Grand River Brewery (MI)

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 90/100 53 ratings
117 W. Louis Glick Hwy., Jackson, Michigan, USA 49201
Tu-Th 5-9PM F 5-10PM Sa 11AM-10PM Sun 12-6PM

Associated place: Grand River Marketplace

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Grand River (MI) Airship Cream Ale 4.59/14/2013Rate 1
Grand River (MI) Alchemist Amber Ale 5.412/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Barking Irons Porter 4.759/14/2013Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Big Hunk O.B.L. - Banana Peanut Butter Strong Ale 7.512/28/2014Rate 32
Grand River (MI) Black Ace Imperial Stout 1212/28/2014Rate 3.182
Grand River (MI) Black Penny Porter 5.512/28/2014Rate 3.021
Grand River (MI) Burglar’s Rook Red -9/14/2013Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Cada Dia Session IPL 4.211/23/2015Rate 3.112
Grand River (MI) Cherry Cider -5/13/2016Rate 3.091
Grand River (MI) Cherry Poppins Michigan Cherry Wheat 5.7512/28/2014Rate 2.912
Grand River (MI) Cucumber Lime Wheat (alias) 5.2511/23/2015
Grand River (MI) Dancing Elephants Hard Cider 5.58/6/2016Rate 3.091
Grand River (MI) Dead Man’s Hand 125/18/2016Rate 2.981
Grand River (MI) Falcon Punch IPA 6.2512/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Feel the Berliner (w/ Paw Paw) 3.58/19/2016Rate 2.941
Grand River (MI) Foul Play Double IPA 8.212/28/2014Rate 3.091
Grand River (MI) Frozen To The Bone 253/1/2015Rate 3.162
Grand River (MI) Grain Tree Brown 7.93/4/2015Rate 3.363
Grand River (MI) Heidi Spice Ginger Wheat 5.7512/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Hunk-a-burnin’ Love 7.54/21/2016Rate 2.891
Grand River (MI) Iron Fist Imperial Stout -11/30/2014Rate 2.831
Grand River (MI) Kegnog 7.24/21/2016Rate 31
Grand River (MI) Lake Rat American Ale 4.55/23/2016Rate 2.972
Grand River (MI) Malt of the Earth Imperial Red 9.212/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Monkey Mouth IPA 6.511/23/2015Rate 3.57815
Grand River (MI) Pepino Loco 5.29/5/2015Rate 3.053
Grand River (MI) Pirate’s Paradise DIPA -3/3/2015Rate 2.911
Grand River (MI) Ryes N’ Shine! Breakfast Rye IPA 7.04/21/2016Rate 2.981
Grand River (MI) Sappy Daze Maple Belgian Dark Strong 8.012/28/2014Rate 33
Grand River (MI) St. Tryphon’s Knife 6.04/30/2017Rate 2.981
Grand River (MI) The "Ex" Pale Ale 5.012/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) The Estranged Abbess Raspberry Wheat -9/14/2013Rate 0
Grand River (MI) The Ghost of Darkwheat - Orange Chocolate Wheat 5.512/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) The Inquisitor Session IPA -9/14/2013Rate 0
Grand River (MI) The Lady Blueberry 6.04/30/2017Rate 31
Grand River (MI) Turn Your Head And Coffee -3/3/2015Rate 2.871
Grand River (MI) Viceroy’s Horizon Hefeweizen -9/14/2013Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Violet Beauregard Blueberry-Brown 5.012/28/2014Rate 0
Grand River (MI) Zom-Bier Pumpkin Ale 5.510/16/2014Rate 3.022

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