Grand Ridge 25th Anniversary Pale Ale 5.56/5/2015Rate 3.314
Grand Ridge Almighty Light 2.74/1/2010Rate 2.488817
Grand Ridge American Red Ale 6.09/26/2013Rate 2.891
Grand Ridge Black & Tan 4.94/18/2002Rate 3.022145
Grand Ridge Blonde Brunette 4.11/8/2015Rate 3.28939
Grand Ridge Brewers Pilsener 4.92/5/2002Rate 2.693679
Grand Ridge Cinnamon Apple Cider 5.05/5/2018Rate 3.041
Grand Ridge Cinnamon Red 5.27/24/2017Rate 3.212
Grand Ridge Dark Side of Juniper 5.28/26/2013Rate 3.037
Grand Ridge Draught Bitter 4.94/1/2010Rate 3.078417
Grand Ridge Ekka's IPA 6.03/27/2019Rate 2.862
Grand Ridge Fabulous Phil's Magical Stout 4.94/23/2013Rate 2.811
Grand Ridge Gippsland Gold 4.92/5/2002Rate 3.056898
Grand Ridge Go Figa! 4.07/5/2014Rate 2.742
Grand Ridge Golden Ale 4.312/12/2015Rate 2.82614
Grand Ridge Hatlifter Stout 4.92/5/2002Rate 3.265394
Grand Ridge Hoppy Frog 5.210/9/2012Rate 2.9499
Grand Ridge IPA 5.54/9/2017Rate 3.283
Grand Ridge Joker & the Thief 6.99/2/2019Rate 3.061
Grand Ridge Juicy Pils 4.911/8/2018Rate 3.274
Grand Ridge Kellerbier 4.37/1/2015Rate 2.961
Grand Ridge Lager-ita 6.41/30/2019Rate 2.961
Grand Ridge Midnight Madness 6.212/31/2018Rate 3.092
Grand Ridge Mirboo Madness 6.04/17/2010Rate 3.499823
Grand Ridge Mirboo Midnight 6.511/28/2010Rate 3.529620
Grand Ridge Moonlight 3.32/5/2002Rate 2.863843
Grand Ridge Moonshine 8.52/16/2002Rate 3.5382124
Grand Ridge Natural Blonde 4.92/5/2002Rate 2.751790
Grand Ridge Pale Ale 4.712/12/2015Rate 2.84911
Grand Ridge Paper Mache Dream Balloon 7.710/4/2019Rate 3.162
Grand Ridge Red Right Hand 6.96/24/2019Rate 0
Grand Ridge SarsBEERilla Stout 4.010/3/2012Rate 2.91119
Grand Ridge Solar Aussie Lager 4.94/30/2018Rate 32
Grand Ridge Solar Golden Ale 4.37/20/2018Rate 2.941
Grand Ridge Solar Pale Ale 4.77/15/2018Rate 2.681
Grand Ridge Solar Summer Ale 4.51/26/2018Rate 2.515
Grand Ridge Supershine 111/24/2002Rate 3.454477
Grand Ridge Tangelo Red IPA 7.04/23/2019Rate 3.372
Grand Ridge Vienna Rye 5.710/28/2011Rate 3.22979
Grand Ridge WHOA! 4.94/16/2011Rate 3.215215
Grand Ridge Winter Warmer 6.46/4/2016Rate 3.37
Grand Ridge Yarra Valley Gold 4.92/25/2002Rate 3.229183
Twisted Sister Apple Cider 5.03/27/2016Rate 2.92
Twisted Sister Apple Cinnamon Cider 4.96/12/2018Rate 2.851
Twisted Sister Cider (With Up In Smoke) Smoked Maple Cider 5.04/23/2019Rate 3.192
Twisted Sister Pear Cider 4.53/27/2016Rate 0

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