The Tap A Brewers Christmas In Ales 5.312/31/2008Rate 2.842
The Tap Absacker Weizenbock 7.46/22/2009Rate 2.92
The Tap Albert Anderson (A.A.) 7.512/20/2005Rate 3.263
The Tap Alt-imate 6.65/19/2006Rate 3.052
The Tap Amber Bock 6.74/2/2004Rate 3.330
The Tap American Pale Ale 5.28/16/2003Rate 3.134510
The Tap Annäherung 2.02/7/2012Rate 2.861
The Tap Annie Schwartz 5.18/10/2010Rate 3.146813
The Tap Anniversary Red Wheat 5.410/9/2004Rate 3.260
The Tap Apoca-lips 5.02/7/2012Rate 2.881
The Tap Archies Amber Ale -1/4/2004Rate 3.022
The Tap Ascension 7.210/7/2008Rate 3.227524
The Tap BAd Company Double IPA 9.07/16/2009Rate 2.952
The Tap Beelzebock 7.15/1/2011Rate 2.81
The Tap Beerstand Berliner Weisse 3.06/22/2009Rate 3.174339
The Tap Benderbrau Dunkelweizen -1/3/2009Rate 2.841
The Tap Berlinerweiss 2.87/4/2006Rate 3.244513
The Tap Biesl Lager 5.29/4/2011Rate 2.596
The Tap Bitter Rival IPA -2/16/2013Rate 3.344915
The Tap Blind Date 117/16/2005Rate 3.242
The Tap Blonde Bombshell 9.03/16/2005Rate 3.256
The Tap Blood Of 1000 Corpses 8.010/19/2006Rate 3.063
The Tap Bohemian Pilsner 3.212/31/2010Rate 2.811
The Tap Boomhawer Black Lager 5.39/22/2008Rate 2.881
The Tap Bootblacks Extra Stout 6.96/24/2004Rate 3.078
The Tap Breakout IPA 8.011/18/2010Rate 3.033
The Tap Bricketts Brigade Brown 4.7512/22/2003Rate 3.282
The Tap Brumaire 7.210/12/2009Rate 3.074
The Tap Bullen Saison 3.49/9/2012Rate 2.932
The Tap California Poms 5.49/22/2008Rate 2.874
The Tap Carney's American Pale Ale 5.68/9/2013Rate 2.841
The Tap Charlies Porter 5.89/14/2006Rate 2.856
The Tap Chocolate Porter 5.26/11/2008Rate 3.082
The Tap Christmas Spirit -1/8/2005Rate 2.841
The Tap Cinco Lager 5.75/21/2008Rate 2.621
The Tap ClauseniIPA 5.57/15/2017Rate 3.061
The Tap Cobblers Thumb 6.31/8/2005Rate 31
The Tap Cold Smolder 5.42/11/2013Rate 3.047
The Tap Commuter Ale 4.78/12/2012Rate 3.165
The Tap Concannon Irish Stout 3.84/18/2009Rate 3.093
The Tap Cranberry Bog Sour 3.06/28/2017Rate 2.982
The Tap Della Terra -7/20/2005Rate 3.132
The Tap Doublelips Imperial I.P.A. 8.06/18/2006Rate 3.328
The Tap DPs Irish Red Ale 4.512/30/2006Rate 2.942
The Tap Eagle Five 6.73/22/2013Rate 3.297
The Tap Erebus 102/5/2007Rate 3.022
The Tap Export Schwarz 6.43/24/2011Rate 3.083
The Tap Field Guide 6.88/19/2013Rate 3.064
The Tap Fire and Weiss 4.83/24/2011Rate 3.163
The Tap Fleur de Gin 7.511/11/2017Rate 2.871
The Tap Fresh Roasted Coffee Stout 5.59/22/2008Rate 2.822
The Tap GestAlt 5.311/9/2009Rate 3.27129
The Tap Golding 4.72/2/2008Rate 2.961
The Tap Gose the Gozerian 4.08/11/2012Rate 2.952
The Tap Gouden Schoen 5.911/9/2004Rate 3.323
The Tap Grass Widow Saison 5.97/3/2015Rate 31
The Tap Handsome Ralph Oud Bruin 4.37/3/2015Rate 3.061
The Tap Hannahs Weizen 5.68/16/2003Rate 3.144513
The Tap Haverale Cream Ale 4.51/4/2004Rate 2.934550
The Tap Helles Belles 5.07/7/2009Rate 2.918
The Tap Hewitt Brown 4.56/11/2008Rate 3.092
The Tap Homerun APA 6.05/20/2008Rate 3.133734
The Tap Honey Pale Ale 4.79/26/2007Rate 3.112
The Tap Honing 6.86/30/2008Rate 2.933
The Tap Hoppy as Helles 5.28/9/2013Rate 2.931
The Tap Ignoble Lager 7.03/24/2011Rate 3.127
The Tap Intergalactic Acid 3.09/8/2012Rate 3.284030
The Tap Intergalactic Acid on Blueberries 4.05/4/2014Rate 2.91
The Tap Invisible Creatures 4.76/28/2017Rate 3.224
The Tap IPA 5.512/10/2003Rate 3.082
The Tap Jean-Baptiste 8.612/20/2005Rate 3.065
The Tap Joshua Norton Imperial Stout 9.39/22/2008Rate 3.31264
The Tap Kearnan ESB 5.71/3/2009Rate 31
The Tap Kings Slipper 6.26/24/2004Rate 3.435
The Tap Knecht Ruprecht 101/12/2006Rate 3.132
The Tap L'Esprit de L'Escalier 6.89/15/2008Rate 2.945
