Gwatkin Cider (inc Abbey Dore Ales)

Moorhampton Park Farm, Abbeydore, Hereford, Herefordshire, England HR2 0AL
Associated place: House of Cider
We are a small, family run business, based at Moorhampton Park Farm in Abbey Dore, Herefordshire. In 2019 they created a beer range under the Abbey Dore Ales brand, brewed at Wye Valley.
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Gwatkin Blakeney Red Perry 7.57/1/2004Rate 3.399835
Gwatkin Captain Gwatkin's Famous Old Rum Cask Cider 7.58/7/2017Rate 3.315
Gwatkin Farmhouse Dry Cider 6.510/16/2009Rate 2.96519
Gwatkin Farmhouse Medium Cider 6.610/23/2009Rate 34
Gwatkin Farmhouse Perry 7.59/29/2004Rate 3.127525
Gwatkin Foxwhelp Cider 7.51/10/2007Rate 3.024534
Gwatkin Game Cock Sweet Cider 4.56/22/2011Rate 2.984215
Gwatkin Golden Valley Cider 6.07/5/2004Rate 3.044625
Gwatkin Golden Valley Perry 6.07/30/2004Rate 2.966
Gwatkin Golden Valley Scrumpy 6.02/16/2003Rate 2.974114
Gwatkin Ice Age 5.012/28/2006Rate 2.682
Gwatkin Kingston Black Cider 7.512/11/2003Rate 3.247843
Gwatkin Kingston Black Cider (Islay Cask Finish) 7.52/14/2010Rate 3.012
Gwatkin Malvern Hill Perry 7.59/26/2007Rate 3.249015
Gwatkin No Bull Medium Cider 4.56/22/2011Rate 2.95409
Gwatkin Norman Cider 7.59/20/2005Rate 3.298542
Gwatkin Old Rats Tale 7.51/9/2004Rate 3.056813
Gwatkin Oldfield Perry 7.57/22/2007Rate 3.5810014
Gwatkin Original Blend 4.54/24/2019Rate 3.041
Gwatkin Original Dry Cider 5.02/11/2016Rate 3.072
Gwatkin Pyder (Bottle) 5.01/15/2011Rate 3.115512
Gwatkin Red Diesel 4.02/26/2017Rate 3.215
Gwatkin Rhubarb Cider 4.57/5/2019Rate 2.941
Gwatkin Silly Ewe Dry Cider 4.56/22/2011Rate 2.917
Gwatkin Squeal Pig Medium Perry 4.56/22/2011Rate 3.248911
Gwatkin Stoke Red Cider 7.52/26/2005Rate 3.217428
Gwatkin Thorn Perry 7.59/26/2007Rate 3.17320
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Cider (6% ABV from 2016) 6.02/27/2017Rate 3.146216
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Cider (7.5% ABV to 2016) 7.55/23/2004Rate 3.328872
Abbey Dore Ales Dark Stout 4.57/7/2019Rate 0
Abbey Dore Ales Pale Ale 4.57/7/2019Rate 0

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