Brewer rating: 78/100 421 ratings
Bagots Park, Abbots Bromley, Rugeley, Staffordshire, England WS15 3ER
Founded 2005, as Brothers Brewery, producing some of the beers formerly brewed at the original Freedom brewpub (which had become Bunker). Brothers and Bunker were under different ownership and some brewing of draught beers continued at Bunker. The beers brewed at Bunker may, or may not, have been to the same recipes as the those produced by Brothers under the Freedom badge. After Bunker closed in 2009, Brothers reverted to using the Freedom name.
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Freedom 10-10 Pilsner 5.08/9/2011Rate 2.792
Freedom Amber Rye Lager 4.74/16/2017Rate 3.022
Freedom Authentic Lager 4.011/18/2015Rate 2.739616
Freedom Boston Beech 4.711/18/2015Rate 2.883118
Freedom Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pilsner 5.07/29/2014Rate 2.952
Freedom East India Pale 5.511/18/2015Rate 3.142031
Freedom Equinox 4.88/21/2015Rate 2.891
Freedom for Christmas 5.54/23/2008Rate 2.83219
Freedom Fort Simcoe 4.312/28/2014Rate 2.861
Freedom Four 4.08/24/2010Rate 2.814438
Freedom IPA 5.27/5/2017Rate 2.871
Freedom King Koln 5.012/4/2015Rate 2.924415
Freedom Liberty Pils 4.411/18/2015Rate 2.643512
Freedom Maple 5.911/13/2014Rate 2.824
Freedom Munich Helles 4.81/19/2016Rate 2.982
Freedom Organic Dark Lager 4.710/3/2008Rate 2.835837
Freedom Organic Helles 4.83/22/2016Rate 2.916425
Freedom Organic Lager 4.85/18/2003Rate 2.649559
Freedom Pacific 4.88/12/2014Rate 3.022
Freedom Pale Ale 4.29/2/2017Rate 2.941
Freedom Pilsner Lager 5.08/17/2005Rate 2.724257
Freedom Pioneer 4.61/13/2013Rate 2.99831
Freedom Soho Red 4.710/2/2008Rate 3.063
Freedom Stout 4.08/24/2010Rate 3.132933
Freedom UAB (alias) 4.01/25/2015
Freedom Wai-Kiwa 4.512/1/2015Rate 2.972
Freedom Wheat Beer 4.91/4/2013Rate 3.072
Jamie's Birra 3.911/17/2015Rate 2.811
Jamie's Italian Libertà 5.04/25/2013Rate 2.899811
Green & Pleasant Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Green & Pleasant
3.82/21/2017Rate 31
Green & Pleasant Lemon Shandy
Brewed by/for Green & Pleasant
2.51/9/2015Rate 2.453810
Green & Pleasant Natural Lager
Brewed by/for Green & Pleasant
4.011/3/2014Rate 2.75969
Marks & Spencer Ash Brook Red Lager
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.76/17/2015Rate 2.96835

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