Green Tye

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
Prince of Wales, Green Tye, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, England SG10 6JP
Brewpub commenced at the Prince of Wales in 1999. Closed in October 2013. The new landlord of the pub has taken over the brewing equipment and plans to start brewing again in Spring 2014, possibly sharing withan existing microbrewery (as yet unnamed).
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Green Tye Albion 3.61/25/2012Rate 2.731
Green Tye Beata 4.010/14/2009Rate 2.791
Green Tye Blackjack 4.34/10/2005Rate 2.881
Green Tye Cascade 4.011/29/2009Rate 2.871
Green Tye Chilly Willy 4.01/30/2012Rate 2.761
Green Tye Chocks Away 4.211/21/2008Rate 2.921
Green Tye Coal Ported 4.77/15/2006Rate 3.144
Green Tye Coal Porter 4.52/26/2004Rate 3.056
Green Tye East Anglian Gold 4.23/14/2015Rate 2.571
Green Tye Field Marshall 4.06/4/2005Rate 2.773
Green Tye Galena 4.28/9/2011Rate 2.885
Green Tye Good Elf 4.21/6/2005Rate 2.691
Green Tye Green Tiger 4.28/19/2004Rate 2.752
Green Tye Hadham Gold 4.08/11/2010Rate 2.915
Green Tye Hertfordshire Hedgehog 4.08/9/2008Rate 3.125
Green Tye Knave 4.54/12/2005Rate 2.691
Green Tye Mad Morris 4.28/9/2008Rate 2.742
Green Tye Merrymaker 4.62/26/2005Rate 2.853
Green Tye Royal British Legion 4.08/11/2010Rate 2.692
Green Tye Snowdrop 3.92/1/2004Rate 2.715
Green Tye Springs Elixir 4.35/9/2003Rate 2.471
Green Tye Uncle Johns Ferret 3.86/4/2005Rate 2.811
Green Tye Union Jack 3.66/9/2004Rate 2.883410
Green Tye Wheelbarrow 4.34/30/2003Rate 2.452
Green Tye XBF 4.08/7/2005Rate 2.525

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