F.X. Matt Brewing Company

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 98/100 16763 ratings
830 Varick Street, Utica, New York, USA 13502
Mon thru Thur: 12 noon to 6 pm
Fri & Sat: 10 am to 6 pm

Associated place: F.X. Matt Brewing Company

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Bard's Gold 4.711/18/2004Rate 2.223323
Big Hole Headstrong Munich Lager 5.53/26/2006Rate 2.8757103
Yankee Jim Genuine Draft 5.05/26/2002Rate 1.65947
Yankee Jim Honey Ice 5.512/9/2007Rate 1.933335
Yankee Jim Honey Lager 5.510/13/2005Rate 1.872634
Yankee Jim Ice 5.54/28/2006Rate 1.64825
Yankee Jim Ice Bock 6.512/7/2007Rate 1.692668
Yankee Jim Ice Strong Beer 5.72/9/2002Rate 1.721622
Yankee Jim Silver Reserve 6.011/5/2011Rate 2.07589
Autumn Fogg Maerzen 5.56/16/2003Rate 2.51
Caribou Creek Lager 5.59/26/2004Rate 2.543
Curlys Light Beer -9/20/2000Rate 2.54
Fiddlers Green Amber -4/12/2007Rate 2.782454
Fiddlers Green Blonde Ale -4/12/2007Rate 2.551432
Fiddlers Green India Pale Ale -4/10/2007Rate 2.874107
Foggy Bottom Ale 5.04/13/2000Rate 3.053570
Foggy Bottom Lager 4.68/24/2001Rate 2.877640
Headstrong Black & Tan 5.53/27/2010Rate 2.872753
Jed's Hard Orange Cream 5.99/28/2016Rate 2.811
Jed's Hard Root Beer 5.91/10/2016Rate 3.326
Matt Accel 3.611/1/2003Rate 1.31228
Matt Fire Company Premium Brew -1/26/2003Rate 2.893
Matt Maximus Super 8.910/17/2002Rate 2.57907
Matt Prior -11/14/2001Rate 3.142
Matt Private Mens Club Pilsner -6/12/2003Rate 1.963
Matt Private Mens Club Pilsner Light -6/22/2004Rate 2.051
Mississippi Mud Black & Tan 5.05/6/2000Rate 2.663776
Mississippi Mud Lager Beer -5/24/2001Rate 2.929918
New Amsterdam Amber Beer -6/16/2000Rate 3.187442
New Amsterdam Black & Tan -7/29/2000Rate 2.886418
New Amsterdam India Dark Ale -10/30/2000Rate 3.34
New Amsterdam IPA -6/16/2000Rate 2.981413
New Amsterdam Light New York Amber Lager -8/14/2002Rate 2.852
New Amsterdam Pale Ale -10/30/2000Rate 2.944630
Pinhead Susans Specialty Ale 5.05/8/2006Rate 2.621
Pit Bull High Gravity Lager 6.010/10/2005Rate 2.122
Poker Beer -3/20/2003Rate 1.772617
Rheingold Extra Dry Lager -7/3/2000Rate 2.519129
Saranac (REDACTED) IPA 4.94/13/2014Rate 3.142912
Saranac 1888 Octoberfest 5.49/9/2017Rate 2.993
Saranac 4059 Porter 5.211/4/2012Rate 3.284791
Saranac Adirondack Amber (alias) 5.59/20/2005
Saranac Adirondack Lager 5.54/14/2000Rate 2.8459743
Saranac Amber Ale 5.62/8/2010Rate 2.934318
Saranac Amber Wheat 4.85/3/2009Rate 2.791085
Saranac American Pale Ale 5.54/5/2017Rate 3.063
Saranac Autumn Pils 5.59/14/2014Rate 2.997113
Saranac Barrel Aged Brett Saison 7.756/5/2016Rate 3.192
Saranac Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Porter 11.57/18/2016Rate 3.131
Saranac Basking in Bourbon 113/30/2017Rate 3.44259
Saranac Bavarian Pils 5.54/26/2016Rate 3.128516
Saranac Belgian Ale 5.910/8/2005Rate 2.8118255
Saranac Belgian Pale Ale -11/1/2012Rate 2.953672
Saranac Belgian White 5.311/28/2000Rate 2.8628292
