Hale’s Ales

Brewer rating: 96/100 3126 ratings
4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle, Washington, USA 98107

Associated place: Hales Ales Brewery and Pub

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Armadillo Amber Ale -5/4/2009Rate 2.71
Hale’s / Chuckanut New Trick Ale 8.26/12/2015Rate 2.972
Hale’s / Der Blokken Trés Fem 8.511/14/2011Rate 3.349125
Hale’s / Diamond Knot Abe Lincoln Lemon Ale 5.56/22/2015Rate 0
Hale’s / Pike / Red Hook Wheat IPA 6.07/10/2016Rate 2.851
Hale’s 15 Minutes of Fame IPA - February 6.62/21/2017Rate 3.091
Hale’s 15 Minutes of Fame IPA - January 6.62/17/2017Rate 3.061
Hale’s 25th Anniversary Ale 7.17/13/2008Rate 3.348057
Hale’s 30th Anniversary Double Pale Ale 8.07/24/2013Rate 3.475522
Hale’s Aftermath Imperial IPA 8.46/16/2003Rate 3.5763179
Hale’s Akademik (Academic) - Barrel Aged 116/22/2015Rate 3.434813
Hale’s Amber Ale -6/1/2000Rate 3.218918
Hale’s Apricot Saison 4.51/22/2017Rate 3.111
Hale’s Barleywine - Barrel Aged 10.12/2/2014Rate 3.363914
Hale’s Bavarian Hefeweizen 5.58/5/2003Rate 2.833
Hale’s Beer:30 -8/30/2005Rate 31
Hale’s Belgian Blonde -4/12/2005Rate 2.912
Hale’s Bill’sner 5.12/26/2015Rate 3.349610
Hale’s Bourbon Barely Legal Barley Wine (alias) 1012/20/2013
Hale’s British Porter 6.62/8/2015Rate 2.913
Hale’s Browntown Ale 3.25/12/2014Rate 2.711
Hale’s Bucephalus -12/11/2008Rate 3.256
Hale’s Cascade Mist 5.58/5/2003Rate 2.734
Hale’s Celebration Porter -6/1/2000Rate 3.566
Hale’s Cerberus Tripel 10.111/27/2008Rate 3.194211
Hale’s Chili Ale -2/14/2010Rate 2.831
Hale’s Cocoa Machete -3/2/2010Rate 3.164
Hale’s Coconut Porter -11/8/2007Rate 3.214512
Hale’s Cream Ale 5.16/1/2000Rate 2.995582
Hale’s Cream Stout 5.16/1/2000Rate 3.265643
Hale’s Double Herberts Legendary Ale 8.24/20/2006Rate 3.444015
Hale’s Double Mongoose IPA 7.61/22/2009Rate 3.013
Hale’s Drawbridge Blonde 4.96/1/2000Rate 2.895057
Hale’s Dublin Style Stout -4/3/2008Rate 2.944
Hale’s El Dazzle Winter Stout 6.310/25/2015Rate 3.356113
Hale’s El Jefe Weizen Ale 4.83/6/2005Rate 3.1884192
Hale’s Fresh Hop India Session Ale 4.712/26/2013Rate 3.324811
Hale’s Gold Rush 9.26/25/2013Rate 3.143211
Hale’s Gold Rush - Barrel Aged 10.210/5/2014Rate 3.224
Hale’s Guapo’s Saison (2014) 4.02/3/2014Rate 2.771
Hale’s Guapo’s Saison (2015-) 5.51/24/2015Rate 3.448
Hale’s Halestorm 8.711/12/2014Rate 3.27189
Hale’s Honey Wit -8/6/2008Rate 3.071
Hale’s Icicle Ale -7/6/2004Rate 2.545
Hale’s Imperial Golden Ale 7.05/12/2014Rate 3.296
Hale’s Imperial Red - Barrel Aged 9.05/10/2014Rate 3.123
Hale’s Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged 9.97/14/2010Rate 3.423220
