HammerHeart Akvavit Barrel Aged Bergtatt -2/23/2016Rate 3.021
HammerHeart Akvavit Barrel Aged Dublin Raid 6.51/6/2014Rate 2.967
HammerHeart Aquavit Barrel Aged Midvinter Øl 8.52/13/2015Rate 3.63969
HammerHeart Åttebeint Hest Northern IPA 6.58/23/2013Rate 3.415823
HammerHeart Badetiss Blonde 3.58/10/2013Rate 3.087713
HammerHeart Baldrsøl 8.61/21/2017Rate 3.364
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Brekkefossensvann 7.512/27/2014Rate 3.094
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Gorm the Old 8.49/17/2017Rate 3.322
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Hail To The Dark Gourd 11.810/21/2016Rate 3.131
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Herbstklagen 7.53/14/2015Rate 2.861
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Hokan's Brown 7.06/14/2014Rate 3.619910
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Host Øl 8.04/4/2014Rate 3.176
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Laurentian Porter 7.59/12/2016Rate 3.142
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Serpensblod 8.348/2/2014Rate 2.911
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Sköll och Hati 7.512/27/2014Rate 3.526
HammerHeart Barrel Aged Thor's Porter 10.56/16/2015Rate 3.375
HammerHeart Bergtatt 5.91/14/2015Rate 3.133912
HammerHeart Black Cascade 7.79/30/2013Rate 3.618517
HammerHeart Blåtand 7.89/18/2014Rate 3.233419
HammerHeart Blodeuwedd 6.03/3/2015Rate 3.098
HammerHeart Bog Burial (Batch #200) 9.07/8/2017Rate 3.755
HammerHeart Bourbon Barrel Aged Dublin Raid 7.08/31/2013Rate 3.5210019
HammerHeart Bourbon Barrel Aged Flanary's Brew 7.52/13/2015Rate 3.427510
HammerHeart Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginungagap Oatmeal Coffee Stout 7.91/29/2014Rate 0
HammerHeart Bourbon Barrel Aged Midvinter Øl 7.71/2/2014Rate 3.275412
HammerHeart Bourbon Barrel Aged Olaf the Stout 9.758/23/2013Rate 3.61459
HammerHeart Brandy Barrel Aged Midvinter Øl 7.71/4/2014Rate 3.28579
HammerHeart Brekkefossensvann 6.07/10/2013Rate 3.298817
HammerHeart Brísingamen 13.51/28/2016Rate 3.237
HammerHeart British Invasion 6.57/10/2013Rate 3.198716
HammerHeart Djevelens Munn Vann Dark Ale 11.510/25/2013Rate 3.31379
HammerHeart Dublin Raid 6.07/19/2012Rate 3.288013
HammerHeart Dunkelwald 6.110/1/2015Rate 3.458112
HammerHeart Fautzrauch 7.05/17/2014Rate 3.58712
HammerHeart Fimbulvetr 8.91/2/2014Rate 3.281715
HammerHeart Flaming Longship Scotch Ale 7.011/16/2013Rate 3.457116
HammerHeart Flanary's Brew 6.33/29/2014Rate 3.518815
HammerHeart Forrædersblod 7.410/17/2015Rate 3.234
HammerHeart Futebu 6.78/13/2013Rate 2.852
HammerHeart Gammel Kriger 7.411/3/2014Rate 3.26799
HammerHeart Ginungagap Oatmeal Coffee Stout 7.98/13/2013Rate 33
HammerHeart Gorm the Old 7.47/18/2015Rate 3.488519
HammerHeart Grandpa Flanary's 9.57/25/2016Rate 3.282
HammerHeart Hail To The Dark Gourd 8.611/16/2013Rate 3.499611
HammerHeart Herbstklägen Oktoberfest (alias) -10/1/2015
HammerHeart Herbstklagen Rauchbier 8.09/21/2013Rate 3.46614
HammerHeart Hokan's Brown 6.07/19/2012Rate 3.619921
HammerHeart Høst Øl 7.07/15/2013Rate 3.468318
HammerHeart Hrungnir's Hjerte 7.85/29/2015Rate 3.216
HammerHeart Imperial Longship 11.56/8/2014Rate 3.658111
HammerHeart Jörmangandrsblod 7.510/25/2013Rate 3.419119
HammerHeart Jul Øl 9.01/3/2017Rate 3.061
HammerHeart Knut the Great 6.53/8/2016Rate 3.285
HammerHeart Laurentian Porter 6.52/19/2016Rate 3.518913
HammerHeart Lindisfarne 8.51/11/2017Rate 3.265
HammerHeart Loki's Treachery 6.57/19/2012Rate 0
HammerHeart Midvinter Øl (alias) 8.51/28/2016
HammerHeart Neandertaler 7.71/15/2017Rate 3.437
HammerHeart Nordlys 7.04/14/2016Rate 2.92
HammerHeart Ogham 6.48/28/2016Rate 3.243
HammerHeart Olaf The Stout 7.07/19/2012Rate 3.629520
HammerHeart Peter's Portar 5.54/4/2014Rate 2.953
HammerHeart Reva's 6.85/14/2017Rate 3.212
HammerHeart Rune Stone Stout 8.77/10/2014Rate 3.213
HammerHeart Rye Barrel Aged Dublin Raid 7.01/6/2014Rate 3.338
HammerHeart Serpensblod 8.36/21/2014Rate 3.44
HammerHeart Shieldwall Ale (Barrel Aged) 10.85/29/2015Rate 3.282
HammerHeart Shieldwall Ale (Batch 100) 10.85/29/2015Rate 3.294
HammerHeart Sif's Locks 3.77/7/2016Rate 3.268
HammerHeart Sköll och Hati Chocolate Stout 6.912/10/2014Rate 3.376211
HammerHeart Steadfast Best Bitter 5.07/17/2014Rate 36
HammerHeart Surtr's Flame IPA 7.07/19/2012Rate 3.376622
HammerHeart The Baron's Forge 7.51/7/2017Rate 3.394
HammerHeart Thor's Imperial Porter 9.57/19/2012Rate 3.7610022
HammerHeart Thor's Porter - Berserker Edition 10.56/16/2015Rate 3.232
HammerHeart Valkyrie Tears 1310/30/2015Rate 3.176
HammerHeart Von Winterherz Verhasst 7.67/18/2015Rate 3.43799
HammerHeart Wandering Spirit 5.17/14/2017Rate 3.184
HammerHeart Weltenwanderer 6.24/14/2016Rate 3.418

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