Heavy Riff Brewing Company

Brew Pub
6413 Clayton Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, USA 63139
M-Th: 4-11
F-Sa: Noon-Midnight

Associated place: Heavy Riff Brewing Company

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Heavy Riff / Excel Two Frenchmen 7.02/23/2015Rate 3.15
Heavy Riff All Chinook Up 6.310/6/2017Rate 3.182
Heavy Riff American Slang APA 5.24/13/2014Rate 3.15
Heavy Riff Argonaut APA 5.29/27/2014Rate 3.388
Heavy Riff Beware of Darkness -6/24/2017Rate 3.111
Heavy Riff Black Dog 9.012/7/2016Rate 3.332
Heavy Riff Bourgeois Saison 5.96/29/2014Rate 2.952
Heavy Riff Bright Nights 4.54/27/2016Rate 32
Heavy Riff Candy Floss Pomegranate Wheat 4.49/22/2016Rate 3.092
Heavy Riff Chain Gang IPA 7.25/9/2017Rate 3.252
Heavy Riff Cocoa Orange Crush -1/19/2014Rate 2.861
Heavy Riff Crowd Surfer 5.79/28/2017Rate 3.243
Heavy Riff Dark Days Rye Stout 6.62/25/2015Rate 3.344
Heavy Riff Dark End Of The Wheat 4.92/25/2015Rate 2.912
Heavy Riff Dear Agony 1311/24/2017Rate 3.131
Heavy Riff East Side Beat ESB 5.88/9/2017Rate 3.192
Heavy Riff Easy Wind Cream Ale 4.84/5/2015Rate 3.063
Heavy Riff Eat A Peach 6.88/9/2017Rate 3.182
Heavy Riff Evil Pumpkin Imperial Porter 8.511/3/2016Rate 3.273
Heavy Riff Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale -10/11/2014Rate 2.932
Heavy Riff Head East IPA 7.012/30/2016Rate 3.111
Heavy Riff Hopnotized Tipa 11.58/23/2017Rate 3.283
Heavy Riff Instant Crush 5.912/7/2016Rate 3.33
Heavy Riff Jailbreak 9.63/23/2017Rate 3.131
Heavy Riff Junior's Farm 6.23/23/2017Rate 3.273
Heavy Riff Just That Simple 4.24/5/2015Rate 2.861
Heavy Riff Layla 6.09/20/2017Rate 3.333
Heavy Riff Left Coast Envy 6.72/23/2015Rate 3.328
Heavy Riff Lola 6.010/6/2017Rate 3.182
Heavy Riff Mamas And The Papayas 5.46/23/2016Rate 3.091
Heavy Riff Maracuja Saison 5.96/21/2017Rate 3.061
Heavy Riff New Kids On The Bock (2015) 6.211/17/2015Rate 3.072
Heavy Riff New Kids On The Bock (2017) 7.63/9/2017Rate 3.313
Heavy Riff Nine Tonight 9.010/27/2016Rate 3.193
Heavy Riff Petty Wage 5.87/21/2017Rate 3.243
Heavy Riff Pour Moi Saison 6.82/23/2017Rate 3.253
Heavy Riff Prison Bound 5.410/27/2016Rate 3.446
Heavy Riff Pumpkin Wheat Experiment -11/2/2014Rate 2.861
Heavy Riff Raglan Irish Red 4.53/15/2014Rate 3.054
Heavy Riff Ruby Soho IPA 6.810/18/2017Rate 3.192
Heavy Riff Samhain Scotch Ale 5.81/26/2015Rate 2.893
Heavy Riff Shady Inference IPA 7.25/15/2017Rate 3.253
Heavy Riff Shady Lane Amber Ale 4.56/29/2014Rate 3.153
Heavy Riff Should I Stay Out Should I Mango IIPA 8.05/9/2017Rate 3.33
Heavy Riff Single Successful Rye Lager -11/17/2015Rate 3.151
Heavy Riff Squeeze Box Lemon Wheat 4.84/13/2017Rate 3.316
Heavy Riff Summer Fling 4.258/9/2017Rate 3.182
Heavy Riff Summer Skin 8.07/21/2017Rate 3.142
Heavy Riff Super Session #2 4.52/23/2015Rate 3.012
Heavy Riff Super Session Hoppy Wheat 4.811/13/2013Rate 3.163
Heavy Riff Super Session Vol. 3 4.612/30/2016Rate 3.193
Heavy Riff Super Session Vol. 4 4.57/21/2017Rate 3.162
Heavy Riff Time Of The Saison 5.111/17/2015Rate 3.192
Heavy Riff Uptown.... Lowdown Irish Stout 4.53/23/2017Rate 3.061
Heavy Riff Vanilla Coffee Velvet Underbrown 6.51/19/2014Rate 3.629911
Heavy Riff Velvet Underbrown 6.511/13/2013Rate 3.378711
Heavy Riff Working Man Wheat 4.411/17/2015Rate 3.063
Heavy Riff Worst Day APA 6.46/27/2017Rate 3.253
Heavy Riff You Bitter You Bet 4.110/27/2015Rate 3.112

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