Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 80/100 74 ratings
268-1 Naka, , Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Monday Thursday
11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays
10 a.m. to 10 p.m

Associated place: Hansharo / Kuraya-Narusawa

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Beer Buddy 24 IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.011/21/2012Rate 2.892
Beer Buddy 48 IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.04/20/2014Rate 2.841
Beer Buddy 6th Anniversary Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.01/24/2016Rate 3.092
Beer Buddy Amatora Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.012/5/2014Rate 2.922
Beer Buddy American Dream 8 Hops IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.312/5/2014Rate 2.881
Beer Buddy American IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.05/18/2015Rate 3.072
Beer Buddy Australian Summer Christmas IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.07/1/2015Rate 2.772
Beer Buddy Blacky Buddy IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.04/17/2015Rate 2.884
Beer Buddy Dark IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
-4/25/2013Rate 2.81
Beer Buddy F.F20 Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.09/28/2014Rate 2.881
Beer Buddy IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.04/9/2012Rate 3.072
Beer Buddy Le Lien
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.04/1/2015Rate 3.142
Beer Buddy Mad Scientist 55 Hop IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.05/14/2014Rate 3.025
Beer Buddy Miscalculation Scottish Style IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.55/24/2015Rate 3.091
Beer Buddy New Zealand IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
6.03/9/2013Rate 3.043
Beer Buddy Oatmeal IBA (alias)
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
Beer Buddy Paradise Seed
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.05/24/2015Rate 3.021
Beer Buddy Red Ale
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
-4/20/2010Rate 38
Beer Buddy Summer Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
5.510/23/2012Rate 2.871
Beer Buddy Wedding Veil Saison
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
7.59/28/2014Rate 2.922
Beer Buddy Weizen Bock
Brewed by/for Beer Buddy
-9/16/2012Rate 3.156
Hansharo / Beer Buddy Cannon Bitter 4.55/23/2014Rate 2.761
Hansharo 12U 70 Shilling 3.53/5/2016Rate 33
Hansharo Ashura Imperial Red Ale 8.04/1/2017Rate 3.041
Hansharo Bait Trap IPL 5.011/25/2015Rate 2.961
Hansharo Barleywine 105/28/2016Rate 2.92
Hansharo Belgian IPA -4/25/2017Rate 3.091
Hansharo Calypso Session Wheat 4.59/28/2014Rate 2.881
Hansharo Daiginjo Masako 5.09/20/2007Rate 3.35889
Hansharo Daily Routine IPA 6.55/5/2017Rate 3.061
Hansharo Eccentric Seinen Saison 5.05/9/2017Rate 3.091
Hansharo English Hop IPA 6.09/27/2015Rate 3.092
Hansharo Generic IPA 6.512/17/2015Rate 3.021
Hansharo Haikara (High Collar) IPA -7/19/2014Rate 2.824
Hansharo Hyoro Triple 7.012/14/2016Rate 3.021
Hansharo I2U 70/- 3.511/23/2015Rate 2.772
Hansharo Indra 7.212/25/2016Rate 3.061
Hansharo Indra IPA -2/18/2017Rate 3.162
Hansharo Iseki Old Ale 8.01/6/2015Rate 2.912
Hansharo Izu Pride 5.05/14/2014Rate 2.841
Hansharo Makanai IPA -7/25/2016Rate 3.021
Hansharo Mikado 8.511/27/2015Rate 3.182
Hansharo Minimal Bitter 3.59/11/2015Rate 31
Hansharo Natsu Da! Yama Da! Wheat 5.09/14/2016Rate 3.021
Hansharo Nohei Steam -10/13/2014Rate 2.761
Hansharo Oatmeal Stout 5.56/29/2016Rate 3.162
Hansharo Oyojya Saison -11/28/2014Rate 0
Hansharo Pale Ale -10/7/2007Rate 2.762
Hansharo Picnic Weizen 5.09/23/2015Rate 3.092
Hansharo PTS-01 APA 5.02/19/2015Rate 2.861
Hansharo Seven Hop Ale 5.08/1/2009Rate 2.791
Hansharo SMaSH Chevalier 5.012/8/2016Rate 3.091
Hansharo Soun APA 5.07/17/2015Rate 3.15
Hansharo Sumeragi Ichiro Malt Barrel Aged 105/1/2017Rate 3.151
Hansharo Sumeragi Pinot Noir Barrel 105/9/2017Rate 3.061
Hansharo Sunzu Sen Premium 5.06/5/2014Rate 2.871
Hansharo Tarouzaemon Best Bitter 5.03/13/2015Rate 3.055
Hansharo W3 IPA 7.010/13/2014Rate 2.933
Hansharo Waimea IPA -6/24/2016Rate 3.041
Hansharo Yoritomo Porter 5.05/2/2009Rate 3.054
Rainbow Brewing Dusk Ale -12/14/2008Rate 31

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