Gigantic Brewing Co.

Brewer rating: 100/100 3316 ratings
5224 SE 26th Ave., Portland, Oregon, USA 97202
Wed-Sun 3-9pm

Associated place: Gigantic Brewing Company

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Gigantic & Juice 6.07/24/2013Rate 3.336
Gigantic / Against the Grain Finga Lickin’ Good 6.56/17/2016Rate 3.034
Gigantic / Beaus / Cider Riot! Snakebite 5.64/19/2015Rate 2.954955
Gigantic / Behemoth Too Big to Fail 10.62/5/2017Rate 3.424
Gigantic / Ecliptic TicWitTic 3.99/25/2013Rate 3.537919
Gigantic / Half Acre Grimalkin Amorphotron 10.54/27/2016Rate 3.749332
Gigantic / Magic Rock Holy Oak 7.74/11/2016Rate 3.474352
Gigantic / Parrotdog / Uiltje The Sun Never Sets 7.310/5/2015Rate 3.117
Gigantic / Rooie Dop Jajem Jenever Pale Ale 5.09/18/2014Rate 3.073511
Gigantic / The Commons Pumpkin Dinner 5.712/8/2014Rate 2.871
Gigantic / The Kernel Null Space 3.111/27/2016Rate 3.061
Gigantic / Three Floyds Crescendo of Doom 6.34/17/2015Rate 3.359613
Gigantic / Uptown Market Nevørmind Oyster Stout 5.83/11/2017Rate 3.252
Gigantic / Wayfinder Dip-Hoppa 6.612/21/2016Rate 3.212
Gigantic 527: The Angry Neighbor 5.34/13/2014Rate 2.993
Gigantic Axes of Evil 6.07/7/2012Rate 3.510053
Gigantic Bang on 5.612/29/2013Rate 3.269630
Gigantic Black Friday Beer 8.110/25/2012Rate 3.568159
Gigantic Black Pieter 8.412/9/2015Rate 3.355718
Gigantic Boysen the Hood 6.55/24/2014Rate 3.095
Gigantic Brain Damage 138/26/2015Rate 3.698734
Gigantic Catch 23 5.62/12/2015Rate 3.519255
Gigantic Craftylicious II Hoppy Sour Boogaloo 5.74/30/2015Rate 3.243
Gigantic Dark Meddle 5.94/20/2013Rate 3.289958
Gigantic Dynomite! 8.97/22/2012Rate 3.254
Gigantic Emergency 8.55/26/2014Rate 2.841
Gigantic Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen 6.14/13/2014Rate 3.459955
Gigantic Geezers Need Excitement Chocolate IPA 7.53/11/2013Rate 3.34922
Gigantic Ginormous 8.83/16/2014Rate 3.6579214
Gigantic Hearts + Stars Saison 5.55/15/2016Rate 3.395730
Gigantic Hellion 8.57/26/2013Rate 3.417647
Gigantic High Fidelity Beer 5.97/5/2013Rate 3.479350
Gigantic High Voltage Winter IPA 5.810/18/2016Rate 3.538324
Gigantic Holy Cow! 8.511/30/2016Rate 3.364
Gigantic Hops and Kisses Fresh Hop IPA 6.510/4/2015Rate 3.041
Gigantic Hot Town, Summer in the City -10/14/2012Rate 3.013
Gigantic Intensify Belgo-IPA 8.110/1/2014Rate 3.34553
Gigantic IPA 7.35/10/2012Rate 3.6293384
Gigantic IPL 5.67/17/2014Rate 3.549936
Gigantic Kiss the Goat 8.03/26/2013Rate 3.498976
Gigantic Kölschtastic 4.97/23/2015Rate 3.122
Gigantic La Petit Batard Abeille 4.67/27/2016Rate 3.091
Gigantic Le Petit Batard 4.39/21/2014Rate 2.852
Gigantic Low-Fi ISA 4.87/5/2013Rate 2.953
Gigantic Lustrous 8.08/23/2016Rate 3.376028
