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Whimsey Industrial Estate, Steam Mills, Whimsey,, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England GL14 3JA
Commenced brewing in Autumn 1992. Moved to current address in early 2001. Change of ownership in 2006. Closed in early 2016.
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Co-op Bumble Bee Honey Ale 4.63/4/2005Rate 2.8535101
Co-op Gold Miner (alias) 5.07/23/2003
Co-op Golden Mile 4.04/12/2004Rate 2.867
Co-op Jubilation 4.05/13/2012Rate 2.843914
Co-op Organic Ale / Organic Premium Ale 5.04/20/2008Rate 2.72463
Co-op Salutation 4.55/9/2012Rate 2.883914
Freeminer Back Street Heroes (BSH) 4.52/10/2004Rate 2.922732
Freeminer Bitter 4.012/13/2000Rate 2.832721
Freeminer Celestial Steam Gale 5.04/15/2004Rate 3.112
Freeminer Deep Shaft Stout 6.21/7/2001Rate 3.88100185
Freeminer Fairtrade 4.83/4/2007Rate 2.853
Freeminer Fusion 4.43/15/2005Rate 2.775
Freeminer Gold Miner (alias) 5.08/12/2014
Freeminer Gold Standard 5.05/15/2002Rate 3.0364139
Freeminer Grim Reaper 4.011/17/2000Rate 2.792437
Freeminer Hairway to Steaven 5.010/23/2010Rate 3.013910
Freeminer Harvest Ale 4.810/25/2008Rate 2.994217
Freeminer Honey Dipper 4.62/26/2009Rate 2.813810
Freeminer Iron Brew 4.23/29/2003Rate 3.078324
Freeminer Organic Bitter 4.89/20/2008Rate 2.87
Freeminer Organic Premium Ale (alias) 5.012/26/2012
Freeminer Resolution 4.59/8/2003Rate 2.962011
Freeminer Shakemantle Ginger Ale 5.09/26/2001Rate 2.973752
Freeminer Slaughter Porter 5.01/14/2004Rate 3.011818
Freeminer Speculation Ale 4.812/13/2000Rate 3.147367
Freeminer Strip & At It 4.05/6/2004Rate 2.597
Freeminer Swift & Bold 4.57/5/2009Rate 2.495
Freeminer Tormentor 4.35/3/2004Rate 2.823010
Freeminer Trafalgar IPA 6.011/19/2000Rate 3.2745170
Freeminer Twenty Inch 4.03/27/2004Rate 2.892
Freeminer Waterloo 4.55/5/2003Rate 2.833071
Freeminer White Horse Festival 6.01/22/2008Rate 3.221
Freeminer YYZ 4.59/9/2013Rate 2.751615
Morrisons The Best (Bottle Conditioned Ale)
Brewed by/for Morrisons
6.01/15/2006Rate 3.369530
Sainsbury's Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.012/20/2010Rate 2.822619

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