Harriet Barrel Aged Saison Nourrice 7.09/26/2013Rate 2.982
Harriet Dark Abbey 7.511/1/2010Rate 3.459233
Harriet Dark Abbey - Merlot Barrel Aged -1/14/2012Rate 3.144
Harriet Dark Abbey With Peace Coffee 7.511/4/2012Rate 2.831
Harriet Divine Oculust 8.51/29/2011Rate 3.315032
Harriet Divine Oculust - Chardonnay Barrel Aged 8.51/25/2013Rate 3.438
Harriet Divine Oculust - Orange Liqueur Barrel Aged -1/14/2012Rate 2.853
Harriet Divine Oculust Dry Hopped Saaz (alias) 8.51/11/2012
Harriet Divine Oculust Dry Hopped Sorachi Ace (alias) 8.51/11/2012
Harriet Divine Resolution 8.51/29/2012Rate 3.064
Harriet Dogwood Coffee Elevator Doppelbock -1/14/2012Rate 32
Harriet East Side IPA 7.012/12/2011Rate 3.47
Harriet Elevator Doppelbock 8.01/14/2012Rate 3.29659
Harriet Grande Zombi 102/21/2015Rate 3.133
Harriet Holiday Abbey -12/12/2011Rate 3.043
Harriet Jasmine Tea infused Divine Oculust 8.51/29/2012Rate 0
Harriet Juhla Bru 7.01/27/2014Rate 3.328
Harriet Lapsong Souchong Tea Infused Dark Abbey 7.51/29/2012Rate 2.841
Harriet Luv Jus 5.07/11/2013Rate 3.287
Harriet Oktoberfest 5.09/26/2013Rate 2.92
Harriet Peace Coffee Elevator Doppelbock 8.01/31/2013Rate 2.922
Harriet Pils 5.24/20/2011Rate 3.219510
Harriet Rauchfest 5.59/24/2011Rate 3.166
Harriet Saison Nourrice 6.77/8/2011Rate 3.213212
Harriet Small Beer -1/14/2012Rate 0
Harriet Sol Bock -5/27/2013Rate 2.993
Harriet Sooner Or Later 6.012/19/2014Rate 2.96
Harriet South-Side Belgian Style IPA 4.68/28/2016Rate 0
Harriet Suga' Mama 10.54/11/2013Rate 2.881
Harriet Sugar Mama Belgian Ale Conditioned On Currants -4/6/2013Rate 2.982
Harriet Wachen Bock -11/10/2012Rate 3.047
Harriet West Side (Batch One) 6.52/7/2011Rate 3.024
Harriet West Side IPA 6.511/1/2010Rate 3.558839
Harriet West Side IPA With Grapefruit Peel 6.511/4/2012Rate 2.831
Harriet West Side IPA With Orange Peel 6.511/4/2012Rate 2.811
Harriet West Side IPA With Tangerine Peel 6.511/4/2012Rate 2.871
Harriet Wodan Weizen 5.35/11/2011Rate 3.439823
Harriet Woluptuweiss 5.59/7/2013Rate 3.278

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