Saranac Big Moose Ale 5.310/4/2009Rate 2.9726191
Saranac Black and Tan 5.14/14/2000Rate 3.0520767
Saranac Black Bear Bock 6.01/14/2007Rate 2.9742131
Saranac Black Diamond Bock (alias) 6.01/9/2007
Saranac Black Forest 5.34/14/2000Rate 3.1250876
Saranac Black Lager 5.510/4/2009Rate 3.085559
Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale 5.03/30/2012Rate 2.824084
Saranac Bock 6.010/25/2006Rate 2.731468
Saranac Bohemian Pilsener 4.810/21/2008Rate 2.9668119
Saranac Brewer's Blood 8.74/19/2016Rate 3.519810
Saranac Brown Ale 6.010/25/2006Rate 2.9529249
Saranac Caramel Porter 5.41/24/2001Rate 3.0417526
Saranac Chai Brown Ale 5.510/31/2014Rate 3.024819
Saranac Chocolate Amber 5.74/14/2000Rate 2.9647265
Saranac Chocolate Lager 6.011/1/2011Rate 2.964475
Saranac Chocolatl 1011/18/2016Rate 3.282
Saranac Citra Galaxy 8.010/8/2016Rate 3.111
Saranac Citra Pils 5.38/15/2016Rate 3.189011
Saranac Clementine Pale 5.511/22/2016Rate 3.123619
Saranac Cloud Splitter 6.04/9/2014Rate 3.147445
Saranac Cold Brew Coffee Lager 5.27/24/2016Rate 3.358833
Saranac Dark-tober(fest) 6.09/10/2014Rate 3.39523
Saranac Decoction Concoction Lager 6.010/25/2013Rate 3.018749
Saranac Disruption 7.012/29/2014Rate 3.338227
Saranac Dry Hop Lager 6.01/24/2013Rate 2.918126
Saranac Dunkel 5.910/15/2002Rate 2.83247
Saranac Edward St. IPA 6.07/18/2016Rate 3.061
Saranac ESB 5.96/18/2001Rate 2.9941146
Saranac Every Day IPA 4.96/28/2014Rate 3.061717
Saranac F.X. Matt's Haus Lager 4.97/30/2017Rate 2.895894
Saranac Forbidden IPA 5.21/2/2014Rate 3.031520
Saranac Gen IV IPA 4.54/27/2015Rate 3.183347
Saranac Goat Rodeo 6.03/6/2015Rate 3.065410
Saranac Golden Pilsener 5.14/14/2000Rate 2.7442293
Saranac GPA: Ginger Pale Ale 5.54/8/2014Rate 2.873427
Saranac Green Thumb Double IPA -6/2/2017Rate 3.041
Saranac Harvest Ale 5.08/21/2013Rate 2.743621
Saranac Heart of the Hop Red IPA 6.01/23/2015Rate 2.93813
Saranac Hefeweizen 5.610/15/2002Rate 2.9445269
Saranac Helles (alias) 4.85/3/2009
Saranac High Peaks Chocolate Orange 8.53/2/2012Rate 3.567566
Saranac High Peaks Clouded Dream 7.36/28/2014Rate 3.197717
Saranac High Peaks Farm to Tap Fresh Hop IPA 7.011/20/2013Rate 3.256
Saranac High Peaks Immortality 7.54/8/2015Rate 3.44216
Saranac High Peaks Imperial IPA 8.512/29/2006Rate 3.2717401
Saranac High Peaks Imperial Stout 9.010/16/2007Rate 3.5540268
Saranac High Peaks Lemon Ginger Saison 8.56/2/2012Rate 3.233756
Saranac High Peaks Single Malt Scotch Ale 9.05/21/2014Rate 3.385512
Saranac High Peaks Tramonay Vineyard Saison 7.48/10/2013Rate 3.439412
Saranac Holiday Ale 6.24/20/2016Rate 3.042
Saranac Hoppy Hour Hero, Moe.saic IPA 9.012/6/2015Rate 3.454238
Saranac Imperial Barrel-Aged Rye Porter 10.510/26/2015Rate 3.354
Saranac Imperial IPA (alias) 8.512/5/2012
Saranac India Brown Ale 6.010/22/2008Rate 3.185470
Saranac India Copper Ale 6.010/14/2010Rate 3.188358
Saranac India Pale Ale 5.85/25/2000Rate 2.928792
Saranac Inner Circle: Galaxy Monster 8.36/24/2017Rate 3.061
