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Commercial Brewery
The Hampshire Brewery, Horndean, Hampshire, England PO8 0DA
Founded in 1847 the brewery was bought by Fullers in 2006 and closed down. Some brands continue to be brewed by Fullers.
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Gales Conquest Ale Masterbrew Zymatore - Pinot Noir & Whiskey Barrels 9.05/20/2013Rate 3.327
Gales Prize Old Ale (2007)
Brewed by/for Fullerís
9.08/10/2008Rate 3.446881
Gales 60th Anniversary D-Day 4.56/25/2004Rate 2.618
Gales Champion Ale -2/16/2014Rate 2.715
Gales Christmas Ale 8.512/20/2001Rate 2.9831164
Gales Conquest Ale Masterbrew 9.04/27/2001Rate 2.93205
Gales Crowning Glory 4.57/2/2003Rate 2.972
Gales Easter Frolics 4.44/17/2003Rate 3.049
Gales GB 4.57/1/2005Rate 2.775
Gales GB (Cask) 4.08/30/2002Rate 2.658
Gales Hampshire Glory 4.39/6/2004Rate 2.972
Gales HSB (Can) 4.81/2/2002Rate 3.187632
Gales Jubilee Ale 125/13/2002Rate 3.3839188
Gales Last Drop 9.05/22/2009Rate 3.315615
Gales Mead Wine 14.57/13/2006Rate 3.084
Gales Millennium Brew 104/6/2001Rate 2.758140
Gales Nourishing Stout 3.04/22/2005Rate 2.686
Gales Nut Brown Ale 2.93/8/2005Rate 2.886
Gales Pentagel -5/5/2001Rate 3.12919
Gales Portsmouth 800 6.21/17/2005Rate 2.811110
Gales Prize Old Ale (1920s - 2006) 9.012/8/2000Rate 3.3549660
Gales Prize Old Ale Special Reserve 9.07/17/2004Rate 3.376545
Gales Robins Revenge 4.012/13/2003Rate 3.057011
Gales Summer Hog 3.88/19/2002Rate 2.985811
Gales Trafalgar 200 103/14/2005Rate 3.462104
Gales Trafalgar Ale 9.012/29/2001Rate 3.153032
Gales Trafalgar Ale (Cask) 4.210/27/2003Rate 2.879
Gales Tudor Pale Ale 5.05/23/2008Rate 2.916
Gales XXXD Mild 2.93/1/2006Rate 2.471

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