Great Yorkshire (prev Cropton)

Brewer rating: 86/100 1229 ratings
Woolcroft,, Cropton, North Yorkshire, England YO18 8HH
Associated place: Cropton
Founded 1984. Changed name from Cropton Brewry in 2013.
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Baytown Bitter (alias) 4.09/27/2014
Baytown Press Gang's Arrival (alias) 3.812/13/2015
Baytown Revenue's Revenge (alias) 4.210/3/2014
Baytown Smuggler's Haul (alias) 6.06/7/2014
Baytown Squire's Connivance (alias) 5.06/11/2014
Cropton / Mike Hall Darkangel Cherry Porter 4.512/17/2011Rate 3.184216
Cropton / Mike Hall Furry Black IPA 5.09/17/2011Rate 3.089
Cropton / Mike Hall Majestic Lager 4.23/24/2011Rate 2.75679
Cropton / Mike Hall Vicious American Wheat IPA 6.01/20/2011Rate 3.45819
Cropton / Mike Hall Wanderer 3.58/2/2011Rate 2.968
Cropton 25th Anniversary Ale 4.09/17/2010Rate 2.974
Cropton Backwoods Bitter 5.11/8/2001Rate 3.229
Cropton Brigantes 5.010/29/2004Rate 3.082
Cropton Britannia Ale 4.212/19/2009Rate 2.894
Cropton Credit Crunch 4.42/8/2009Rate 2.892
Cropton Dangleberry 5.23/29/2009Rate 2.776
Cropton Dragon Slayer 5.06/19/2011Rate 2.845
Cropton Elf Indulgence 5.512/5/2011Rate 3.016
Cropton Endeavour 3.63/20/2003Rate 2.762425
Cropton Fat Dragon 8.07/25/2010Rate 2.5219
Cropton Fork Warrior 4.45/18/2009Rate 2.641
Cropton Haunting Hanks Scary Bitter 4.91/17/2004Rate 2.876
Cropton Hawaii 340 4.56/29/2012Rate 3.137
Cropton Honey Gold 4.21/8/2001Rate 3.076430
Cropton Imperial Stout 7.29/5/2010Rate 2.85147
Cropton King Billy 3.61/8/2001Rate 2.923824
Cropton Old Goat 8.03/16/2007Rate 2.851633
Cropton Pullman Pint 4.51/8/2001Rate 2.93
Cropton Red IPA 5.08/24/2011Rate 2.93
Cropton Royal Union 5.05/15/2011Rate 2.772
Cropton Rudolph's Revenge (4.6%) 4.612/28/2003Rate 2.883917
Cropton Rudolphs Revenge (6.0%) 6.01/8/2001Rate 2.8110102
Cropton Russian Stout 7.27/28/2010Rate 2.874
Cropton Scoresby Stout 4.21/8/2001Rate 2.951753
Cropton Top of the Hops 2012 4.512/24/2011Rate 2.965213
Cropton Tunnel Vision 4.27/26/2010Rate 2.714
Cropton Two Chefs 4.05/22/2013Rate 2.863314
Cropton Two Mugs (alias) 4.09/8/2010
Cropton Two Pints 4.01/7/2001Rate 3.036169
Cropton Uncle Sam's / Calamity Ale 4.41/8/2001Rate 2.993346
Cropton Yorkshire Moors 4.66/3/2002Rate 33881
Cropton Yorkshire Warrior 4.47/7/2009Rate 2.873123
Dutch Wink 4.84/10/2010Rate 2.853
Great Yorkshire (prev Cropton) Balmy Mild 4.18/7/2005Rate 3.044333
Great Yorkshire (prev Cropton) Monkmans Slaughter 6.012/29/2000Rate 3.1849190
Great Yorkshire Blackout 5.011/26/2007Rate 3.34880
Great Yorkshire Chocolate Orange 6.011/11/2013Rate 3.153111
Great Yorkshire Eden Camp Bitter 4.69/5/2017Rate 3.061
Great Yorkshire Fright Bite 4.210/17/2015Rate 2.961
Great Yorkshire Hadley's Gold 4.05/10/2015Rate 2.889712
Great Yorkshire Hadley's Moonstone IPA 5.010/15/2016Rate 3.379714
Great Yorkshire Hadleys Blonde 4.06/17/2014Rate 3.026514
Great Yorkshire Lavender Blonde 4.48/26/2012Rate 2.98519
Great Yorkshire Madness Absolutely 4.24/23/2016Rate 3.178416
Great Yorkshire Madness Night Boat 4.63/1/2017Rate 3.061
Great Yorkshire Red Lager 5.09/21/2014Rate 3.06679
Great Yorkshire Santa's Tipple 6.011/1/2013Rate 3.226
Great Yorkshire Top Of The Hops 2014 4.512/28/2013Rate 2.853814
Great Yorkshire Top of the Hops 2015 4.52/1/2015Rate 3.07739
Great Yorkshire Top Of The Hops 2016 4.53/5/2016Rate 3.072
Great Yorkshire Top Of The Hops 2017 4.512/15/2016Rate 3.067
Great Yorkshire Yasigi 5.011/3/2013Rate 3.16
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Blackout (alias) 5.07/23/2013
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Classic (alias) 4.01/5/2013
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Golden 4.27/23/2013Rate 3.014910
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Lager 4.21/17/2013Rate 2.929820
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Pale 3.83/31/2014Rate 3.052811
Ryedale Winters Tale 4.212/28/2009Rate 2.834
Ryedale Yorkshires Best 4.210/3/2009Rate 2.846
Sherwood Outlaws Bitter 4.010/5/2017Rate 31
Sherwood Outlaws Golden 4.29/26/2017Rate 2.851
Sherwood Outlaws Pale 3.95/27/2017Rate 2.961
Three Pigs Ale (alias) 4.04/5/2014
Great Yorkshire Yorkshire Cider 4.86/8/2014Rate 3.033
Marks & Spencer Christmas Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
6.211/20/2008Rate 2.481117
Marks & Spencer Yorkshire Bitter (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Modha True Maharaja
Brewed by/for Modha Ales
4.09/13/2015Rate 2.555
Morrissey Fox Blonde Ale (Cask)
Brewed by/for Morrissey Fox
4.29/6/2008Rate 36614
Morrissey Fox Mulled Ale
Brewed by/for Morrissey Fox
4.61/2/2009Rate 2.947
Morrissey Fox Palace Blond Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Morrissey Fox
Morrissey Fox Proud of Pubs Best Bitter
Brewed by/for Morrissey Fox
4.27/20/2009Rate 2.796
Red Rat Hadley Gold
Brewed by/for Red Rat
6.07/22/2009Rate 3.085
Red Rat Hadleys
Brewed by/for Red Rat
4.23/5/2008Rate 2.812816
Red Rat Rat
Brewed by/for Red Rat
4.36/14/2012Rate 2.841
Richardsons American Consulate Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Richardsons
3.92/14/2013Rate 2.811
Richardsons John Paul Jones Bitter
Brewed by/for Richardsons
4.11/3/2013Rate 2.81
Richardsons New York Grid
Brewed by/for Richardsons
4.91/2/2013Rate 2.881

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