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Brew Pub
133 Dulwich Road,, Herne Hill, Greater London, England SE24 0NG
Mon - Thu & Sun 11.30 - 00.00
Fri 11.30 - 01.00
Sat 11.00 - 01.00

Associated place: Florence
Opened in 2007. Closed at end of 2015 due to retirement of Brewer.
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A Head in a Hat Boater 4.07/25/2014Rate 2.741
A Head in a Hat Camembeer 4.46/9/2013Rate 2.953
A Head in a Hat Capper 3.85/31/2014Rate 2.963
A Head in a Hat D-Day Gold 3.28/26/2014Rate 2.752
A Head in a Hat D-Day Juno 3.06/7/2014Rate 2.871
A Head in a Hat Fairy Feller's Master Stroke 5.510/11/2014Rate 2.933917
A Head in a Hat Gin 4.17/5/2013Rate 3.047120
A Head in a Hat Heatwave 4.29/7/2013Rate 2.811
A Head in a Hat Honey Brown Ale 6.13/14/2014Rate 2.81
A Head in a Hat Prima Donna 4.510/28/2014Rate 3.061
A Head in a Hat Titfer 3.52/1/2013Rate 2.937
A Head in a Hat Tommy Fighting Fit IPA 4.27/11/2013Rate 2.93934
A Head in a Hat Topee 3.911/12/2014Rate 2.993
A Head in a Hat Topper 4.811/20/2014Rate 2.972
A Head in a Hat Trilby 4.010/29/2012Rate 2.96309
Dapper Ales Doctor Brown 4.12/28/2015Rate 3.035
Florence Beaver 4.86/2/2011Rate 2.96239
Florence Bonobo 4.57/1/2007Rate 2.843113
Florence Little Hopster 3.89/2/2015Rate 2.871
Florence Sparkling Beaver 4.83/1/2014Rate 2.861
Florence Weasel 4.57/17/2007Rate 3.036814
Lost Brewing Cider
Brewed by/for Lost Brewing
4.84/1/2014Rate 2.831
Lost Brewing Crew Summer
Brewed by/for Lost Brewing
5.01/12/2014Rate 2.81
Lost Brewing Low Rider Lager
Brewed by/for Lost Brewing
4.22/17/2013Rate 2.733
Lost Brewing Pepper Porter
Brewed by/for Lost Brewing
4.72/17/2013Rate 2.841
Lost Brewing Weisse Bier
Brewed by/for Lost Brewing
5.111/15/2013Rate 2.861

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