Four Sons Brewing and Restaurant

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
113 South Franklin Street, Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA 16354
Out of business

Operated 2002 to 2006
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Four Sons 5 Rings Bock 7.13/11/2006Rate 3.031
Four Sons Big Ass Clock 4.01/13/2005Rate 31
Four Sons Big Rock Stout 5.712/29/2005Rate 3.111
Four Sons Billie Vanilli 5.51/13/2005Rate 3.31
Four Sons Brewers Breakfast 5.010/24/2006Rate 3.082
Four Sons Dead Tonys Tripel 9.24/1/2004Rate 2.842
Four Sons Distorter 5.011/18/2005Rate 32
Four Sons Es SB 7.04/1/2004Rate 33
Four Sons Heavy K (alias) 6.84/3/2004
Four Sons India Pale Ale -4/1/2004Rate 2.842
Four Sons Joes Electric Bill 6.04/3/2005Rate 32
Four Sons Left Coast Lager -12/3/2004Rate 3.064
Four Sons Monkey Run Oatmeal Stout 5.94/1/2004Rate 3.221
Four Sons Noahs Ark Abbey Dubbel 6.44/1/2004Rate 2.771
Four Sons Parental Unit Sweet Brown Ale 4.211/18/2005Rate 2.841
Four Sons Petal Pusher Porter -7/11/2008Rate 31
Four Sons Plissken Pale Ale 5.54/1/2004Rate 3.043
Four Sons Poor Richards Ale 4.33/11/2006Rate 2.642
Four Sons Rebeccas Revenge 4.54/1/2004Rate 3.083
Four Sons Robust Porter -4/1/2004Rate 1
Four Sons Siberian Winter 8.53/30/2005Rate 2.662
Four Sons Stoep Pale Ale 5.21/13/2005Rate 3.271
Four Sons Swedish Blonde Ale 7.53/11/2006Rate 2.961
Four Sons Titusville Lager 5.04/1/2004Rate 3.074

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