Fort Garry Brewing

Brewer rating: 85/100 589 ratings
130 Lowson Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 2H8
Associated place: Fort Garry Brewing Company

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Fort Garry 5 Alarm Brown Ale 6.06/11/2014Rate 0
Fort Garry Angry Fish Pilsener (alias) 5.05/11/2012
Fort Garry Belgian Witbier 4.05/21/2015Rate 3.146710
Fort Garry Big Bison ESB 5.51/21/2014Rate 3.279010
Fort Garry Big Buddha 5.010/20/2012Rate 2.79279
Fort Garry Birch Bark -6/6/2015Rate 3.021
Fort Garry Bitter 5.52/19/2017Rate 2.982
Fort Garry Black IPA 6.03/6/2015Rate 3.01315
Fort Garry Black Pearl Ale 5.02/21/2016Rate 3.236
Fort Garry Blonde -9/10/2011Rate 2.882
Fort Garry Blue Pilsener 4.08/31/2016Rate 2.961
Fort Garry Blueberry Wheat -6/23/2016Rate 0
Fort Garry Caribbean Sunrise Breakfast Stout 5.511/10/2016Rate 3.366
Fort Garry Chocolate Milk Stout -12/22/2016Rate 3.163
Fort Garry Coconut Milk Stout -6/6/2015Rate 3.192
Fort Garry Coffee Porter -9/14/2012Rate 2.973
Fort Garry Cold One Draft 5.09/5/2004Rate 0
Fort Garry Dark Ale 5.04/18/2002Rate 2.861985
Fort Garry Dark Ale - Oak Aged 5.011/11/2014Rate 2.943
Fort Garry Darkfyre -6/6/2015Rate 3.022
Fort Garry Das München Oktoberfest 7.010/1/2014Rate 2.898
Fort Garry Double IPeh -9/14/2012Rate 3.053
Fort Garry English Red -3/29/2012Rate 0
Fort Garry Evil Goat Doppelbock 8.54/24/2014Rate 3.468914
Fort Garry Folklorama 5.07/15/2008Rate 2.467
Fort Garry Fort Gibraltar Premium Lager -5/26/2005Rate 2.524013
Fort Garry Friday Knights Weekend Warrior 5.76/24/2017Rate 31
Fort Garry Frio! 5.011/20/2008Rate 2.493
Fort Garry Frontier Pilsener (until 2013) 5.04/18/2002Rate 2.489013
Fort Garry Frontier Pilsner (2013+) 5.012/15/2013Rate 3.017
Fort Garry Grid Iron Pilsner 4.710/1/2015Rate 2.75
Fort Garry Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale 5.59/14/2012Rate 3.166217
Fort Garry Hop Therapy ISA (alias) 4.511/18/2015
Fort Garry Kona Imperial Stout 6.52/19/2012Rate 3.493449
Fort Garry Lemon Shandy -6/4/2017Rate 2.981
Fort Garry Lime Lager 5.05/31/2012Rate 2.685
Fort Garry Lucky Cherry Cider 6.05/11/2017Rate 3.092
Fort Garry Maple Cream 5.06/20/2015Rate 2.874
Fort Garry Marzen (alias) 4.511/18/2015
Fort Garry Munich Eisbock 9.59/10/2011Rate 3.244338
Fort Garry NuBru Blend 5.06/28/2007Rate 1.787
Fort Garry Pale Ale 5.04/18/2002Rate 2.712254
Fort Garry Pale Ale - Dry Hopped (alias) 5.03/15/2015
Fort Garry Pale English Amber Ale 5.07/21/2014Rate 3.15
Fort Garry Peaks and Valleys 5.09/9/2016Rate 3.052
Fort Garry Pilsener 4.74/13/2016Rate 2.963
Fort Garry Portage and Main IPA 6.52/27/2013Rate 3.487535
Fort Garry Prairie Boys Ridin Dirty Beer 6.110/26/2007Rate 2.087
Fort Garry Premium Light 4.04/18/2002Rate 2.034318
Fort Garry Raspberry Quencher 4.56/7/2014Rate 3.037911
Fort Garry Red Hot Red 5.04/13/2016Rate 3.112
Fort Garry Red Reaper -2/6/2015Rate 3.295
Fort Garry Rouge 5.06/23/2009Rate 2.671116
Fort Garry Rural Route Lager 5.012/9/2004Rate 2.552
Fort Garry Sassy Saskatoon -6/6/2015Rate 2.974
Fort Garry Smoked Roggenbier -6/23/2016Rate 0
Fort Garry Special Dark -9/1/2011Rate 0
Fort Garry St Nick’s Oaked Spiced Porter 6.512/14/2012Rate 2.951311
Fort Garry Stone Cold Draft 6.29/5/2004Rate 1.86415
Fort Garry/Two Rivers (Russell) Cream Ale 5.07/21/2016Rate 33
Fort Garry/Two Rivers (Russell) X Half Pints Brewing Co. Route 90 5.011/23/2015Rate 3.053
Two Rivers Lager 5.010/1/2002Rate 2.488817
Two Rivers Light 4.09/5/2004Rate 2.791
Two Rivers Red 5.09/5/2004Rate 2.453918

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