Fox River Brewing Co.

Brewer rating: 87/100 521 ratings
1501 Arboretum Drive, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA 54901
Mon-Thur 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
Sun 11am-9p

Places associated: Fratellos - Oshkosh (Fox River Brewing), Fratellos - Appleton (Fox River Brewing)

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Fox River 1501 Imperial Pale Ale 8.25/27/2017Rate 0
Fox River 1853 4.81/18/2008Rate 2.835
Fox River 2 Dams Golden Ale 4.78/6/2014Rate 2.936
Fox River 2X4 UberPils -8/24/2004Rate 2.987
Fox River Abbey Normal -9/18/2003Rate 3.073311
Fox River Anniversary Imperial Red Ale 10.36/19/2015Rate 0
Fox River Appleton Alt -2/20/2006Rate 2.937
Fox River Backyard Blonde -3/24/2013Rate 0
Fox River Badger ESB -1/19/2007Rate 2.753
Fox River Black Fox IBA -8/26/2011Rate 3.043
Fox River Black Gold Ale 5.33/23/2014Rate 2.831
Fox River Blackberry Wit -4/27/2009Rate 2.744
Fox River Blonde -6/26/2005Rate 2.846
Fox River Blü (Blueberry Ale) (alias) -6/26/2005
Fox River Blü Bobber 5.012/19/2014Rate 35520
Fox River Breakfast Stout -7/31/2007Rate 2.916
Fox River British Session Porter -3/24/2013Rate 0
Fox River Brown Porter -8/24/2008Rate 2.976
Fox River Buffalo Mike’s Pumpernickel Rye 5.512/30/2014Rate 0
Fox River Bullet Proof Blackberry Porter 5.31/31/2016Rate 2.981
Fox River Buzzin Honey Ale -7/26/2000Rate 2.742630
Fox River Caber Tossing Scottish Ale -7/26/2000Rate 3.156539
Fox River Cherry Porter -5/25/2001Rate 3.122
Fox River Chief Ale -3/23/2014Rate 0
Fox River Chocolate Stout - Hughes -2/20/2006Rate 2.811
Fox River Chocolate Stout - Melting Pot -2/9/2009Rate 2.862
Fox River Chocolate Stout - Seroogy’s -3/7/2010Rate 3.174
Fox River Citrus Summer Ale 4.88/9/2016Rate 0
Fox River Crooked Dock American Pale Ale 5.45/28/2015Rate 36
Fox River Damien Wheat Imperial IPA -12/9/2015Rate 3.061
Fox River Defibrillator Dopplebock 6.64/29/2010Rate 3.123
Fox River Double Trouble -7/5/2009Rate 3.092
Fox River Double Trouble Imperial Pale Ale -4/1/2016Rate 2.941
Fox River Dunkel -4/24/2004Rate 2.953
Fox River English Mild 3.56/9/2010Rate 2.811
Fox River Extra Pale Ale -3/24/2013Rate 0
Fox River Farmhouse Peach (alias) -3/29/2008
Fox River Fox for the Hounds Pale Ale -9/15/2012Rate 2.862
Fox River Fox Tail Amber Ale -7/26/2000Rate 3.086317
Fox River Fox Tail Pale Ale -2/20/2006Rate 2.932712
Fox River Foxtoberfest -9/18/2003Rate 2.924312
Fox River Friends of the Fox Scottish Ale -10/18/2011Rate 2.841
Fox River German Pils -4/11/2005Rate 2.866
Fox River Golden Ale -7/26/2000Rate 2.52
Fox River Hard Head Pale Ale -12/30/2014Rate 0
Fox River Helles -6/11/2012Rate 3.012
Fox River Hoppy Face IPA -6/27/2005Rate 3.151611
Fox River Imperial Red Lager 7.51/29/2010Rate 2.943
Fox River Irish Stout -3/29/2008Rate 3.162
Fox River Juggernaut IPA -4/8/2008Rate 3.022
Fox River Levee Breaker IPA -5/24/2015Rate 3.131
Fox River Light -5/25/2001Rate 2.59120
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: ’Merican Beauty 6.212/30/2014Rate 0
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Barrel Brothers 6.212/30/2014Rate 0
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Bohemian Rap 6.212/30/2014Rate 3.041
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Brandy Barrel Abbey Normal -6/11/2012Rate 0
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Brandy Barrel XV Barley Wine 9.712/13/2013Rate 3.063
