Geltsdale Brewery

(Not In Production)
Unit 1b, Townfoot Industrial Estate, Brampton, Cumbria, England CA8 1SW
Commenced brewing in late 2006 at Unit 6, Old Brewery Yard, Craw Hall, Brampton. Moved in 2013 to final address. Ceased trading in June 2014, when the company went into administration.
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Geltsdale AD 78 Lager 4.59/21/2008Rate 2.744
Geltsdale Bada Boom 4.011/1/2013Rate 2.861
Geltsdale Bewcastle Brown Ale 4.011/6/2007Rate 3.085011
Geltsdale Black Dub 3.67/24/2007Rate 3.155831
Geltsdale Brampton Bitter 4.010/28/2007Rate 2.934334
Geltsdale Coco Romano 5.28/3/2010Rate 2.671
Geltsdale Cold Fell 3.92/9/2009Rate 2.833536
Geltsdale Entente Cordiale Gorgeous Blonde (alias) 3.99/5/2014
Geltsdale Gold 4.16/25/2012Rate 2.752
Geltsdale Halloween Ale 4.011/7/2012Rate 2.661
Geltsdale Hell Beck 4.25/24/2007Rate 2.996235
Geltsdale Hops and Kisses (alias) 4.22/4/2009
Geltsdale Kings Forest 3.83/29/2007Rate 2.954520
Geltsdale Lanercost 3.84/26/2012Rate 2.883
Geltsdale Liberte 4.58/15/2013Rate 2.861
Geltsdale May Day 4.66/26/2013Rate 2.831
Geltsdale Octoberfest 5.210/22/2013Rate 2.811
Geltsdale Summer Solstice 4.76/14/2013Rate 2.641
Geltsdale Tarn 4.04/30/2013Rate 2.621510
Geltsdale Tarnmonath 4.02/10/2007Rate 36911

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