Cuzett Grisette
Brewed by/for Cuzett Libations
4.32/18/2015Rate 3.31449
Cuzett Revenge Of The Emu
Brewed by/for Cuzett Libations
5.45/24/2015Rate 3.365
Bernheim & Schwartz Pumpkin Ale -12/30/2014Rate 2.671
Flatiron Hall Ante Up -1/25/2017Rate 0
Flatiron Hall Ante Up -1/25/2017Rate 2.981
Flatiron Hall Dunkel 5.53/3/2016Rate 2.932
Flatiron Hall Smash IPA -3/3/2016Rate 2.891
Greenpoint Beer Works Warthog 4.71/6/2016Rate 3.041
Greenpoint Biodome Classic 6.82/22/2016Rate 3.061
Greenpoint Homeboy’s Whim #3 4.58/18/2015Rate 3.112
Greenpoint Oui Oui 8.33/24/2016Rate 3.253
Greenpoint Stubbies 5.54/22/2016Rate 2.961
Heartland Alpha Male Ale 5.02/28/2007Rate 2.53
Heartland Barnstormer Trippel 7.010/10/2002Rate 3.152314
Heartland Bavarian Black Lager 6.510/29/2002Rate 3.084739
Heartland Belgian Black Cherry Stout -4/10/2006Rate 3.284
Heartland Belgian Blonde Ale 5.252/3/2012Rate 3.046
Heartland Belgian Brown 5.254/5/2012Rate 2.811
Heartland Belgian Chocolate L’Orange 8.51/31/2010Rate 2.967
Heartland Belgian Chocolate Wit 6.52/25/2005Rate 3.296
Heartland Belgian Cornhusker Lager 5.03/6/2010Rate 2.923211
Heartland Belgian Golden Ale -2/26/2011Rate 2.732
Heartland Belgian Hibiscus Trippel 7.04/8/2012Rate 2.783
Heartland Belgian IPA 6.56/7/2010Rate 3.058
Heartland Belgian Pale Ale 5.57/26/2012Rate 2.884
Heartland Belgian Red Rooster 5.51/18/2010Rate 2.965
Heartland Belgian Style Grand Cru 8.09/8/2004Rate 3.448
Heartland Berliner Weisse 3.82/21/2017Rate 2.941
Heartland Berry Champagne Ale 5.05/7/2006Rate 2.924921
Heartland Betty’s Blueberry Lager 5.754/17/2010Rate 2.762
Heartland Big Belgian Blonde Ale 7.53/12/2008Rate 2.976
Heartland Black IPA 6.58/7/2011Rate 3.0649
Heartland Blueberry Mint Golden Ale 5.257/21/2011Rate 2.953
Heartland Bock Wheat Ale -4/10/2004Rate 3.086
Heartland Buffalo Bock 5.92/7/2008Rate 3.035017
Heartland Centennial Pale Lager 5.59/16/2016Rate 3.122
Heartland Cherry Blossom IPA -3/27/2012Rate 2.853
Heartland Chop House Blond -5/15/2002Rate 2.84
Heartland Cornhusker Lager 4.7510/9/2001Rate 2.5791150
Heartland DetermiNation Ale -1/21/2002Rate 0
Heartland Double Wood Imperial Stout 8.08/10/2016Rate 3.061
Heartland Dr. Rudie Pale Ale 5.511/8/2015Rate 2.871
Heartland Dunkel Lager 5.254/11/2016Rate 31
Heartland Dunkel Nutter 5.253/11/2004Rate 3.116
Heartland Dunkelweizen 5.259/22/2002Rate 2.783
Heartland Eliminator Doppelbock -5/15/2002Rate 3.071
Heartland Empire Premium Beer 5.512/17/2004Rate 2.819780
Heartland Empire State Premium (alias) 5.512/17/2004
Heartland English Breakfast Beer 3.99/15/2007Rate 2.524
Heartland Extra Special Bitter 5.57/26/2012Rate 2.811
Heartland Farmer Jons Oatmeal Stout 6.05/22/2001Rate 3.692260
Heartland Farmer Jons Oatmeal Stout (Bourbon Casks) 6.01/2/2006Rate 3.173
Heartland Farmers Market French Farmhouse 5.58/24/2012Rate 2.754
Heartland French Toast 5.08/21/2010Rate 2.724
Heartland Fresh Hop Amber Lager 5.259/23/2008Rate 2.962
Heartland Full Moon Barleywine 111/27/2003Rate 3.222148
Heartland Good Grain Gluten Free Ale 5.57/15/2012Rate 2.752
Heartland Grateful Red Lager 5.755/22/2001Rate 2.846441
Heartland Harvest Wheat 4.55/22/2001Rate 2.614161
Heartland HefeWeizen 4.57/16/2001Rate 3.077210
Heartland Home Brewer Porter 6.012/23/2012Rate 2.932
Heartland Honey Wheat -9/26/2006Rate 2.793
Heartland Hopple Bock 7.06/15/2014Rate 2.883
Heartland Hoppy Doppelbock 7.05/5/2013Rate 2.943
Heartland Imperial Apricot Ale 9.08/22/2012Rate 3.068
Heartland Imperial Black Saison 8.02/26/2012Rate 2.996
Heartland Imperial IPA 7.79/17/2006Rate 3.166
Heartland Imperial IPA (2014) 8.511/30/2014Rate 2.791
Heartland Imperial Nut Brown Ale 7.55/14/2010Rate 2.933
