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Brewer rating: 57/100 132 ratings
Chequers Inn, Toad Lane, Elston, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England NG23 5NS
Associated place: Chequers Inn (Funfair)
Commenced brewing in early 2004 at the Wheel Inn, Holbrook, Derbyshire. When the pub was sold in late 2004, brewing was suspended for a short period until the brewery was relocated to Spinney Road, Ilkeston. Moved to Canal Street, Ilkeston in Autumn 2006. Moved again to the Chequers Inn, Elston, Nottinghamshire in late 2011 / early 2012.
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Funfair Big Wheel 3.94/11/2004Rate 3.045
Funfair Blueberry Stout 5.010/27/2009Rate 2.871
Funfair Bonfire Toffee 3.75/28/2016Rate 2.891
Funfair Brandy Snap 4.77/19/2005Rate 2.815
Funfair Cake Walk 6.04/30/2006Rate 3.223615
Funfair Candy Floss 4.09/12/2006Rate 3.071
Funfair Chaos 5.011/1/2009Rate 2.924
Funfair Christmas Cake Walk 6.52/24/2006Rate 3.128
Funfair Dive Bomber 4.610/22/2007Rate 2.763012
Funfair Dodgem 4.710/9/2004Rate 2.98379
Funfair Don't Mention The War 6.07/7/2006Rate 3.214
Funfair Elfer Skelter 4.37/24/2009Rate 2.841
Funfair Fun Stripe 4.77/31/2009Rate 2.811
Funfair Gallopers 3.87/31/2009Rate 2.974
Funfair Ghost Train 5.010/23/2005Rate 3.427710
Funfair Haunted House 4.210/10/2014Rate 2.81
Funfair Ilkeston Brown 4.58/1/2007Rate 3.052
Funfair Magic Mouse 3.67/2/2007Rate 31
Funfair Make Mine A Valentine 4.82/16/2005Rate 32
Funfair Matterhorn 4.61/27/2009Rate 2.862
Funfair Meteorite 4.36/4/2008Rate 3.071
Funfair Popcorn 4.23/2/2006Rate 31
Funfair Queen Of Hearts 4.110/15/2016Rate 2.941
Funfair Rollerghoster 4.710/22/2009Rate 2.831
Funfair Showman's Bitter 3.99/21/2007Rate 3.034
Funfair Showman's Gold 4.44/2/2007Rate 3.221
Funfair Showman's Stout 5.010/21/2007Rate 2.842
Funfair Steam Punk Porter 4.310/10/2015Rate 2.882
Funfair Teacups 4.010/21/2009Rate 2.893510
Funfair Twister 4.810/12/2008Rate 2.82
Funfair Twister 4.1% 4.12/14/2014Rate 2.812
Funfair Wall of Death 6.011/2/2014Rate 0
Funfair Waltzer 4.58/13/2010Rate 2.873115
Funfair Welcome to the Freak Show 5.210/14/2012Rate 0
Westcrown Conqueror
Brewed by/for Westcrown
5.25/30/2010Rate 2.791

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