Hale’s India Pale Ale -6/1/2000Rate 3.637
Hale’s IX Belgian Gold 9.26/14/2009Rate 3.314912
Hale’s Jalapeno IPA -10/5/2011Rate 2.871
Hale’s Jamoke Brown 5.45/12/2014Rate 2.841
Hale’s Kölsch 5.16/16/2003Rate 2.9850119
Hale’s Krystallweizen 4.88/7/2014Rate 2.861
Hale’s London Ale -7/6/2004Rate 3.031
Hale’s Lunar Porter -7/24/2002Rate 3.354
Hale’s Mai-Da-Bock-Ul -2/9/2004Rate 3.111
Hale’s Merlot Wit 4.712/27/2012Rate 2.871
Hale’s Mongoose IPA 6.07/5/2002Rate 3.3549323
Hale’s Monorale 5.58/5/2003Rate 2.944
Hale’s Moss Bay Extra -8/12/2000Rate 3.449872
Hale’s Mussles from Brussels 9.65/26/2013Rate 2.761
Hale’s Nut Brown Ale 5.26/1/2000Rate 3.013960
Hale’s Nut Brown Ale - Cocoa Nibs 5.23/30/2015Rate 2.791
Hale’s O’Brien’s Harvest Ale -10/3/2000Rate 3.598139
Hale’s Pale (American) Ale 4.76/1/2000Rate 3.245172
Hale’s Pikop Andropovs Rushin Imperial Stout 7.52/2/2003Rate 3.3718202
Hale’s Pumpkin -11/5/2009Rate 3.132
Hale’s Quadruppel 1312/26/2010Rate 3.525325
Hale’s Red Menace Big Amber 4.86/24/2004Rate 3.2279173
Hale’s Rudyard’s Rare 9.27/5/2001Rate 3.5667219
Hale’s Rudyard’s Rare - Barrel Aged -3/24/2013Rate 32
Hale’s Saison -11/26/2009Rate 2.861
Hale’s Scottish Ale 7.04/30/2015Rate 0
Hale’s Seattle Beer Week 2010 Double IPA 8.34/24/2010Rate 3.688350
Hale’s Shed Stout 8.24/30/2015Rate 3.13
Hale’s Shed Stout - Barrel Aged 8.13/16/2016Rate 3.193
Hale’s Sidekick 4.22/18/2016Rate 3.268
Hale’s Sleeping Maiden Porter -10/14/2007Rate 3.183
Hale’s Sour Bucephalus -5/18/2009Rate 3.095
Hale’s Southern Mystery Malt Monster -11/17/2008Rate 2.672
Hale’s Special Bitter (Cream HSB) 4.812/28/2000Rate 3.167149
Hale’s Stingo Strong Ale -8/15/2002Rate 2.912
Hale’s Supergoose IPA 6.92/23/2009Rate 3.5990224
Hale’s Supergoose IPA - Grapefruit 7.07/10/2016Rate 3.063
Hale’s Tour de Burke Sour -5/27/2009Rate 2.972
Hale’s Troll (Nightroll) Porter 6.66/24/2004Rate 3.2746120
Hale’s Unite Red Ale 4.64/7/2015Rate 0
Hale’s Volkswagon Weisse -8/15/2002Rate 3.083
Hale’s Wanker IPA 6.58/7/2014Rate 2.881
Hale’s Way Heavy -4/21/2006Rate 2.892
Hale’s Wee Heavy 7.26/1/2000Rate 3.4576159
Hale’s Wee Heavy - Barrel Aged 7.412/1/2011Rate 3.478234
Hale’s Wheat Wine 102/8/2015Rate 3.187
Hale’s Wheat Wine - Barrel Aged 9.31/19/2016Rate 2.97412
Hale’s Winds of Change Pilsner 4.23/6/2015Rate 0
McHale’s Hardy Ale -7/19/2005Rate 2.853
Northwest’s Best Cedar River Amber Ale -10/26/2004Rate 2.843318
Northwest’s Best Puget Sound Gold Ale 4.89/10/2004Rate 2.955812
Northwest’s Best St. Helens Stout -9/30/2004Rate 2.911223

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