Heartland Imperial Oatmeal Stout 9.53/17/2013Rate 2.972
Heartland Imperial Pilsner 7.56/17/2012Rate 2.913
Heartland Imperial Pumpkin Ale 8.012/12/2009Rate 2.94011
Heartland Imperial Saison 8.011/30/2014Rate 2.831
Heartland Imperial Smash Saison 6.54/11/2016Rate 2.972
Heartland Imperial Smiling Pumpkin 9.511/21/2014Rate 2.61
Heartland Imperial Stout 8.03/27/2011Rate 3.225
Heartland Imperial Uber IPA 102/14/2017Rate 3.112
Heartland Indian River Light Ale 4.05/15/2002Rate 2.7122138
Heartland Indiana Pale Ale 6.57/16/2001Rate 3.2942232
Heartland Indie 500 Pale Ale 5.758/16/2004Rate 3.266530
Heartland Kellys Irish Red Ale 5.51/27/2003Rate 2.984516
Heartland Kolsch 5.05/6/2011Rate 2.778
Heartland Matrimony Ale 5.06/30/2004Rate 34
Heartland Monk’s Delight Belgian Dubbel 8.012/21/2010Rate 2.943
Heartland Mothers Milk Maibock 7.257/7/2003Rate 3.168021
Heartland Mr. Atlas Imperial Pale Ale 8.47/21/2008Rate 3.427411
Heartland Not Tonight Dark Porter Barrel Aged 6.51/14/2013Rate 3.155
Heartland Not Tonight Honey Porter 6.56/19/2001Rate 3.437937
Heartland NYS Rye Pale Ale 5.54/3/2015Rate 2.711
Heartland Oak Aged Imperial Pumpkin 8.010/21/2012Rate 2.723
Heartland Oktoberfest -10/7/2003Rate 3.067516
Heartland Oktoberfest Dunkel -3/1/2011Rate 2.792
Heartland Old Faithful Steam Ale -4/23/2002Rate 3.23859
Heartland Old Red Nose Ale 5.512/23/2001Rate 3.257733
Heartland Old Red Nose Special Edition 8.511/26/2006Rate 3.02509
Heartland Orange Thyme Pale 5.03/6/2011Rate 2.812
Heartland Orens Daily Porter 6.011/30/2008Rate 2.965
Heartland Ploughmans Beer 4.09/24/2007Rate 2.562
Heartland Quad Bock 102/19/2011Rate 3.036
Heartland Quad Bock 11th Year 112/9/2012Rate 2.993
Heartland Quad Bock 12th Year 104/26/2013Rate 2.752
Heartland Quad Bock 13th 1012/29/2013Rate 3.023
Heartland Raspberry Wheat 4.010/9/2001Rate 0
Heartland Red Rooster Ale 5.57/16/2001Rate 3.0954175
Heartland Red Rye Pale Ale 6.02/25/2015Rate 2.81
Heartland Sheeps Secret Scotch Ale 6.54/10/2006Rate 3389
Heartland Sir Blackheart Ale 7.512/18/2011Rate 2.982
Heartland Smiling Pumpkin Ale 5.59/22/2002Rate 3.115371
Heartland Smoked Wheat Wine 8.01/13/2013Rate 2.831
Heartland Sorachi Wheat 5.03/31/2014Rate 2.713
Heartland Stumbling Buffalo Ale 5.54/23/2002Rate 3.18
Heartland Stumpkin 5.59/14/2005Rate 2.963
Heartland Sumatra Porter 5.51/31/2010Rate 3.215
Heartland Summer Vice Heffeweizen 5.258/9/2008Rate 2.85
Heartland Summertime Apricot Ale 4.57/16/2001Rate 2.934874
Heartland Wheat Beer -3/27/2012Rate 2.71
Heartland Wildflower Wheat -3/29/2009Rate 2.693010
Heartland Wit -3/14/2006Rate 3.034
Kelso Amber Lager -11/14/2014Rate 2.631
Kelso Bacon Ale -3/18/2012Rate 2.811
Kelso Belgian Pale Ale 5.751/5/2012Rate 3.133
Kelso Berliner Weisse 3.751/7/2017Rate 2.981
Kelso Biere de Garde 5.211/8/2015Rate 2.981
Kelso Bierkraft 10th Anniversary Imperial Stout -12/5/2011Rate 3.217
Kelso Blind Barber 6.02/28/2014Rate 2.862
Kelso Bourbon Barrel Aged Recessionator Doppelbock -5/6/2011Rate 3.023
Kelso Brandy Barrel Aged IPA -9/16/2011Rate 2.972
Kelso Brandy Barrel Aged Recessionator 8.21/28/2012Rate 3.232
Kelso Brandy Barrel Saison with Brett 4.59/10/2013Rate 3.388
Kelso Brett IPA -8/9/2012Rate 2.941
Kelso Brooklyn Bowl Pale Ale 5.010/6/2012Rate 2.964
Kelso Brooklyn Brett -11/28/2008Rate 3.14
Kelso Brown Ale -2/19/2013Rate 2.92
Kelso Cabernet Aged Rauchbier 5.09/13/2014Rate 2.911
Kelso Cabernet Barrel Aged Industrial IPA 11.57/4/2014Rate 2.861
Kelso Cabernet Barrel Aged IPA 6.08/28/2012Rate 3.25
Kelso Carolgaarden 5.08/8/2009Rate 2.944118
Kelso Chocolate Lager 6.753/10/2007Rate 3.157022
Kelso Concord Grape Lambic -9/11/2016Rate 3.091