Saranac Into the Dark Black IPA 6.510/31/2014Rate 3.221923
Saranac Irish Lager 5.01/13/2017Rate 2.941
Saranac Irish Red Ale 4.51/15/2009Rate 2.8428155
Saranac Irish Stout 5.51/11/2010Rate 3.0728127
Saranac Java-Nac 8.710/3/2015Rate 3.285
Saranac Juggler-Naut 4.84/15/2014Rate 2.784028
Saranac Kellerbier 5.58/29/2016Rate 2.896010
Saranac Kölsch 5.05/25/2000Rate 2.597276
Saranac Lake Effect Lager 5.9511/1/2010Rate 3.067270
Saranac Legacy IPA 6.57/22/2013Rate 3.2942140
Saranac Light 4.55/31/2002Rate 2.196241
Saranac Liquid Vibes 5.08/9/2011Rate 2.723
Saranac Long John Lager 5.510/31/2014Rate 2.964840
Saranac Maple Porter 5.38/31/2000Rate 3.214070
Saranac Marzen Fest 6.08/22/2016Rate 3.218
Saranac Marzenbier 5.610/28/2004Rate 2.812963
Saranac Mocha Stout 5.011/2/2001Rate 3.1541144
Saranac Moonshadow 6.010/23/2013Rate 3.12950
Saranac Mosaic IPA 6.88/10/2013Rate 3.185
Saranac Mountain (Berry) Ale 5.04/22/2002Rate 2.7132132
Saranac Muay Thai 5.31/29/2017Rate 3.021
Saranac Nut Brown Ale 5.45/25/2000Rate 2.812386
Saranac NY Local Weiss 5.25/6/2016Rate 2.974718
Saranac Oatmeal Stout 4.310/8/2005Rate 2.9517138
Saranac Octoberfest 5.48/30/2001Rate 2.7924320
Saranac Pacific Galaxy 8.57/13/2015Rate 3.273
Saranac Pale Ale 5.54/14/2000Rate 3.0356904
Saranac Pale Ale² 5.51/19/2017Rate 2.921
Saranac Pale Pale Ale 4.75/3/2009Rate 2.9618100
Saranac Pilot Series Brett Saison 7.37/13/2015Rate 3.122
Saranac Pomegranate Wheat 4.74/4/2007Rate 2.7435362
Saranac Prism White Ale 5.21/15/2014Rate 3.166972
Saranac Pumpkin Ale 5.48/19/2005Rate 2.9237543
Saranac Rauchbier 5.610/22/2006Rate 2.41172
Saranac Ravn Nordic IPA 8.53/30/2016Rate 3.021
Saranac Red IPA 6.011/4/2012Rate 3.0415104
Saranac Roggen Bock 5.510/28/2004Rate 34671
Saranac Rudy's Spiced Christmas Ale 6.010/25/2013Rate 2.82867
Saranac Rye IPA 5.9510/4/2009Rate 2.9812138
Saranac Rye Pilsener 4.85/3/2009Rate 2.963388
Saranac S'More Porter 6.212/23/2015Rate 3.396751
Saranac Scotch Ale 6.04/14/2000Rate 2.9712114
Saranac Seasons Best Nut Brown Lager 5.311/22/2000Rate 3.1391232
Saranac Session Ale 4.55/4/2013Rate 2.813434
Saranac Session Belgian White 4.56/17/2017Rate 2.687
Saranac Session IPA 4.75/6/2012Rate 2.73348
Saranac Shandy Lager & Lemonade -6/24/2012Rate 2.463841
Saranac Silk Road Gose 4.38/26/2015Rate 2.972
Saranac Single Malt 5.510/31/2001Rate 2.8515115
Saranac Single Malt Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale 1010/25/2015Rate 3.324
Saranac Stout 5.44/14/2000Rate 315119
Saranac Strawberry Tart 4.84/17/2017Rate 3.098
Saranac Summer Ale 4.74/13/2005Rate 2.7325262
Saranac Summer Brew 3.54/28/2009Rate 2.291155
Saranac Summer Pils 5.25/2/2015Rate 2.824740
Saranac Super Funk 7.09/4/2016Rate 3.44
Saranac Traditional Lager 4.87/5/2000Rate 2.3824290
Saranac Tramonay Rouge 8.05/8/2014Rate 3.152216
Saranac Tropical Storm 6.05/14/2017Rate 3.375010
Saranac Utica After Dark 11.51/29/2017Rate 3.211
Saranac Vanilla Stout 4.810/21/2008Rate 3.1336140