Gigantic Madness 1110/26/2013Rate 3.217
Gigantic Massive! 125/11/2013Rate 3.688699
Gigantic Massive! - Bourbon Barrel 13.512/8/2014Rate 3.789447
Gigantic Mervyn’s 24 Hour Sale 9.011/17/2013Rate 3.033
Gigantic Mons Meg 8.02/12/2017Rate 3.354
Gigantic Most Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged 11.54/30/2015Rate 3.99078
Gigantic Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout 1011/2/2013Rate 3.7470116
Gigantic Nu Reed -6/24/2016Rate 2.961
Gigantic Old Man Gower’s Holiday Tipple 7.112/14/2012Rate 3.247
Gigantic One Step Beyond 1311/17/2013Rate 3.617637
Gigantic Passion Playa 4.86/19/2015Rate 3.489612
Gigantic PDX NZ ESB 6.88/15/2014Rate 3.033
Gigantic Peace Loving Decoy 6.011/2/2014Rate 3.489945
Gigantic Pipe Wrench IPA - Gin Barrel Aged 7.86/8/2013Rate 3.691151
Gigantic Quadtastic B2 + G + EX = #PDXNOW 8.92/7/2015Rate 3.282110
Gigantic Rauchweizen and the Bandit 6.66/12/2012Rate 2.931
Gigantic Red Ryder BB Gun 6.312/6/2014Rate 3.013
Gigantic Saboteur Baltic Porter 8.01/1/2015Rate 3.6989117
Gigantic Scrilla 5.57/26/2016Rate 3.519227
Gigantic Shazoo Imperial Milk Stout 8.510/23/2016Rate 3.553919
Gigantic Shazoo Imperial Milk Stout w/Toasted Coconut and Cold Brewed Coffee -10/23/2016Rate 3.111
Gigantic Slip into Darkness 6.410/18/2015Rate 3.628574
Gigantic Smoove Operator 5.46/19/2015Rate 3.33699
Gigantic Sodbusted 2: Simcoe Boogaloo 5.611/14/2014Rate 3.234
Gigantic Sodbusted 4: The Goblet of Simcoe -10/29/2016Rate 3.243
Gigantic Sodbusted Simcoe 6.810/24/2013Rate 3.014
Gigantic Solid! 6.07/2/2015Rate 3.549934
Gigantic Sound and Vision 6.01/16/2017Rate 3.363
Gigantic St. Tennenholz 5.75/26/2012Rate 2.982
Gigantic Superbad 9.010/17/2015Rate 3.675239
Gigantic That’s Bonkers 5.63/27/2016Rate 3.091
Gigantic The Business 6.01/30/2016Rate 3.399844
Gigantic The City Hasn’t Slept 4 Days 7.211/10/2012Rate 3.073
Gigantic The City Never Sleeps 7.35/10/2012Rate 3.578877
Gigantic The End of Reason 8.32/16/2013Rate 3.498148
Gigantic The Future Is Now 6.410/19/2013Rate 3.6410063
Gigantic The Most Interesting Beer in the World 5.510/6/2012Rate 2.923
Gigantic The Royale 6.311/1/2012Rate 3.589861
Gigantic The Scut Farkus Affair 7.512/7/2013Rate 3.154
Gigantic The Time Traveler 5.82/16/2013Rate 3.479042
Gigantic Too Much Coffee Man 8.23/2/2014Rate 3.6493151
Gigantic Ume Umai 5.011/21/2012Rate 3.175158
Gigantic Vivid 8.56/14/2016Rate 3.535241
Gigantic Volta 8.46/22/2014Rate 3.46058
Gigantic White Light White Heat 8.24/26/2015Rate 3.54877
Gigantic Who Ate All the Pies? 4.37/23/2014Rate 3.085
Gigantic Whole In the Head 8.54/20/2013Rate 3.67653

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