Florida Beer Company

Brewer rating: 94/100 2686 ratings
200 Imperial Blvd, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA 32920
Mon thru Wed: 1 to 9 pm
Thur thru Sat: 1 to 10 pm
Sun: 1 to 6 pm

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Abbey Brewing 12°
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
10.56/29/2004Rate 3.59
Abbey Brewing Bock
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
107/2/2004Rate 3.094
Abbey Brewing Brother Aaron’s Quadruple
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
122/6/2007Rate 3.454429
Abbey Brewing Brother Dan’s Dubbel (Double)
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
103/13/2007Rate 3.427035
Abbey Brewing Father Ray’s Schwarzweizen
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
5.43/29/2016Rate 34
Abbey Brewing Father Rolando’s Imperial Stout (alias)
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
Abbey Brewing Father Theodore’s Imperial Stout
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
9.56/29/2004Rate 3.574152
Abbey Brewing Friar Frank’s Benediction Bock
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
8.05/16/2009Rate 2.935
Abbey Brewing Immaculate IPA
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
6.26/25/2004Rate 3.34454
Abbey Brewing Ocktoberfest Marzen
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
-2/11/2015Rate 2.998
Abbey Brewing Sister Tina’s Tripel
Brewed by/for Abbey Brewing Company
-6/29/2014Rate 3.315713
Boricua Beer
Brewed by/for Boricua Beer Inc.
6.03/15/2016Rate 2.993
Boricua Taino Light Beer
Brewed by/for Boricua Beer Inc.
4.53/15/2016Rate 3.333
Emerald Coast 30-A Pale Ale -7/5/2008Rate 2.984
Emerald Coast Seaside Lager -3/15/2010Rate 0
Emerald Coast Seaweed Porter 5.73/25/2009Rate 3.111
Emerald Coast Sunset Pilsner 4.9510/29/2007Rate 2.913
Alligator Drool -4/6/2009Rate 2.62417
American Brewing Hard Hat Beer -3/28/2007Rate 2.172
Beachside American Lager -12/12/2005Rate 2.619517
Beachside High Tide Black Beer with Pomegranate -11/29/2013Rate 2.81
Beachside Porter -12/12/2005Rate 3.011646
Beachside Sun Light -3/23/2006Rate 2.196511
Duff Beer 4.810/12/2013Rate 2.633931
Duff Dry -8/24/2013Rate 3.267
Duff Lite -10/12/2013Rate 2.719611
Evander Beer 4.76/13/2010Rate 2.48417
Florida Beer 321 White IPA 6.05/13/2014Rate 2.973
Florida Beer 862 IPA 6.011/1/2015Rate 2.941
Florida Beer Bocktimus Prime 6.57/20/2016Rate 3.133
Florida Beer Chocolate Stout -3/1/2011Rate 2.95
Florida Beer Company 6.510/11/20160
Florida Beer Conchtoberfest 6.210/1/2011Rate 2.843117
Florida Beer Devil’s Triangle IPA 6.611/7/2012Rate 3.061566
Florida Beer Feast of Flowers Farmhouse Ale -4/5/2014Rate 3.416112
Florida Beer Florida Lager 5.011/3/2011Rate 2.734794
Florida Beer Gaspar’s Porter 6.18/13/2001Rate 3.2139133
Florida Beer Gourd Shorts Pumpkin Ale 6.29/21/2014Rate 3.27011
Florida Beer Holiday Swamp 9.03/15/2016Rate 2.92
Florida Beer Honey Citrus 5.64/12/2015Rate 2.763
Florida Beer Key Lime Cider 4.65/14/2016Rate 2.733
Florida Beer Key West Southernmost Wheat 5.05/15/2008Rate 2.8932207
