Coastal Pamlico Amber 4.71/16/2009Rate 2.551026
DeGroens Doppelbock 8.53/29/2002Rate 3.69623
DeGroens Dunkles 5.45/21/2000Rate 3.066871
DeGroens Marzen 5.45/21/2000Rate 2.924786
DeGroens Pils 5.34/18/2001Rate 3.329479
DeGroens Weizen 4.94/13/2000Rate 3.249275
DeGroens Weizenbock 8.03/20/2001Rate 3.67412
Fordham Abbey Dubbel 7.31/15/2006Rate 3.111
Fordham Altbock 6.77/14/2000Rate 3.056
Fordham Blue Point Oyster Stout 5.45/29/2002Rate 3.022136
Fordham Calvinator (alias) 8.61/22/2003
Fordham Chocolate Banana Stout -2/14/2018Rate 0
Fordham Close Encounter Harvest Ale 6.59/7/2008Rate 3.015827
Fordham Copperhead Ale 4.78/12/2001Rate 2.8518296
Fordham Crash Zone IPL 7.52/23/2017Rate 3.245
Fordham Delaware Common 5.310/1/2014Rate 2.883
Fordham Dilated Pupilz 5.05/26/2017Rate 3.063
Fordham Doppelbock 8.01/17/2003Rate 3.377955
Fordham Edel Pils -9/9/2002Rate 3.071
Fordham Espresso Milk Stout 6.21/14/2012Rate 2.892
Fordham Fleet Wheat Weizenbock -3/10/2003Rate 3.394711
Fordham Genius Stout 6.17/6/2002Rate 2.91112
Fordham Gypsy Lager 5.03/10/2014Rate 2.733976
Fordham Helles Lager 5.18/12/2001Rate 2.8658178
Fordham Jack the Rhipa 7.54/26/2014Rate 2.881
Fordham Kolsch (alias) -3/17/2004
Fordham Light Lager (Formerly C126) 3.86/16/2003Rate 2.226835
Fordham Maibock 6.85/29/2002Rate 3.013826
Fordham New World Wheat 5.27/24/2009Rate 2.944712
Fordham Not Your Daughter's Thin Mint 6.03/3/2016Rate 2.95
Fordham Oak Barrel Stout 5.511/4/2015Rate 2.882
Fordham Oktoberfest 5.910/13/2002Rate 2.832819
Fordham Old Ale 6.010/4/2005Rate 3.111
Fordham Queen Anne Kölsch 5.03/17/2004Rate 2.712725
Fordham Rams Head IPA 7.51/8/2013Rate 3.2941165
Fordham Real Slim Shandy 3.65/18/2014Rate 2.65
Fordham Rosie Parks Oyster Stout 5.212/22/2012Rate 3.23658
Fordham Route 1 Session IPA 4.52/21/2014Rate 3.1226106
Fordham Saison -8/18/2010Rate 2.94
Fordham Scotch Ale 8.011/12/2007Rate 2.77530
Fordham Slam Dunkel -2/6/2006Rate 2.841
Fordham Spiced Harvest Ale -10/11/2011Rate 3.074835
Fordham Strong English Ale 6.81/15/2004Rate 2.844
Fordham Summer Forecast -5/2/2008Rate 2.85510
Fordham Sunseeker 5.04/12/2015Rate 3.218815
Fordham Tavern Ale 5.55/29/2002Rate 3.1339146
Fordham The 11th Sour 3.87/7/2017Rate 3.228
Fordham Victor E. Light -7/14/2000Rate 1.994
Fordham Virginia Native Dark 7.01/29/2002Rate 3.043
Fordham Virginia Native Gold -4/4/2002Rate 2.596
Fordham Virginia Native Red -4/4/2002Rate 2.84149
Fordham White 4.75/11/2005Rate 2.955
Fordham Winter Bock -1/16/2003Rate 2.961
Fordham Winter Special Reserve -12/15/2006Rate 2.465
Fordham Wisteria Wheat 4.07/6/2002Rate 3.178467
King Street Blues Roadhouse Red -8/14/2008Rate 2.722
Samuel Middleton Pale Ale -5/7/2004Rate 3.133
National Premium 5.06/18/2012Rate 2.713915

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