KelSo Edible Rhubarb Gose 4.76/27/2014Rate 3.178
Kelso Fette Sauv -7/2/2008Rate 3.217514
Kelso Flemish Red 5.58/15/2007Rate 3.262520
Kelso Flemish Red with Raspberries and Oak 5.56/27/2008Rate 3.473
Kelso Fresh Hop Pale Ale 5.010/14/2011Rate 2.871
Kelso Fuku 4.511/21/2012Rate 3.23712
Kelso Golden Belgian - Rye Barrel Aged -5/31/2011Rate 3.068
Kelso Grape Lambic Style -9/12/2015Rate 3.063
Kelso Gueuze 4.58/3/2008Rate 3.348
Kelso Hop Lager 5.54/18/2007Rate 3.169210
Kelso Imperial India Pale Ale 1010/10/2015Rate 3.1799
Kelso Imperial Pumpkin Ale 9.010/9/2012Rate 3.122
Kelso India Pale Ale 6.03/24/2010Rate 3.375426
Kelso Industrial IPA 11.55/27/2011Rate 3.576258
Kelso Industrial Pumpkin Ale 10.59/25/2013Rate 2.861
Kelso IPA#4 -7/28/2011Rate 3.313
Kelso Irish Whisky Barrel Aged IPA -5/31/2014Rate 2.81
Kelso Kellerfest -9/26/2010Rate 2.955010
Kelso Maple Barrel Aged Industrial IPA 11.54/3/2012Rate 2.932
Kelso Nelson 6.09/12/2016Rate 3.112
Kelso Newtown Kriek -7/20/2009Rate 3.494219
Kelso Nut Brown Lager 5.758/16/2006Rate 3.17770
Kelso Oak Aged Flemish Red -3/7/2013Rate 3.142
Kelso Pale Ale -4/12/2011Rate 2.891
Kelso Pilsner 5.55/3/2008Rate 2.935254
Kelso Quad Bock Aged in Jack Daniels Barrels -4/2/2011Rate 3.137
Kelso Rauchbier 5.03/7/2012Rate 3.126
Kelso Recessionator 8.23/12/2009Rate 2.841013
KelSo Rye Barrel Aged Begian Pale Ale -2/8/2013Rate 2.811
Kelso Rye Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout -5/3/2014Rate 2.952
Kelso Rye Barrel Aged Porter -3/7/2013Rate 2.881
Kelso Saison 5.06/23/2007Rate 3.213118
Kelso Saison Du Stiff -2/6/2011Rate 3.158
Kelso Saison with Strawberries 5.08/13/2008Rate 31
Kelso Satisfaction 3.810/24/2008Rate 3.12919
Kelso Small Beer 4.511/8/2015Rate 2.941
Kelso Sour Quad (Cabernet) -7/26/2012Rate 3.023
Kelso St. Gowanus 5.56/27/2008Rate 3.187119
Kelso Wet Hop IPA 7.010/20/2011Rate 2.823
Kelso Winter Lager 6.51/30/2012Rate 2.985
Houston Hall American Wheat
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.02/19/2013Rate 2.93
Houston Hall Baltic Porter
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
6.53/25/2014Rate 2.791
Houston Hall Belgian Stout
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
7.52/19/2013Rate 2.952
Houston Hall Black IPA
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
-6/24/2013Rate 2.943
Houston Hall ESB
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.252/19/2013Rate 2.922
Houston Hall Golden Lager
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.06/3/2013Rate 2.634
Houston Hall IPA
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
6.52/19/2013Rate 3.097
Houston Hall John’s Dunkle
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.752/19/2013Rate 2.934
Houston Hall Kelly’s Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.52/19/2013Rate 2.934
Houston Hall Pale Ale R&D (Apollo)
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.57/13/2013Rate 2.852
Houston Hall Pale Ale R&D (Citra)
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.53/25/2014Rate 2.641
Houston Hall Patrick’s Belgian Blonde
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.52/19/2013Rate 2.944
Houston Hall Pete’s Wit
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.52/19/2013Rate 2.773
Houston Hall Peter’s Pils
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.02/19/2013Rate 2.875
Houston Hall Rye Barrel-Aged Oatmeal Stout
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
5.92/25/2015Rate 2.831
Houston Hall Saison
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
-6/24/2013Rate 2.831
Houston Hall Scotch Ale
Brewed by/for Houston Hall
6.52/19/2013Rate 34

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