HB Bryg (formerly: Holbæk Bryg)

(Not In Production)
Lillevang 7 a, Holbæk, Denmark 4300
First beers were relabelled beers from Holbæk Bryghus, others were contract brewed at Gourmetbryggeriet. Holbæk Bryg now has its own brewery, most beers are in both style and descriptions direct copies of beers from Holbæk Bryghus.
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BornholmerØL'en Rokkestenen
Brewed by/for BornholmerØL'en
4.57/7/2012Rate 2.942747
BornholmerØL'en Sommer Pajän
Brewed by/for BornholmerØL'en
4.57/7/2012Rate 2.911349
Holbæk Bryg Bryggern's Hemmelighed 6.55/3/2011Rate 2.68425
Holbæk Bryg Bryggern's Hemmelighed - Batch II 6.05/4/2012Rate 2.94212
Holbæk Bryg Dybsø 4.510/20/2010Rate 2.662031
Holbæk Bryg Fjord Beer 3.59/23/2010Rate 2.52735
Holbæk Bryg Isefjord Winter 7.010/26/2010Rate 2.971337
Holbæk Bryg Jule 6.010/26/2010Rate 2.852025
Holbæk Bryg Mispel 9.510/19/2010Rate 2.871417
Holbæk Bryg Ulveblod (alias) 7.06/25/2011
Holbæk Bryg Bourbon Stout 7.56/25/2010Rate 3.163343
Holbæk Bryg Brown Ale 6.54/9/2010Rate 2.872230
Holbæk Bryg Gylden 6.54/9/2010Rate 33129
Holbæk Bryg Lillevang Pale Ale 6.54/9/2010Rate 2.611535
Holbæk Bryg Munken 6.04/9/2010Rate 3.12437

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