Saranac West End Winter IPA 6.710/17/2015Rate 3.142419
Saranac Wet Hop IPA 7.09/26/2011Rate 2.94229
Saranac White IPA 6.012/17/2011Rate 3.2639246
Saranac Wild Berry Wheat 4.58/31/2000Rate 2.684410
Saranac Wild Hop Pils 5.25/3/2013Rate 3.291106
Saranac Winter Lager 5.910/4/2009Rate 2.867163
Saranac Winter Wassail 5.012/29/2004Rate 2.8637146
Saranac Xocolatl 103/29/2015Rate 3.023
Stampede Light 3.811/19/2005Rate 1.53731
Summer Fog Wheat Ale 4.04/13/2000Rate 2.392
The Three Stooges Beer 4.86/21/2000Rate 1.953497
Utica Club 5.29/18/2001Rate 2.0846127
Utica Club Light 3.84/18/2005Rate 2.084611
Winter Fogg Porter 6.04/13/2000Rate 3.052
Ziggy Socky -6/6/2001Rate 2.347911
Kirkland Signature Amber Ale 5.712/19/2008Rate 2.7720152
Kirkland Signature Belgian Style White 5.41/11/2011Rate 2.611040
Kirkland Signature Blonde Ale 4.35/22/2015Rate 2.313
Kirkland Signature Brown Ale 5.05/22/2015Rate 2.932610
Kirkland Signature German Style Lager 5.512/19/2008Rate 2.7349130
Kirkland Signature Hefeweizen 5.512/19/2008Rate 2.651378
Kirkland Signature India Pale Ale 6.51/11/2011Rate 2.752113
Kirkland Signature Pale Ale 5.412/19/2008Rate 2.767155
Edison Light 4.02/1/2002Rate 2.09785
Moonshot 69 4.58/2/2010Rate 2.126
Petes Oktoberfest (alias) 5.89/28/2001
Petes Wicked Ale
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.34/13/2000Rate 2.9629818
Petes Wicked Bohemian Pilsner
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
4.912/17/2000Rate 2.783
Petes Wicked Helles Lager
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.08/27/2001Rate 2.844150
Petes Wicked Honey Wheat
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
4.85/25/2000Rate 2.924237
Petes Wicked Maple Porter
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
6.98/30/2000Rate 3.041722
Petes Wicked Mardi Gras
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.61/14/2001Rate 2.968
Petes Wicked Oktoberfest
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.86/16/2000Rate 3.0771117
Petes Wicked Pub Lager
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.14/13/2000Rate 2.939839
Petes Wicked Rally Cap Ale
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.012/21/2002Rate 2.717244
Petes Wicked Red Rush
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.38/24/2001Rate 2.68125
Petes Wicked Signature Pilsner
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
4.94/13/2000Rate 2.998921
Petes Wicked Strawberry Blonde
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.06/9/2000Rate 2.6227670
Petes Wicked Summer Brew
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
4.76/16/2000Rate 2.8537203
Petes Wicked Wanderlust Cream Ale
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.69/7/2004Rate 2.6324246
Petes Wicked Winter Brew
Brewed by/for Petes Brewing Company
5.25/1/2000Rate 3.0255201
Haffenreffer Private Stock Malt Liquor 6.878/3/2001Rate 2.1165145

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