Founders Restaurant & Brewing Co.

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
607 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, USA 22314
Out of business

Operated 2002 to 2005
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Founders American Wheat -9/29/2004Rate 2.944
Founders Belgian Strong Golden Ale (alias) 7.54/10/2005
Founders Big Al 8.811/21/2004Rate 3.745418
Founders Brown Ale 4.69/29/2004Rate 3.146
Founders Burkes Bock -12/26/2005Rate 2.621
Founders Dicks Kolsch 5.29/29/2004Rate 2.743012
Founders Fitzgeralds Alt 5.13/6/2004Rate 3.095112
Founders Grand Cru 7.54/10/2005Rate 3.071
Founders Harpers American Pale Ale -10/11/2003Rate 3.256012
Founders Helles Lager -12/26/2005Rate 2.661
Founders Holidaze Gold 7.512/19/2004Rate 3.236
Founders India Pale Ale -10/29/2005Rate 2.663
Founders Margarets Scotch Ale -9/29/2004Rate 3.68216
Founders Octoberfest -10/9/2004Rate 33
Founders Pilsener -4/10/2005Rate 3.15
Founders Punkin Ale -11/21/2004Rate 3.157
Founders Ramsays 80 Schilling -12/26/2005Rate 2.921
Founders Raspberry Blonde -11/21/2004Rate 3.346
Founders Saison -5/22/2005Rate 33
Founders Smoots Stout 5.43/6/2004Rate 3.324810
Founders Stablers Porter -10/29/2005Rate 2.881
Founders Weizenbock 6.23/6/2004Rate 3.052
Founders Wises Weiss 4.53/6/2004Rate 3.044211
Nat Brew (alias) -4/10/2005

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