The Tap La Dame De Peronne 7.012/31/2008Rate 3.064727
The Tap Last Stop Lager 5.59/17/2010Rate 2.812
The Tap Leatherlips IPA 5.04/24/2004Rate 3.5888187
The Tap LeBaron -6/1/2013Rate 2.893
The Tap Lucky 7 7.710/6/2005Rate 2.52
The Tap Lunar Strain 5.24/27/2016Rate 3.021
The Tap Maize-A-Faire 4.63/6/2017Rate 3.231
The Tap Mansfield Sweet Stout 5.18/8/2008Rate 3.082413
The Tap Marzen Scorsese 5.612/2/2013Rate 3.14
The Tap Merrimack Mild Ale 3.41/4/2004Rate 3.247913
The Tap Merry Mac 7.13/27/2005Rate 3.285
The Tap Mosaicus 6.311/11/2017Rate 2.941
The Tap Mother Abbess 5.310/12/2009Rate 3.045
The Tap Munich Helles 5.11/2/2012Rate 2.81
The Tap Nico Kolsch 4.46/22/2009Rate 2.953
The Tap Nut Brown 5.37/4/2006Rate 3.32
The Tap Oktoberfest 4.810/5/2005Rate 3.044
The Tap Old Farmhouse Porter 6.01/8/2005Rate 3.111
The Tap Out The Window Lager 5.27/18/2011Rate 2.831
The Tap Party! India Pale Lager 5.512/29/2016Rate 3.091
The Tap Patches Irish Stout 3.55/20/2008Rate 2.844
The Tap Pentucket Porter 5.02/2/2008Rate 2.881
The Tap Pilsnaaah 5.54/19/2006Rate 3.168911
The Tap Plugs Pond Pale Ale 4.254/24/2004Rate 3.412
The Tap Poor Man's Hefe 4.92/28/2011Rate 2.964
The Tap Pumpkin Eater 5.111/24/2009Rate 3.227811
The Tap Ragnar 7.35/1/2011Rate 3.094
The Tap Rejuvenation 7.02/17/2008Rate 3.067
The Tap Riverfront Red 5.09/26/2007Rate 3.112
The Tap Robust Porter 4.54/30/2003Rate 3.386510
The Tap Rondos Session 3.97/3/2015Rate 3.162
The Tap Ruby Bruin 5.410/28/2010Rate 3.088
The Tap Rye A Little Tenderness 4.81/10/2014Rate 2.881
The Tap Sassy Rabbit Rye Red 5.78/11/2012Rate 3.277332
The Tap Scapegoat Bock 6.65/20/2008Rate 3.349310
The Tap Scheherezade 7.111/8/2004Rate 3.435
The Tap Schnappi Alt 4.86/22/2009Rate 2.996
The Tap Scotchtoberfest 2.912/7/2009Rate 2.791
The Tap Seventh Seal 10.110/28/2010Rate 2.92
The Tap Shoefly Stout 5.811/20/2005Rate 3.052
The Tap Skydog 5.257/15/2017Rate 2.941
The Tap SMaSH Pilsner 5.257/15/2017Rate 2.981
The Tap Smoke on the Lager 6.31/19/2012Rate 2.731
The Tap Smoked Pils 4.82/23/2010Rate 3.247
The Tap Snowbound 8.02/1/2008Rate 3.385945
The Tap Solar Plexus 9.011/18/2016Rate 3.41369
The Tap Sour Rejuvenation 7.211/1/2010Rate 2.652
The Tap Srybnys Pumpkin Patch Ale -10/16/2006Rate 3.2689
The Tap Stamford Bridge -4/27/2016Rate 2.941
The Tap Sticke Alt 7.08/16/2003Rate 3.031
The Tap Supershow 69 5.67/28/2004Rate 3.284
The Tap Swanny Boy 5.22/1/2013Rate 3.092714
The Tap Tangaweizen -2/22/2009Rate 0
The Tap Tappist 8 6.28/14/2009Rate 2.985
The Tap Tapple Ale 6.01/19/2004Rate 2.826
The Tap The Golden Slipper 8.64/2/2004Rate 3.462
The Tap Thieving Bard Oatmeal Stout 5.57/4/2006Rate 3.031
The Tap Three Graces 9.111/9/2009Rate 3.346719
The Tap Triptych (alias) 9.010/12/2009
The Tap Triskelion Barleywine-style Ale 10.34/18/2009Rate 3.242216
The Tap Uncle Willies Amber 3.41/10/2006Rate 3.111
The Tap Union Jack 3.85/19/2006Rate 3.082
The Tap Vanilla Norton 9.15/26/2014Rate 3.336
The Tap Verrückt Pils 5.15/23/2011Rate 2.883
The Tap Vienna Lager 5.85/19/2006Rate 2.842
The Tap Washington Street Winter Ale 7.251/4/2004Rate 3.153
The Tap Wee-Light Scotch Ale 4.52/5/2007Rate 2.731
The Tap Weihner Bock 6.21/18/2012Rate 2.962
The Tap Whittier White 4.67/20/2005Rate 3.419549
The Tap Wild Belgian Amber 6.05/16/2005Rate 2.841
The Tap Winter Ale 5.72/16/2013Rate 2.831
The Tap Winter in the Valley 5.81/10/2014Rate 2.841
The Tap Wisp of Smoke (alias) 5.22/28/2010
The Tap Wood-aged Ragnar 7.23/17/2011Rate 3.114
The Tap Wood-aged Well-hopped Helles 5.13/17/2011Rate 3.297
The Tap Yorkshire Brown -3/29/2005Rate 2.864

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