.196
Five Points Green Hop - Fuggles 3.710/12/2018Rate 3.176
Five Points Green Hop - Goldings 3.710/12/2018Rate 3.276
Five Points Green Hopped English Bitter 3.712/13/2017Rate 3.17
Five Points Hook Island Red 6.05/4/2013Rate 3.3794112
Five Points IPA 7.16/25/2014Rate 3.3951106
Five Points Jupa 5.56/29/2018Rate 3.25
Five Points Kettle Soured Saison 4.23/4/2018Rate 3.021
Five Points London Oaked Smoke 7.84/6/2015Rate 3.427
Five Points London Smoke 7.812/23/2014Rate 3.666754
Five Points Lopa 3.74/24/2018Rate 3.073
Five Points Old Greg's Barley Wine 8.51/19/2015Rate 3.05627
Five Points Pale 4.44/2/2013Rate 3.4788155
Five Points Pale (Citra/Ella) 4.44/12/2015Rate 2.811
Five Points Pale Ale (Galaxy Dry Hopped) (alias) 4.46/1/2015
Five Points Pils 4.87/23/2016Rate 3.138446
Five Points Railway Porter 4.87/28/2013Rate 3.6296189
Five Points Railway Porter (Coconut Edition) 4.89/18/2014Rate 3.035
Five Points Railway Porter Barrel Aged 6.12/24/2017Rate 3.232
Five Points Swinging the Axe 10.37/21/2018Rate 3.315
Five Points Trial Brew London Porter East Kent Goldings 4.86/19/2013Rate 3.36118
Five Points Trial Brew Red Rye Chinook Columbus Simcoe 6.06/3/2013Rate 3.298316
Five Points XPA 4.011/28/2016Rate 3.386786

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