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Zinful Abbey 8.64/17/2014Rate 3.194
Fox River Limited Edition Aged Barrel Beer: Zinful Triple 1012/30/2014Rate 2.861
Fox River Maibock -5/29/2005Rate 3.014813
Fox River Marble Eye Scottish Ale 6.28/6/2014Rate 3.286
Fox River Märzen -6/11/2012Rate 3.022
Fox River Maximilian -6/23/2005Rate 2.914
Fox River Mexicali Blues-Berry Wheat Ale -9/14/2001Rate 2.893
Fox River Mötley Rouge Amber 6.48/9/2016Rate 0
Fox River Nitwit Belgian Wit Beer -12/26/2008Rate 3.132
Fox River Nut Brown Ale -8/6/2006Rate 3.056
Fox River Old Bavaria Blond Lager -6/10/2012Rate 2.841
Fox River One Size Fits All 7.01/31/2016Rate 3.021
Fox River Optic IPA 7.94/29/2010Rate 3.134
Fox River Orange Nail -1/1/2016Rate 3.061
Fox River Oshkosh Best -8/30/2008Rate 3.023
Fox River Paines Lumberyard Pilsner -7/26/2000Rate 2.957912
Fox River Peaches Ale (alias) -8/30/2004
Fox River Peaches en Regalia -8/24/2004Rate 2.98759
Fox River Pound for a Brown 6.05/25/2015Rate 3.061
Fox River Pumpkin Spice Ale -4/24/2007Rate 2.754
Fox River Quiet Brown -11/29/2015Rate 3.092
Fox River Raspberry Lager -7/10/2002Rate 2.53
Fox River Raspberry Wheat -4/8/2008Rate 2.864
Fox River Red Baron Altbier (alias) -8/10/2008
Fox River Red Fox Amber Lager -3/29/2008Rate 3.071
Fox River Reel It In Session IPA 4.38/9/2016Rate 3.184
Fox River Reserve 9.03/1/2010Rate 2.711
Fox River Schwarzbier -9/15/2010Rate 3.052
Fox River Shakedown IPA -5/19/2014Rate 3.042
Fox River Skywalker Stout 7.21/31/2016Rate 3.092
Fox River Slam Dunkel -6/1/2008Rate 36212
Fox River Sly Fox Belgian Ale -1/1/2004Rate 35
Fox River Special Dark -8/11/2005Rate 3.151
Fox River Sterling Pils 5.05/23/2015Rate 3.061
Fox River Strong Rye Scotch Ale -11/29/2015Rate 3.171
Fox River Summer Gold -8/28/2008Rate 2.825
Fox River Supple’s Steam -6/11/2012Rate 3.042
Fox River The Chief 5.25/19/2014Rate 2.871
Fox River The Red of Winter 6.82/7/2005Rate 2.974
Fox River Three Blind Mice 7.62/7/2005Rate 3.073
Fox River Titan Porter -7/26/2000Rate 3.012114
Fox River Trolleycar Stout -7/26/2000Rate 3.315223
Fox River UK IPA -5/19/2014Rate 0
Fox River Upside Brown Ale -3/29/2008Rate 2.863
Fox River Vaders Imperial Stout 7.22/7/2005Rate 3.01110
Fox River Victor Allen’s Breakfast Stout 4.66/9/2010Rate 2.831
Fox River Vixen’s Vanilla Cream Ale -12/31/2005Rate 2.887
Fox River Whad ’Ya Know IPA 7.63/23/2014Rate 0
Fox River White Fox -3/24/2013Rate 3.091
Fox River White Pepper Witbier -3/24/2013Rate 0
Fox River Wildflower Wit -4/11/2016Rate 3.041
Fox River Winnebago Wheat -7/26/2000Rate 2.82832
Fox River Wisconsin Red Ale -12/26/2008Rate 3.022
Fox River X -7/13/2006Rate 3.06616
Fox River XV 9.76/10/2012Rate 0
Old Bavarian Brewmaster’s Special - Barleywine 9.73/29/2013Rate 0
Old Bavarian Hefeweizen 5.011/29/2009Rate 3.165
Old Bavarian Kloster Bock 7.310/28/2012Rate 2.981
Old Bavarian Munich Helles 5.111/29/2009Rate 3.314
Old Bavarian Oktoberfest 5.511/29/2009Rate 3.043
Old Bavarian Pils 5.25/12/2011Rate 3.072
Old Bavarian Sticke Altbier 6.210/28/2012Rate 3.061
Old Bavarian Tanjanator 7.32/1/2010Rate 3.297
Old Bavarian Tanjanator (Bourbon Barrel) 7.28/4/2015Rate 0
Old Bavarian Triple Sticke (Gerstewein) 9.28/13/2014Rate 2.881
Old Bavarian Weizenbock 8.010/28/2012Rate 31

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