Florida Beer Key West Sunset Ale 4.89/5/2001Rate 2.6812347
Florida Beer Mackeson Triple Stout 5.01/10/2017Rate 3.061
Florida Beer Old Florida -12/23/2013Rate 2.871
Florida Beer Pineapple Cider 4.65/14/2016Rate 3.182
Florida Beer Red Lager 5.68/19/2014Rate 3.175
Florida Beer Sarveza -4/14/2011Rate 2.613
Florida Beer Scottish Ale 5.512/24/2009Rate 2.877
Florida Beer Sunshine State Pils 5.05/13/2014Rate 3.158842
Florida Beer Swamp Ape DIPA 106/6/2010Rate 2.952287
Florida Beer Swamp Ape DIPA (Black Swamp Ape) 104/16/2015Rate 3.397
Florida Beer Swamp Ape DIPA - Red Rye 8.07/6/2015Rate 2.752
Florida Beer Swamp Ape DIPA - Smoked 1011/20/2014Rate 2.828
Florida Beer Sweet Oatmeal Stout 5.93/29/2015Rate 3.174
Florida Beer Sweet Stout 4.84/12/2014Rate 3.263911
Florida Blood Orange Cider 4.67/20/2016Rate 3.022
Harry Potter Dragon Scale -7/28/2014Rate 3.25979
Harry Potter Hog’s Head Brew -12/31/2010Rate 3.14623
Harry Potter Wizard’s Brew -7/28/2014Rate 3.58716
Hog’s Breath Beer -1/4/2015Rate 0
Hurricane Reef Caribbean Style Pilsner 4.79/17/2001Rate 2.18998
Hurricane Reef Lager 4.812/5/2000Rate 2.499124
Hurricane Reef Pale Ale 4.810/25/2000Rate 2.8513155
Hurricane Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale 4.712/5/2000Rate 2.734995
Indian River Amberjack -10/8/2001Rate 2.792741
Indian River Honey Amber Rose 4.24/30/2005Rate 2.612268
Indian River Shoal Draft Golden Kölsch Ale 4.810/8/2001Rate 2.51520
Indian River Shoal Draft Pale Ale -2/17/2008Rate 2.73940
John J Kelly’s Irish Raspberry Hard Cider 4.63/14/2014Rate 2.837
John J. Kellys Traditional Irish Hard Cider 4.611/3/2002Rate 2.611960
Key West Golden Lager 4.84/2/2001Rate 2.488956
Key West Lager (alias) 4.811/5/2003
Key West Pilsner Light 3.69/24/2003Rate 2.196333
La Tropical (USA) 5.029/5/2000Rate 2.412276
Mentirosa -2/29/2008Rate 2.722
Mentirosa Light -2/29/2008Rate 2.692
Nav-A-Gator Peace River Pilsner -12/5/2002Rate 2.472
Palm Beach Brewing Amberjack (alias) 5.01/4/2015
Palm Beach Brewing Shoal Draft Pale Ale (alias) -1/27/2008
Passport 20 -1/18/20162.871
Smokin’ Oyster Brewery (SOB) Whatabeer -12/28/2003Rate 2.796
Suwannee River Ale 5.09/22/2011Rate 2.661
Ybor Calusa Wheat (alias) 3.911/5/2003
Ybor Gold Amber Lager 4.611/15/2000Rate 2.6444191
Ybor Gold Brown Ale 4.411/15/2000Rate 3.074496
Ybor Gold Gaspars Porter (alias) 5.212/20/2003
Ybor Gold Light -12/17/2003Rate 1.882746
Ybor Gold Wheat Ale 3.911/15/2000Rate 2.521862
Yes i Beer -3/28/2007Rate 2.337
Grayton Beer IPA
Brewed by/for Grayton Beer
-6/8/2011Rate 3.172726
Jalehouse Light
Brewed by/for Jalehouse Beers
4.512/5/2009Rate 2.226717
Jalehouse Lock Down Lager
Brewed by/for Jalehouse Beers
4.63/21/2011Rate 2.78
Lukaya Beer Two Tail Pale Ale 5.97/29/2008Rate 2.76835
Fresh Beer Thunderhead Red (alias) 5.26/10/2004
Native Lager 5.01/23/2013Rate 2.468799
Native Thunderhead Red 5.21/23/2013Rate 2.762213
Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA 6.512/15/2011Rate 3.061558
Whisper Creek Surplus Honey Citrus Ale 6.03/18/2016Rate 3.27

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